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Message from the Director: BU Common @ Mugar

August 21st, 2009

in African Studies Library, Frederick S. Pardee Management Library, Mugar Memorial Library, Music Library

This is to give you an update on the progress of the transformation of Mugar as part of the wider University effort to enhance student services.

As you can see from the subject of this message, it has a name: BU Common @ Mugar. The Common @ Mugar brings together information and technology services from many parts of the University, including the library. Added services include an IT Help Center and Print Center, as well as expanded scanning services. Central to this effort is the expansion of computers available in the building to around 200.

The new location of the Research Center (formerly the Reference Desk) brings library staff into close proximity with students engaged in research, writing, and other academic activities. In addition there is expanded capacity for extended research and reference consultations.

You will notice that the PAL Study Lounge now has computers available for group and team work. There are also several new locations for breakout groups, which should prove popular with students.

Finally we are extending the hours for the building from Sunday through Thursday to 2 a.m. We are also working to facilitate early morning (7 a.m.) pick up of overnight print orders.

We are into the finishing month of the project and are beginning to see the fruits of the thousands of hours of work by construction, IS&T, and library staff. Without the collective patience, good will, and hard work of these people this transformation could not have taken place.

All University staff look forward to the completion of this project and to the return of the University community for the fall semester.