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New web version of SciFinder Scholar available

September 17th, 2008

in Science and Engineering Library

BU Libraries are pleased to announce a new version of SciFinder Scholar that can be accessed directly from a web browser. Previous versions of SciFinder required downloading and installing a special program, or client, on your computer. The new version can be used by any computer connected to the internet, without the need for special software. Other advantages of the new version include an improved user interface and automatic upgrades.

To start using the new version of SciFinder, go to BU’s SciFinder Scholar web page and follow the link for creating a new account. While we recommend the new web version of SciFinder for all users, we will continue to support the old client version for those who prefer it. Note that the license for SciFinder only allows a limited number of simultaneous users, so you may have difficulty accessing the database during peak hours.

SciFinder Scholar is a database published by the CAS division of the American Chemical Society, and covers chemistry and related sciences. It includes the complete contents of Chemical Abstracts, abstracting and indexing the chemical literature in more than 10,000 scientific journals since 1907, as well as patents from more than 57 patent authorities, conference proceedings, books, and dissertations. It has data on more than 37 million organic and inorganic substances, and over 15 million single- and multi-step reactions.