Course Reserves

The Reserve collection consists of material selected by faculty and other instructional staff for the use of students enrolled in their classes. It includes books and journal articles, whether from the library collection or purchased, as well as lecture notes, problem sets, sample exams, and other course handouts. Reserve items are shelved in closed stacks behind the Pardee Services Desk and circulate for loan periods of two-hours in the library, twenty-four hours, or three-days. Two-hour reserve items owned by the library are also available for overnight checkout within two-hours of closing. Because of heavy demand for this material, reserve loans cannot be renewed and the fines for their late return or replacement accrue at a higher rate than other types of loans.

To locate course reserve materials at BU Libraries, go to the BU Libraries Search start page.  You can search by course number or faculty name as well as title or author. Enter your search terms and select “Course Reserves” as the search option.

    Faculty Request Guidelines

    Reserve Forms may be submitted online or you may e-mail or call 617-353-4301 to request paper Reserve Request Forms. Please submit a separate form for each course and return completed forms to the Services Desk. If multiple copies of photocopied material are needed, please include with the form since the library does not make copies. Keep in mind that extra time will be needed for the purchase of a book not owned by the library (6-8 weeks) or to recall of a book checked out to another borrower (1-2 weeks). Except during these instances, new reserve material will generally be available for student use within 48 hours.

    Statistics on the use of reserve material can be provided at any time during the semester. At the end of the semester, all personal copies are returned via interdepartmental mail to their owners. Items designated for multiple semesters or “permanent reserve” are reviewed for retention periodically.

    Questrom Tools

    Pardee Library allows electronic access to reading assignments, company reports and financials, and other business reference resources useful to your students through Questrom Tools. For more information consult Questrom Tools – Resources.

    Creating Persistent URLs

    A persistent URL or link is a web address that will consistently point to a specific information source such as an article in a full-text library database. Faculty may wish to attach persistent URLs to their syllabus page on Questrom Tools to create links to articles for course readings.  A list of the more popular Pardee Library databases with persistent link capabilities may be found on the How to Locate Persistent URLs page.

    For items on Reserve this semester

    • If an item was put on Reserve for this semester only, it will be removed from Reserve after final exams.
    • If an item now on Reserve is on Permanent Reserve, it will remain on Reserve indefinitely.
    • If an instructor wishes to change the status of an item from Temporary Reserve to Permanent Reserve, please notify the library.

    For items to be put on Reserve for the upcoming semester:

    • Reserve forms from Pardee Library must be filled out by the instructor or his/her representative. It helps staff to have your completed form at least a week before the semester begins.
    • Requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
    • If an item has to be purchased, please notify library staff several weeks before the item will be needed by students.
    • Items not designated Permanent Reserve will be returned to the owners or the library stacks immediately after the semester ends.


    • Forms are available at the Pardee Services Desk.
    • We do not purchase text-books for Reserve, but do accept donations and/or personal copies.
    • Personal items removed from temporary Reserve will be returned to the owners via campus mail.
    • Please visit the main Reserves page for additional information regarding course reserves at the BU Libraries.