Locating Resources

Know all your local options

Locate the latest services in your home area and state library networks will likely include electronic subscriptions, an interlibrary loan or other document delivery service, as well as on-site collections. A Google search, LibDex, lib-web-cats or WorldCat will get you moving on this.

Know BU Library Home pages and principle Online Resources

  • BU Libraries Home page (memorize: http://www.bu.edu/library)
  • BU’s Music Library at Mugar Library (part of the BU Libraries site)
  • BU Library’s Databases link takes you to a variety of general and specialized products for locating full-text articles, dissertations, streaming audio packages, Grove and more
  • BU Library’s eJournals search is a reliable tool to use when you have a journal title in mind and need to determine that some portion of it may be available to you online  through a BU library subscription
  • Boston University’s Library Catalog is the catalog of Boston University Library’s print, score, recording, microform, and selected online holdings.

Music Reference Help and Article Delivery

Contact us by phone or e-mail, we can assist with

  • identifying on-site, electronic, and external collection resources
  • navigating and interpreting online catalogs or databases
  • locating articles where online full-text doesn’t exist (results vary)
  • obtaining a specific article or source

Article Delivery by BU Music Library

The Boston University Libraries do not yet provide interlibrary loan services such as article delivery or direct book loaning  to the DE program participants. However, Music Library staff can sometimes provide articles and book chapters from our own print copies. Follow these steps to submit such requests directly to music library staff.