Inventory of Microform Items

H. C. Robbins Landon Collection

All items are for Joseph Haydn unless otherwise noted.

Film Number Description
3 Symphony in C I:2; Auth. MS parts from the Furnberg Library; National Library, Budapest
4 Piano Trio in E flat minor XV: 31. Aut. Mrs. Eva Alberman, London.
5 Symphony in G I:18 MS parts.
5 “Concerto in G for Violin. MS Parts. Ges. D. Musikfreunde Vienna (Hob. VII a:4). Concerto in D for Horn d:3. Aut. Ges. D. Musikfreunde Vienna. Concerto in E-flat for Trumpet. VIIe: 1. Aut. Ges. D. Musikfreunde Vienna.
6 Symphony in E flat. I:36. MS parts. Milan conservatory.
7 Symphony in C I:69. MS score 20th century. F.C. Adler, Vienna
10a-d Aria: “Dice benisfimo(?) obi si marita” for Basso, 2 violins, 2 corni, viola and Double Bass by Haydn. Manuscript parts
11 “Missa celensis” (“Maria-zellermesse”). Aut. Berlin State Library, West.
12 Arias in the 18th century. MS score for L’incontro improviso, Il ritorno di Tobia, etc.
13 Sei Sinfonia (overtures to various Haydn operas) in Authentic MS parts. British Museum, London.
14 Symphonies I:22 in E flat; I:78 in C minor. MS parts–that of 78 authentic– Harburg Castle.
15 Symphony in B(faded) I:25. MS parts. National Library, Budapest.
16 Symphony in A I:21. Aut. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
17 Symphony in G I:23. Aut. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
18 Piano Trio in C Hob. Deest in version for piano alone XIV: c1. MS copy. National Library, Vienna.
19 Symphony in C I:7. Aut. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
20 Symphonies 1-12, 41-49. Breitkopf and Hartel. Gesantausgabe, Serie I Bde 1 & 4.
21 Same as 33
22 Symphony in C I:20. MS parts, Berlin State Library (West).
23 Divertimenti and Scherzandi in 18th century. MS Parts
24 Symphony in D I:19. MS parts. Berlin State Library (West).
25 Symphony in G I: 18. Auth. MS parts from Furnberg Coll. National Libr., Budapest
26 Die Feuersbrunst (D. abgebrannte Haus) MS copy of the score by Traeg & Co. c.1799. Yale Un. Music Library
27 Symphony in E flat I:43. MS parts. National Library Budapest.
28 Symphony in C I:38. Auth. MS parts from Furnberg Coll. National Library, Budapest
30 Symphony in B flat I:107. Auth. MS parts. Furnberg Coll. National Library, Budapest
33 Symphony in G I:8. MS parts. Milan Conservatory. Also has slip for 21, which says, ” Symphony in G I:8. Ms parts Milan Conservatory.
40 Symphony in C I:41. MS parts. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
41a Haydn Sut? 4 and 15. Budapest
41b Symphonies I:4 & I:15, in D. Auth. MS parts. Furnberg Coll. Budapest
43 Symphony in B flat I: 68. MS parts. Milan Conservatory.
44a Symphony in B flat I: 71. MS parts from the Kees coll. Ges. D. Musikfreunde, Vienna.
44b Look at description for 44a
45 Symphonies 28-40. Breitkopf & Hartel Gesamtausgabe Serie I Bd. 3
46 Symphony in C I:90. Printed parts by Le Duc, Paris. Henry Watson library, Manchester, England
47 Armida. 1784. Section of Aut. Harvard University.
48 Symphony in D I:24. Aut. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
49 Symphony in E flat. I:84. Aut. MS parts. British Museum, London
50 Symphony in C I: 30. Autograph. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
51 Symphony in D I: 1. MS parts from Lipnik, CSSR dated 1762. Brno.
52 Organ Concerto No. 2 in c XVIII: 8. MS parts. Berlin State Library (W).
53a Look at description for 53b
53b Haydn Bst Aut. Op. 54/2. Tvro A(Vl. V. Vc.) L’infedelta delusa Ouv. II Satz.
54 Symphony in C I: 90. Aut. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
56 String Quartet in d-minor op. 42. III: 43. Autograph. Berlin (West)
57a Symphonies 38, 39, 40, 41 and var. divertimenti. Monastery of Lambach, Upper Austria.
