Marketing & Advertising – Media/Advertising

Note: Advertising expenditures for brands, companies, and products.

Note: This database contains detailed consumer product data collected from a national sample of U.S. consumers. Data includes: demographics, product usage and media exposure. Product categories include: Apparel/Accessories, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Miscellaneous, Beverages, Candy/Sweets/Snacks, Electronics, Financial, Health & Beauty Aids, Home, Household Products, Food Products, Household Non-Food Products, Pets, Insurance, Leisure/Sports, Personal Care, Personal items, Shopping, Tobacco, Travel. Target reports include: Media, Upperdeck, Business to Business, Summary Reports for 10 Market areas and individual local market reports for Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC.
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Note: Most product reports have section on advertising. Academic use only.

Note: Directory of major U.S. media including outdoor and interactive, includes pricing information for magazines and newspapers.

* For more information, see the Marketing & Advertising business research guide.