Business Databases A-Z


Note: ABI/INFORM GLOBAL indexes, abstracts, and provides full text of articles in business magazines, journals, and the Wall Street Journal. ABI/Inform covers more than 1,600 leading business and management publications and scholarly journals with full text for 700 of these titles. ABI/Inform Global also includes ABI/Inform Trade and Industry which covers more than 750 trade publications and ABI/Inform Dateline which provides coverage of more than 140 local, city, state, and regional business publications as well as business-oriented newswire services from the U.S. and Canada.


Note: Multidisciplinary database that includes scholarly business journals and, for most, provides full content.
Accounting & Tax

Note: A database of global and scholarly journals including American Accounting Association journals, AICPA publications, accounting dissertations, SSRN Working Papers and conference proceedings.

Note: Ad$pender reports expenditures in twelve major media: Network TV, Cable TV, Syndication, Spot TV, Magazines, Sunday Magazines, National Newspapers, Newspapers, Network Radio, National Spot Radio, US Internet – Display and Outdoor.
Note: Directory of advertising agencies, key clients and brands, includes media expenditures and sample ads.
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Note: AGRICOLA, created by the National Agricultural Library of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, provides access to the agricultural literature of the world. It contains over 3.3 million bibliographic records of journal articles, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials and technical reports from 1979 to the present. 1400 journals are indexed by the database.
Note: Directory of American companies that have substantial investment in overseas operations-wholly or partially owned subsidiary, affiliate or branch. The database can be searched by company name, geographic area, industry, and revenue. Lists of companies can be viewed and printed online or downloaded into Excel.
Note: Provides a single resource for seven decades of articles on the most important events, issues and trends in the history of business and industry (including the complete file of Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957), plus the most important historical sources in the applied science and technology field for the 20th Century. It provides cover-to-cover indexing for more than 2,000 periodicals that include more than 4.5 million articles. It is an excellent resource for tracking down important studies, exploring historical controversies, finding papers by innovators, researching the development of a particular technology, and more.
Note: ASSOCIATIONS UNLIMITED contains information on approximately 455,000 international, national, regional, state and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields. It includes IRS data on U.S. 501(c) nonprofit organizations.
Audit Analytics

Note: Audit Analytics provides access to detailed audit information on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly registered companies. Includes information on audit fees, audit opinions, auditor changes and director and officer changes.
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Banking information source
Note: Includes essential banking industry publications covering the financial services industry and banking and industry trends.

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics 

Note: Includes balance of payments and international investment position (IIP) data of individual countries, jurisdictions, and other reporting entities, and regional and world totals for major components of the balance of payments.Balance of payments data are available for approximately 204 economies and international investment position data are available for approximately 143 economies. Data available starting in 2005 for my IMF members. Varies by economy.

Bloomberg Business News Service

Note: BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS SERVICE provides up-to-the-minute news and prices from financial markets around the world.
Offerings include 24-hour historical and 15-minute delayed securities pricing, news, data, and analysis on companies, markets and economies.Coverage includes equities, money markets, currencies, bonds, commodities, mortgage-backed securities, and derivatives.Much of the information can be presented graphically.
Only available through the Bloomberg Terminal (no remote access).


Note: BOOKS IN PRINT has 2.4 million bibliographic records and over 300,000 full text reviews from eleven leading sources. Coverage includes books, videos, and audio recordings.
Boston Business Journal

Note: This site also provides access to business journals from 39 other major metropolitan cities across the U.S.  Also includes a digital Book of Lists containing rank-ordered companies and organizations for each city.


Note: Business Abstracts with Full Text (H.W. Wilson) is a database that indexes and abstracts articles from English-language periodicals published in the United States and elsewhere, including the leading business magazines and trade and research journals; it also includes full text of selected periodicals.
Business and Industry

Note: BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY provides articles on companies, products, and industries. Business and Industry covers over 600 leading trade and general business periodicals from over 30 countries.

Business and Management Practices

Note: BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PRACTICES focuses on the processes, methods, and strategies of managing a business. One can search for articles by a specific department or function within an organization. BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT PRACTICES covers more than 300 core management journals and trade publications and additional business sources. To search this database, check BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PRACTICES on the “RDS Business Suite” page.

Business Monitor International (BMI) Industry Reports

Note: International market intelligence, trend analysis, and forecasts. Include two types of reports:

– Country Industry Reports include SWOT analysis, regional market dynamics, industry forecast, competitive landscape, and country demographics. In depth reports appear quarterly.

– Regional Industry Insights include industry trend analysis, company finance alerts, project news, and market developments for major companies. Appear monthly.


Note: Business Source Complete contains indexes, abstracts and full text of business publications, scholarly publications and peer-reviewed journals. Among the sources covered in this database are EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) country economic reports, company profiles and industry profiles from MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor), and monographs.