57b Lambach. 2. Cassatio, 3. Divertim. (illegible). 4. Sinf. 39, 38, 40, 41, illegible writing
58 Cantilena pro Adventu “Ein’ Magd, ein Dienerin”. MS parts. Stadtpfarrkirche, Eisenstadt.
59 Music to the play Alfred. Aut. Berlin State Library (illegible). Lied: “Der schlaue und dienstfertige Pudel”. Aut. Berlin (West)
60 Symphony in D I:42. Symphony in C I:47. Autographs. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
61 Piano sonata in D XVI: 42. MS copy Biblioteca di S. Cecilia, Roma.
62 L’isola disabitat. MS piano score 18th century. Berlin State L. (West).
64 Piano Trio in G XV:41. MS parts. Monastery of Stams, Tyrol.
65 Symphonies 66-68. Printed parts, by Hummel of Amsterdam & Berlin 1779. British Museum, London.
67 Collection of wind band divertimenti MS parts, Kremsier Castle, CSSr. NB. Enlargements of the set are in this collection
68a Philemon und Baucis. MS score by Traeg & Cc, c. 1799. Bibliotheque du Conservatoire, Paris
68b Il mondo della luna. The paris and Berlin autographs. Enlargements present in this collection
69 Concerto for harpsichord & strings in F. XVIII:F2. MS parts, Kremsier Castle CSSR.
71 Symphony in E flat I:99, Symphony in D I:101. Miniature scores by Ernst Eulenburg (20th Century).
72 Symphony in G I:3. Auth. MS parts. Furnberg Coll, Nat. Library, Budapest.
73 Symphony in C I:48. MS parts. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
74 Symphony in D I:72. MS parts. Schloss Harburg.
75a Same as above.
75b Symphonies 63, 66, 67, 69. MS scores 20th century. Breitkopf & Hartel Archives, Leipzig.
76 Twelve minuets for the Redontensaal 1792. Aut. MS Parts by Johann Elssler
77 Symphony in E flat I:43. MS parts. Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche Archives, Augsburg.
78 Cassatio in A IIA:1. MS parts from the Monastery of Raigern, Brno.
79a Same as above
79b Orlando Paladino. Duet “Quel cor”. Printed score by Corri & Dussek. Aria “Se tu mi sprezzi”. Aut. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest. Acide e Galathea. Bass aria. Aut. Esterhazy Archives, Budapest.
81 various arias for voice and orchestra MS scores. Schloss Donaneschinger
82 Organ Concerto no. 3 in C XVIII: 5. MS parts. Raigern Monastery, Brno.
83 Concerto for harpsichord & orchestra in D XVIII:2. MS parts. Berlin State Library (West).
84 Symphony in F I:58. MS parts. Monastery of Kremsmunster, Upper Austria.
85 Aria “Chi vive amante”. Aut. Stadtbibliothek, Vienna.
86 Piano Trio in D XV:16. Printed parts by Artaria; 1790. Ges. D. Musikfreunde, Wien
87a Concerto in G printed parts.
87b Violin Concerto in G VIIa:4. MS parts, Ges. D. Musikfreunde, Wien J.M. Haydn: Flute Concerto in D. MS parts, Lambach Monastery, Upper Austria
88 Symphony in C I:69. Several sets of MS parts. Ges. D. Musikfreunde, Vienna.
89 Symphony in B flat I:71. MS parts, National Library, Budapest.
90 Astaritta: Circe ed Ulisse, Prague 1783 libretto. J.Haydn: Asmodeus oder Der krumme Teufel. Vienna 1771. Libretto. National Library, Prague.
