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Library Resources in Music and Movement

for pre-K/K-12 Practitioners

An Acquisitions and Access Plan for the Music Curriculum Lab, CFA with complementary plans for

  • the Music Library of Mugar Memorial Library and
  • the Pickering Education Resources Library, SED

The recent and comprehensive revitalization of the University’s programs in Music Education has exposed the lack of relevant library resources critical to delivering program excellence. These programs, central to the School of Music since 1873, now draw an international student and faculty population, and places graduates both nationally and internationally.


We propose one-time purchases of new and recent titles in music and movement whose intended audience would be the pre-K/K-12 practitioner–that is, our practitioners-in-training, their faculty, and eventually our alumni–and the pre-K/K-12 students and adult learners they work with through coursework, research-related residencies, field training, on-site labs, workshops, and ensembles.

While Music Education programs are the most obvious and immediate beneficiaries, other programs can variously utilize such resource material: Early Childhood, Curriculum and Special Education (SED), Dance (CFA), Movement and Therapy Programs (kinesiology, physical and psychiatric recovery, SAR/Athletics). At large, scholars and societies recognize that life-long engagement in musical experience touches personal growth (coordination; behavior; language acquisition; cognitive processes; communication and problem-solving skills) and defines communities (shared experiences, traditions; recognition of cultural diversity; arts policies).


Holdings for the classroom music specialist, youth ensemble leader, and studio music practitioner, reside chiefly in the Music Curriculum Lab [MCL].** These holdings are outdated and worn, carrying average copyright dates from 1950-1970. They are present in insufficient numbers and, above all, lack the diversity and breadth befitting today’s educational values, social constructs, and teaching methods.

The MCL’s acquisitions have traditionally been faculty-driven and school-funded, with management and circulation services provided by a music librarian (assisted by student staff). The cumulative effects of years of budgetary restrictions on faculty requests, lingering attachments to older material out of necessity, lack of an annual allocation for their librarian to have exercised, and heavy use and loss, have all contributed to today’s current collections state.

The Music Library of Mugar Memorial Library has made a point of routinely acquiring selected advanced academic titles in music education (including journal subscriptions). For the past two years, efforts were made to further boost holdings (some advanced retrospective work as well as titles for the current practitioner) but these have fallen short of ideal. In the meantime, the Music Library has sustained many years of level funding and itself copes with other current and retrospective demands. The Pickering Educational Resources Library [PERL], a branch of Mugar Memorial Library in the School of Education, is now a fully renovated working model of a pre-K/K-12 library. It is adjacent to SED’s new Early Childhood Learning Lab [ECLL] that addresses the pre-K/K-2 formative years (ages 3-6). The PERL’s greatest strengths are in resources for language arts, math and the sciences; it houses an extremely old and limited number of titles in music and movement of use to generalists. The ECLL further highlights the immediate need for new materials in music and movement appropriate for young children–as well as essential pedagogical accessories to help deliver them on-site, hands-on: basic rhythm instruments and a small keyboard.

Acquisitions and Access Plan (two concurrent agendas)

  • The MCL agenda with Provisions for the PERL and ECLL. Over a two-year period, staff of the MCL will make blanket purchases from vendor J.W. Pepper (for multiple publishers) on their pre-K/K-12 stock consisting of classroom texts, method books, choral and instrumental scores, videos, selected software, and mixed “kits.” The catalogs of publishers Earthsongs (multicultural choral scores) and MENC (The National Association of Music Educators) will be acquired as will audio CD teaching sets to accompany MCL holdings of Silver Burdett’s Making Music, K-6, 2002, and McGraw Hill’s Share the Music, K-8, 2003. (The MCL lacks the retrospective years of audio CD sets for interim use.)Finally, the simplest rhythm instruments and a portable electronic keyboard appropriate for the ECLL, and a Djembe (an African drum widely used in Europe, urban U.S., and Latin America, appropriate for older children and young adults) for the MCL will be selected by music school specialists.
    • Provision for the PERL and the ECLL. Upon receipt of the purchases intended for infant/early childhood practitioners, MCL, PERL, and ECLL staff will select some titles for transfer to the PERL and transfer the simplest instruments to the ECLL.
    • Acquisitions processes and management of Foundation funds for the above will be the responsibility of MCL/CFA staff.
  • Selected Purchases: the ML agendaThe Music Library requests a grant to support acquisitions of approximately 45-50 research-level titles to ensure fulfillment of current as well as retrospective development (notably conference reports, interdisciplinary topics). Multiple national and international vendors used.Acquisitions processes and management of funding for these purchases will be the responsibility of the the ML/Mugar Library staff.

