Reference Collection: Economics

Below is a list of economics books organized by subject.  These books are arranged by call number in the Pardee Library Reference Collection.


Country Information

Statistical Abstract of Latin America X HA 751 .F56

Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean X HC161 .F481

Balance of Payments Statistics. Yearbook X HF1014 .I5

Standard International Trade Classification Revision 2 X HF1041 .U5

Standard International Trade Classification revision 3 X HF1041 .U56

International Trade Statistics / World Trade Organization X HF1371 .I584

Global Financial Stability Report X HG 4523 .G56

Economic Statistics

Appled Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences
X HA31.3 .A67

Government Finance Statistics Yearbook X HA40 F5 G55M

Understanding the Census: a Guide for Marketers, Planners, Grant Writers, and Other Data Users X HA201

Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970 X HA202 .B87

Statistical Portrait of the United States: Social Conditions and Trends X HA214 .S87 *Pardee Services Desk on the Reserve-Reference (High Use) shelves

Handbook of Economic Cycles X HB3711 .B46

Business Cycles and Depressions: An Encyclopedia X HB3711 .B936

World Business Cycles X HB3711 .W6

Secrets of Economic Indicators X HB3730 .B38

Handbook of Economic Indicators X HB3730 .G69

World Index of Economic Forecasts X HB3730 .W66

Business Statistics X HC101 .F21

Patterns of Economic Change by State and Area   X HC103 .P42 2013

Handbook of Key Economic Indicators X HC103 .R64

Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress X HC106.5 .F47

National Income and Product Accounts of the U.S. Statistical Tables 1929-1976 X HC110 .I5 A3

Government Finance

Budget of the United States Government X HJ2051 .A59

Budget of the United States Government X HJ2051 .A59 Appendix

Budget of the United States Government. Updated Summary Tables. X HJ2051 .A592 2010

Historical Tables, Budget of the United States Government X HJ2051 .A68

Guide to the Federal Budget X HJ2051 .T28

Taxpayer’s Guide to Federal Spending X HJ2051 .T28

Budget of the United States Government. Analytical Perspectives X HJ2051 .U545

A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America’s Promise X HJ2051 .U574 2009b

Facts & Figures: How Does Your State Compare?  X HJ 2052 F33


American Salaries and Wages Survey X HD4973 .A67

Labor Force Statistics Derived From the Current Population Survey, 1948-87 X HD5724 .L19

Directory of U.S. Labor Organizations X HD6504 .D64

New OSHA : Blueprints for Effective Training and Written Programs X HD7654 .D38

Handbook of U.S. labor statistics X HD8051 .A63

Employment, Hours, and Earnings, States and Areas X HD8051 A633

The State of Working America 2004/2005 X HD8051 S73