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BU libraries support Open Access

June 6th, 2008

in Pickering Educational Resources Library, Science and Engineering Library

With costs for resources spiraling upward every year, the library budget must increase 6-10% each year just to maintain our current journal subscriptions.

A movement that has the potential to break this paradigm is underway – it’s called Open Access.  Open Access uses the capacity of the Internet to provide digital, online, and free of charge access to research and other materials that are supplied with the permission of the copyright holder or creator.

Increasing numbers of journals, authors, and academic institutions are supporting Open Access to research.  The reasons are twofold:  making academic research and teaching materials more widely available and  developing new models of funding subscription costs to make it much easier to find, collect and disseminate research.

The faculty at BU is considering an Open Access policy. The Libraries strongly encourage you to support such a policy and invite faculty to participate in an open discussion with their colleagues.