BU WorldCat

Note: BU WorldCat is the OCLC Online Union Catalog in a user friendly version. It contains more than 32 million records of items owned by libraries around the world, as well as the Boston University Libraries. Every item in the catalog has a listing of libraries which own it. It contains records for books, journals, musical scores, computer programs and much more. (It does not include records for individual articles or stories in journals, magazines, newspapers or book chapters.) New records are added daily.

Note: Subscription to “China Statistical Databases” through China Data Center which provides comprehensive and updated information on China’s economic development at national, provincial, city, county, and industrial levels, which include the following: (1) Monthly Statistics – provides the monthly macroeconomic statistics at national, provincial and city levels from 1998 to current; (2) National Statistics – provides statistical data of China from 1949 to current; (3) Provincial Statistics – provides the statistical data of all provinces from 1949 to current; (4) City Statistics – provides yearly statistics of prefecture and county level cities from 1996; (5) County Statistics – provides the yearly county statistics from 1997; (6) Industrial Statistics provides monthly and yearly statistics by industries from 1999; and (7) Statistical Yearbooks – includes a series of China national, provincial, city and professional statistical yearbooks, which will be expanded to cover all statistical yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. BU’s subscription is limited to 14 China Statistical Databases (products such as the China Census Database and China Spatial Reports and Maps are not part of our subscription).
Compustat Global

Note: Compustat Global provides data on over 28,500 companies and represents over 90% of the world’s market capitalization, including 90% of the Asian market cap, 90% of the Indian market cap, 95% of the Taiwanese market cap and 95% of the European market cap. BU subscription does not include the Emerging Markets Database (from S&P).
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Compustat North America

Note: Compustat North America (from Standard & Poor’s) is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on more than 24,000 active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items.
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Note: THE CONFERENCE BOARD RESEARCH COLLECTION consists of economic and business reports and studies created for leading organizations. The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association that provides economic data and analysis in four subject areas: Economy, Markets & Value Creation; Human Capital; Corporate Leadership; and High-Performing Organizations.
Note: CONTEMPORARY WOMEN’S ISSUES is a full-text database, international in scope, covering subjects which relate to women. Sources include journals, research reports, newsletters, alternative press literature and fact sheets. Coverage is from 1992 to date.
Note: The database provides corporate linkage information on nearly 200,000 of the most prominent parent companies and their affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions – down to the seventh level of corporate linkage. The database includes major public and private businesses in the United States and throughout the world.
CRSP – Center for Research in Security Prices

Note: Data provided by The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) at the University of Chicago. Data available includes security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq stock markets. Subscription includes access to Daily Stocks and NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ & S&P Indices.
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CRSP/Compustat Merged

Note: The CRSP/Compustat Merged database (CCM) provides a way to link CRSP market and corporate action data with Compustat fundamental data.  CCM includes Standard & Poor’s Compustat data, reformatted into CRSP’s proprietary CRSPAccess database format, along with the link information.
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CRSP – Mutual Fund

Note: The CRSP Mutual Fund database provides historical performance data on open-ended mutual funds.  This database includes a history of each mutual fund’s name, investment style, fee structure, holdings, and asset allocation.  Also included are monthly total returns, monthly total net assets, monthly/daily net asset values, and dividends.

Additionally, schedules of rear and front load fees, asset class codes, and management company contact information are provided. All data items are for publicly traded open-end mutual funds and begin at varying times between 1962 and 2008 depending on availability.
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CUSIP Master File

Note: The CUSIP Master Files provide CUSIP numbers, standardized descriptions and additional data attributes for over 5 million corporate, municipal and government securities offered in North America.
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Direction of Trade Statistics

Note: Time series data from 1980-present detailing the value of merchandise exports and imports between each country and all its trading partners. Includes total bilateral and multilateral exports and imports aggregated at national or regional group levels. The database contains approximately 100,000 time series covering more than 190 countries and areas.


EconLit (1992)
Note: ECONLIT contains citations and selected abstracts of international literature in the field of economics. It is produced by the American Economic Association and corresponds to the print Journal of Economic Literature and the Index of Economic Articles. It covers journal articles, dissertations and books, as well as chapters and articles in books and conference proceedings. Coverage is from 1969 to date.
EIU- The Economist Intelligence Unit

Note: The EIU database provides access to the Economist Intelligence Unit Publications such as the Country Reports. Each country page in the database provides forecast updates and featured analysis on economic and political events as well as content pertaining to market opportunities, government regulations and the financial services sector.

Note: A three-volume business reference that provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business. The work consists of more than 1,000 detailed profiles of the manufacturing and service industries.
Note: BRITANNICA ONLINE is the complete Encyclopaedia Britannica via the World Wide Web, with related Internet sites and more.
Note: Organized by company name, this business reference encyclopedia covers 500 major marketing and advertising campaigns – current and historical. Includes overview, historical context, target market, competition, market strategy, and further reading.
Note: Tracks the social, environmental and governance of corporations throughout the world. Formerly known as Global Socrates.


