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User Instructions: Simply type the name of your industry into the search box to search. Remember to think of synonyms for your industry and omit articles. Please use “and” in place of ampersand (&) in titles of reports for best results.

Searching Tips: One word searches work best. The results are in alphabetical order. (You can also search by NAICS code for some reports.)

Available in the Industry Survey Locator

Notes about the ISL: Remember that not all reports are reflected in your results so please search the database for new and updated reports, especially those in Mintel and MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor). Finally, the ISL is not able to show reports from Gartner, excellent for those looking for technology related reports or Frost & Sullivan, an excellent source for reports in healthcare, technology and energy fields.

The Industry Survey Locator includes many links to the following, and lists print sources held at the Pardee Library Services Desk: [What’s Included]

For additional information see the Industry Survey Locator tutorial.

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