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BU’s Special Catalogs: Music, Spoken Word, Media

Mugar Music Collection at 771 Comm. Ave, 2nd floor

Music Curriculum Library at CFA, 855 Comm. Ave., 2nd floor

  • online search of the CFA MCL catalog, inquiries welcome (617) 353-3731
  • serves chiefly (though not exclusively) the music dept.
  • manages performance rentals; houses a core repertoire collection & parts
  • pre-K-12 classroom texts, methods
  • listening facilities; Sibelius; some departmental performance information

African Studies Center: Teaching Africa Library, 232 Bay State Road

  • serves the University community at large as well as area professionals
  • collection includes curriculum guides, kits, media, books, handouts, documentations
  • pre-K through adult levels of material
  • open weekdays, specialist staff (617)353-7303

HGARC: The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center

  • The HGARC is located on the 5th and 6th floors of Mugar Memorial Library.
  • Includes personal documents of notable twentieth-century individuals from many disciplines including the performing arts.

CFA Recording Studio Audio Archive Catalog

Geddes Language Center at CAS, 685 Comm. Ave.

  • modern foreign languages, core collection in music (most genres)
  • support includes on-site lab, small viewing rooms, classroom
  • chiefly (though not exclusively) supports CAS
  • online Geddes catalog search is available, inquiries welcome (617) 353-2640

Krasker Film/Video Services at Mugar

  • class support: viewings, equipment, extensive guidance
  • online Krasker catalog search of video/film is available, inquiries welcome (617) 353-8112
  • individual viewing, reviewing site

Organ Library at 745 Comm. Ave.

  • Room 2B (basement level) in the School of Theology (617) 353-9339
  • in-depth collection of scores and documents relating to the world of organ
  • maintains a separate catalog and web site
  • managed by Boston Chapter, American Guild of Organists
  • by appointment to researchers regardless of academic or societal affiliation (617)

Boston Area Music Library groups

  • Boston Area Music Libraries (BAML)
  • share information, maintain awareness of area resources
  • support patrons when inter-institutional visits are needed
  • informal, developed by library colleagues

Boston Library Consortium (BLC)