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New ACS journals available online

February 5th, 2009

in Science and Engineering Library

Boston University Libraries has acquired online access to several new journals from the American Chemical Society (ACS). With this new acquisition, the library now provides online access to the complete runs of all ACS journals.

Most of the newly acquired journals started publication in the last few years, and cover cutting-edge topics such as nano technology. The new journals are: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Chemical Biology, ACS Nano, Biomacromolecules, Chemical & Engineering News, Crystal Growth & Design, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Molecular Pharmaceuticals, Nano Letters, and Organic Process Research & Development.

In addition, the library now provides access to current volumes of the following journals, where previously only pre-1995 volumes were available: Bioconjugate Chemistry, Chemical Research in Toxicology, Chemistry of Materials, Energy & Fuels, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data.