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New: two manuscript studies resources

November 8th, 2007

in Music Library

The Libraries have just acquired subscription access to two databases supporting investigation into primary sources..

Manuscriptorium.This database provides descriptions and many full color reproductions of early European manuscript, map and book sources. Content is interdisciplinary. Contributing institution locations include Stockholm, Ankara, Zagreb, among others, and the project is coordinated by the National Library of Prague which is also a major contributor. This site is a continuation of the 1992 UNESCO initiative, Memory of the World.

   late 14th century
 Histoire de France…
 Zamek Kynzvart, ms.85

 Czech Republic


The illustration at right is one page from an entire document available through the Manuscriptorium.

RISM A/II.  Although some manuscripts with music are included in the Manuscriptorium, many thousands more citations of surviving music in manuscript in over 400 institutions internationally are available via RISM A/II. These manuscripts date from ca.1580-1850.

Use RISM A/II to identify items here at Boston University. In the database’s Library Information field type:
US BU (our RISM siglum).