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Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading, 6th ed.

May 22nd, 2013

in Pickering Educational Resources Library

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Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading (6th ed.)
Donna E. Alvermann, Norman Unrau, Robert B. Ruddell: International Reading Association; c2013.

This impressive work of over 1300 pages brings together various literacy and reading research experts to provide “classic and trend-setting scholarship that is among the best in the field”.  The 45 chapters are divided into four major sections as follows:
Perspectives on Literacy Research and Its Application,
Processes of Reading and Literacy,
Models of Reading and Writing Processes, and
Literacy’s New Horizon: an Emerging Agenda for Tomorrow’s Research and Practice.

The BU Libraries also has full text access to several International Reading Association journals such as the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (be sure to click “View Versions” to see our access options), Reading Research Quarterly, and the Reading Teacher (again, “View Versions”).  Also, the Association’s website is a major source for networking and for more information on the topics involved.