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Improved Interlibrary Borrowing System Begins Soon!

July 30th, 2009

in African Studies Library, Frederick S. Pardee Management Library, Mugar Memorial Library, Music Library, Science and Engineering Library

At the present time, please use Interlibrary Loan for all book and article requests not owned by the Boston University Libraries. Requests generally arrive in a timely manner (usually under a week).

The Boston Library Consortium members are currently taking steps to introduce Boston Library Consortium WorldCat. The BLC libraries include University of Massachusetts, University of New Hampshire, University of Connecticut, plus many other academic libraries in New England. Boston College, MIT and many other libraries that were unable to participate in BLC‘s Virtual Catalog will now be able to participate.

With Boston Library Consortium WorldCat,  you will be able to simultaneously discover materials owned by BU Libraries, BLC libraries, libraries throughout North America, and beyond.  Boston Library Consortium WorldCat will be similar to the Virtual Catalog that it is replacing. Items requested from BLC libraries will generally be available in three to five business days. In addition, you will be able to make ILL requests for items not held by BLC libraries, through the very same interface. In preparation for this expanded service, the BLC ceased operation of the Virtual Catalog for book loans in mid-July.

We trust that you will be pleased with this enhanced service.

Please check this column for future announcements.