Access Considerations

The MCL open shelf arrangement and workspace is efficient for browsing and comparison and is also well-suited to handling pamphlet-like scores (methods and choral octavos) and kits that will be a large portion of its total purchases. Collection-level description in the catalog will complement this physical arrangement. The MCL acquisitions, and titles from MCL turned over to PERL, will be cataloged and circulate from the ML and PERL respectively. Raising the combined profiles of all library resources chiefly through web page design (in addition to catalog access) will further clarify content and location. Please see the home page of the PERL and its links as one model.

Project Costs

1st year, MCL

Orff/Kodaly/and elementary multicultural (via Pepper)
Pre-School/Infant/Elementary musical activities (via Pepper)
Song collections, chorales, kits, methods, repertoire (all ages, via Pepper)
Music Instructional Software (via Pepper)
MENC publications (current and recent restrospective)
K-6 cd sets for Making Music (Silver Burdett, 2002)
K-8 cd sets for Share the Music (McGraw hill, 2003, now available)
Eathsongs ‘octavos’ (reflects 50% discount)
Pre-K/K-2 rhythm instruments, keyboard, adaptor, vendor TBD
Djembe drum (best local vendor TBD)

1st year, ML

Selected restrospective titles, current titles (various vendors)
[subtotal, year 1]

2nd year, MCL

Songs, chorales, kits, methods, repertoire (all ages, via Pepper)
Games, activities (via Pepper)
Balance of MENC publications
[subtotal, year 2]
Grand Total

Respectfully submitted,

Kris Sessa (title, etc)

Holly Mockovak

Carol Gordon

this footnote appears on p.1

Though the MCL is located in CFA in the School of Music, it nevertheless circulates to the University community and, in addition to its named role as curriculum preparation lab, it is the center of control for rental performance material, has library audio playback and computing facilities, and offers course reserves services. It has its own web site, trained staff and catalog.

attachments/enclosures include letters of support, excerpts from brochures & emails [titles, price quotes] and this one-page of information on ML letterhead

for proposal attachment

Examples of selected titles for Mugar Library to acquire with Foundation Funds

  • Art of Movement: Creative Activities for Teaching and Learning Music (1995)
  • Biomedical Foundations of Music as Therapy (1997)
  • Choral Music in Motion: Movement for Larger Groups (1989)
  • Clinical Applications of Music in Neurological Rehabilitation (1998)
  • Hospital Arts: A Sound Approach (1997)
  • Joy of Music in Maturity (1995, c1993)
  • Mapping Hidden Talent: Investigating Youth Music Projects. Forthcoming
  • Multimodal Psychiatric Music Therapy for Adults, Adolescents and Children: A Clinical Manual (1994)
  • Music for Life: Creative Music Therapy with Adult Clients (Kingsley, 1995)
  • Musical Bridges: Intergenerational Music Programs (1996)
  • Proceedings of 1st, 2nd, and 5th International Music Medicine symposia
  • Schulwerk: A Foundation for the Cognitive, Musical, and Artistic Development of Children (1993)
  • Teaching Children Dance: Becoming a Master Teacher (Human Kinetics, 1994)
  • Water Exercises for Teens: Motivation, Movement and Music (American AssoFitness, 1998)

Web sites referred to in body of proposal

  • MENC http://www.menc.org/ select Resources from top border
  • J.W. Pepper http://www.jwpepper.com/ select links such as Classroom Music
  • PERL http://www.bu.edu/library/ select Educational Resources Library