91 Litany in G B.V.M, MS parts
92 J.M. Haydn’s Violin Concerto in A. MS parts
93a-b L’infedelta delusa, 1773. Complete autgraph score except overture
94 Symphony in C I:7. Auth. MS parts
95 Symphony in D I:73. MS parts
96 Symphony in B-flat I: 68 and Symphony in D I:70. MS parts
97 Symphony in G I: 94. Printed parts
98 Symphony in B-flat I:71. Printed score by Le Duc, Paris
99 Armida- Manuscript score copied by Johann Elssler. Also has slip of paper that says “Musikfreunde Armida Kopiert”
100 Symphonies I: 32 in C and I: 33 in C. Auth. MS parts from the Furnberg Library; National Library, Budapest
101 Symphonies I: 32 in C. ms. parts, Budapest. Printed parts for a Symphony.
101a MS parts for Notturni in C II:27
101b MS score for Notturni in C II:27
101c MS parts for Notturni in C II:27
102 L’incontro improvviso- Manuscript Score
102 Symphonies in I:10 in D & I:37 in C; Auth. MS parts from the Furnberg Library; National Library, Budapest
103 A minuet in C from a lost symphony
103 Manuscript parts to a symphony in C.
104 Haydn Symphony 100. Printed parts
105 Large collection of printed parts to Haydn’s symphonies 62, 63, 66-68, 70, 71, 73-75 by Hummel and Forster
106 MS score of Symphony in B-flat I:71
107 MS Parts of Symphony in B-flat I:71. Austrian National Library, Vienna.
108 Symphony in B-flat I:66. MS parts
108b Part to Symphony in B-flat I:66. Slip of paper around it says, “Musik Fr. 6A66/8508 Z 60 (Seiden?) [Last word difficult to read]
109 Notturni C II:25; F II:26; G II:27; F II:28; C II:29; G II: 30
110 Symphonies 13-27
112 Die Ervahlung eines Kapellmesiters MS score. Il ritorno di Tobia, several arias in autograph or contemporary MS score.
113 Has slip of paper for microform 8. It really is an unidentified full score.
113a-b Symphonies 58-70
114 La fedelta premiata. 19th century MS score.
114 Manuscript part for a Haydn symphony
115 Symphonies I: 22. ms. parts, Gottwieg. [Manuscript part for a Haydn symphony]
other 115 Symphony in B-flat I: 107. ms parts, Gottweig. [Fragmentary MS parts.]
116 Symphonies I: 22. ms parts, Oettingen-Wallerstein collection 828 [Manuscript part for a Haydn symphony]
117 Autograph score for Missa Sancti Bernardi de Offida (“Heiligamesse”)
117 Symphonies I: 79. ms parts, Oettingen-Wallerstein collection 847 [Manuscript part for a Haydn Symphony in F.]
118a-b Haydn Sinfonia Concertante I:105 in B-flat and Piano Sonata in A XVI:26
120 Piano trio in A XV: 35. MS parts
121 Madrigal The Storm. MS score of German version with holograph corrections
122 La fedelta premiata, Recit. and Aria ” Ah, come il cuor.” Printed score
123 Lo Speziale overture. Auth. MS parts
125 La fedelta premiata, Act I Finale. Autograph
126 London Trios IV: 1-3 autographs. Notturno XXX no. 7 II:31 sketch. London Trio IV: 4 auth. Copy by Johan Elssler
127 Duos for violin and viola VI: 1-6. MS parts
128a Score of Haydn’s Orlando. Aut. Bst. La Vera Constanza
128b Sections of the autograph for Orlando Paladino and Autograph sketches for La vera Constanza
129 Orlando Paladino. Section from Act III. Autograph.
129 Symphony in A I:28. Aut. Lacking the finale. Berlin State Library (West).
130 L’isola disabitat- 18th century piano reduction in MS.
130 Has slip for MF 32. Manuscript part for a symphony
131 Symphony in D I:70. Printed parts.
131 Has slip for MF 34. Another manuscript part.
132 Haydn Marches. VIII: 2 in C and VIII: 3 in E-flat. Autographs
132 Manuscript part for a Haydn symphony
133 Manuscript part for a Haydn symphony
134 Haydn Aria. Manuscript Score
134 Haydn. Aria. Manuscript Score
134 Manuscript violin part for an unidentified symphony.
134b “Quando La Rosaa’ from L’impresario in angustie by Haydn. Manuscript by Elssler
135 Symphony in C I:63. MS parts. National Library, Vienna
136a J. Haydn Trios. Manuscript Parts from Berlin State Library (D-B Mus.) Nos. 19-23
136b J. Haydn Trios. Manuscript Parts from Berlin State Library (D-B Mus.) Nos. 24-28
136c J. Haydn Trios. Manuscript Parts from Berlin State Library (D-B Mus.) Nos. 29-33
136d J. Haydn Trios. Manuscript Parts from Berlin State Library (D-B Mus.) Nos. 34,35,47,(no #),48
136e J. Haydn Trios. Manuscript Parts from Berlin State Library (D-B Mus.) Nos. 54-59
137 Symphony in D I:72. MS parts. xxxxxThurn-Taxis Archive, Regensburg.
137a Microfilm of Libretto Tenistocle. J.C. Bach
137b/c Score for Sinfonia concertante in B HVL no. 114
138 Richard Wagner’s Das Liebesverbot. Full score printed by Breitkopf and Hartel
138 other Symphony in D I:75. MS parts National Library, Vienna.
