Companies – Overview/Descriptions


MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor) Company Profiles

Note: MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor) Company Profiles provide profiles on companies worldwide and are available through the Business Source Complete database. Each company profile includes a business description, company history, key employees, major products and services and top competitors. Many of the profiles contain a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. To locate a company profile, browse the alphabetical list of company profiles or type the company name into the “Browse For” search box and click on the Browse button.

Note: Tracks the social, environmental and governance of corporations throughout the world. Formerly known as Global Socrates.

Factiva (2001)
Note: Go to Companies/Markets tab at the top of the page and click on Company. Then type in your company in Get Company Snapshot.

Note: Go to Company Profiles at bottom of page, to search for company for links to articles, financials and investment reports.

Hoover’s Company Records

Note: The Hoover’s Company Records – In-Depth Records Database contains information for more than 40,000 major public and private companies worldwide. In-Depth Records include overviews and histories, up to 10 years of key financial and employment data, lists of products and key competitors, names of key officers, addresses, and phone and fax numbers.

Mergent online (1997]-)
Note: This database will compare company against company using ratios and financial metrics, access company SEC filings like 10-k’s as well as annual reports and allows you to export financials into Excel.

Vault Online Career Library

Available to SMG majors, minors and alums only. 
Click on ‘companies’ tab for information on companies from a career perspective.