139a-g Georg August Grisinger MS correspondence with Karl August von Bottinger
140 Georg Reutter the Younger: Missa Brevis in G. MS parts
141 Leopold Mozart: Cassatio in G (the orginal, complete version of the so called “Toy Symphony: wrongly attributed to Haydn
142 Mendelssohn. Correspondences unknown.
143 Mendelssohn. Manuscript letters
143b-c Mendelssohn. Manuscript letters
144 Possibly a collection of sonatas for piano or clavecin for amateur players
145 organ or cembalo part for opera overture
145a Manuscript score of opera overture by Haydn
145b Copy of above item
146 Part for a divertimento by Haydn
147 Early edition of a piano sonata
148 Early edition of Haydn Trio
149a La Fedelta- Autograph score. Act I Finale
149b La Fedelta- Autograph score.
149c La Fedelta- Autograph score
150 Haydn. 24 minuets
151a-b Manuscript part of unidentified work
152 Haydn: Cembalo Konzert. D XVIII: 2
153 An unidentified piece for Cembalo by Haydn
154 Haydn String Trios
155 Unidentified Manuscript score
156 A Haydn Divertimento
157 Trio Sonatas by Haydn
158 Vanhal Sinf. 9
159 Manuscript poetry
160 Score of unidentified work
161 Haydn, L’solo disabitata. MS score
162a-b misc. manuscript score
163a-b Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, autograph letters to his family, with typed index
164 autograph score for unidentified work
165 Catalogue
166 Haydn Quartets III: 65, 67, 68
167 Haydn. Die Schopfung. Chao sketches. 3rd London notebook (1794-95)
168 Haydn, “Third London notebook” ms., Mozarteum, Salzburg
169 Aria “La mia pace, oh dio, perdei,” H.XXIVb:19, sutograph score with note dated 5 May 1790, Milano, Biblioteca estense
170 Deutschland Klage
171 Haydn: L’anima del filosofo. Score MS. 18th century
172a-g Unidentified manuscript score of piano concerto
173 Has slip of paper which says: III. 74 pages. (1) MF 53 (intero). (2) MF 133 I pagine Quartette op. 54/3 Mi maggiore (Autograph)
174 BSB Clm 14965a, ‘Lateinische Handschrift,’ Halm [1 leaf]. Also: BSB Clm 18914, ‘Hugbaldi Liber enchiriadis de musica [u.a.],’ ff.41-42 (no 42v), Halm CCMSBM IV,3, the full ms is now online at the BSB
175 Unidentified manuscript score
176 Manuscript part for a Haydn Symphony
177 Manuscript parts for an unidentified Haydn symphony
178 Manuscript part for a Haydn symphony in C.
179 Various manuscript parts for unidentified works
180 Manuscript part for a symphony by Haydn
181 Manuscript parts for a Haydn symphony
182 Michael Haydn, Partita in E Flat Major. score: 20 p. H-BnOrszagos Szechenyi Konyvtar Ms.mus II.86.
film envelope 1 Letter of Haydn to Jacob Hiertl (Hyrtl), 28 November 1802
film envelope 2 String trio, H.V:C2 [considered doubtful but also published by HCRL] ms. parts, Prague, Pachta collection
additional reels without boxes or numbers assigned by HCRL
Add. Reel 1 Folk song settings by Haydn and associates, partly autograph score, Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, Ms. 139; full description in Joseph Haydn Werke, Ser. XXXII, Bd. 3, pp. 310-11.
add. film Sacred aria, “O coelitum beati amore,” H.XXIIa:G9 [considered doubtful but published by HCRL], ms. parts, Munchen, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek NT 209
add. film “Ungarischer National Marsch,” H.VIII:4, autograph score, Budapest
add. film Variations for piano, H.XBII:7, autograph
add. film George Reutter, Jr., Symphonia a due chori, ms. score
add. film Five works for instrumental ensemble (divertimenti or the like), H.II:35, 36, 33, G1, 20, ms parts from Pachta collection, Prague.
unidentified Has slip of paper in which only “von Thomas” is legible
unnumbered Haydn Klavier Solo musike & 4 handig Bst.