Note: Online version of R.M.A Annual Statement Studies.



Note: Eventus performs event studies using data read directly from CRSP stock databases or pre-extracted from any source.The Eventus system includes utility programs to convert calendar dates to CRSP trading day numbers, convert CUSIP identifiers to CRSP permanent identification numbers, and extract event study cumulative or compounded abnormal returns for cross-sectional analysis.

Eventus provides user control over estimation periods and cumulative return windows, a choice of raw, comparison period mean adjusted, market adjusted or market model abnormal returns.

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Factiva (2001)
Note: A Dow Jones-Reuters database providing full text access to all editions of Dow Jones publications, the Wall Street Journal (back to 1979), Barron’s, three months of the New York Times, and 8,000 other publications. In addition, this database provides reports for over 30,000 companies worldwide, over 8,000 selected business Web sites, and Reuters Business Briefings. Factiva also provides access to information on companies, industries and business and management topics.
First Research Industry Reports

Note: Industry reports with Career focus. Includes overview, sales & marketing, finance & regulation, regional & international issues, human resources, and statistics for 157 industries. Additionally, contains quarterly industry update, business challenges, trends & opportunities, call preparation questions, and ratios.

FirstSearch (1999)
Note: Searches WorldCat only. FirstSearch is an online source for information. Books, journals and magazine articles, facts and statistics, and address and telephone directories are all available in one easy to use system. WorldCat is a worldwide union catalog created and maintained collectively by more than 9,000 member institutions; it is the largest and most comprehensive database of its kind.


Foreign Firms Operating in the U.S.

Note: Directory of companies that have a substantial investment in American operations – wholly or partially owned subsidiary, affiliate or both. The database can be searched by company name, geographic area, industry and revenue. Lists of companies can be viewed and printed online or downloaded into Excel.


Frost & Sullivan

Note: Frost & Sullivan is a well known information technology research and advisory company. Frost & Sullivan reports cover technology and market trends in various technology, energy and manufacturing related fields. Please note that these reports can only be viewed in html form.


Gartner Research

Note: Gartner, Inc. is a well known information technology research and advisory company. Gartner provides technology-related information and insights to help clients make informed decisions related to information technology. Reports contain research findings and advice on technology markets, topics, and industries.

Gartner Research is provided to the BU community through BU’s Information Services and Technology’s subscription.  Log in to the website using your BU login name and Kerberos password.


Note: Indexes and provides full text for many business trade publications.
Description: "Even though Global Development Finance (GDF) is no longer listed in the WDI (World Development Indicators) database name and bulk download file names, all external debt and financial flows data continue to be included in WDI. The GDF publication, formerly Word debt tables, has been renamed International Debt Statistics (IDS). The Global Development Finance (GDF) is a comprehensive overview of development. It is the statistical benchmark that helps measure the progress of development. It focuses on financial flows, trends in external debt, and other major financial indicators for developing countries."
Note: Provides information on the missions, finances, programs, and management of more than 1.7 million nonprofit organizations, including foundations, public charities, and others.
GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

Note: The GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report reviews key employees compensation practices at charitable nonprofit organizations. PDF Available only on public terminal in Pardee Library. See Reference staff for assistance.

Hoover’s Company Records

Note: The Hoover’s Company Records – In-Depth Records Database contains information for more than 40,000 major public and private companies worldwide. In-Depth Records include overviews and histories, up to 10 years of key financial and employment data, lists of products and key competitors, names of key officers, addresses, and phone and fax numbers.


Hoover Industry Snapshots

Note: Provides more than 600 industry snapshots from Hoovers Company and Industry Reports via Lexis Nexis Academic. The snapshots include the following industry information or links to relevant information: Description; Terminology; Associations & Organizations (valuable resource); and Selected Resources.


Hospitality and Tourism Complete

Note: Hospitality and Tourism Complete covers scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism. This collection contains more than 828,000 records, with coverage dating as far back as 1965. There is full text for more than 490 publications, including periodicals, company and country reports, and books. Full-text periodicals include Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, Current Issues in Tourism, Hotel & Motel Management, International Journal of Tourism Research, Journal of Leisure Research, Journal of Sport Tourism, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Leisure Sciences, Nation’s Restaurant News, Restaurant Business and Tourism & Hospitality Research.

I/B/E/S from Thomson Reuters

Note: I/B/E/S from Thomson Reuters provides both summary and individual analyst forecasts of company earnings, cash flows, and other financial items, as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations.
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IBISWorld (1999)
Note: Industry snapshots include statistics and key facts as well as information on key issues facing the industry.

IBISWorld US Specialized Industry Reports

Note: Industry snapshots include statistics and key facts as well as information on key issues facing niche and emerging industries.

Note: A database of social science data for research and instruction provided by ICPSR, a unit within the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. Established in 1962, ICPSR is the world’s largest archive of digital social science data. Its mission is to acquire, preserve, and distribute original research data and provide training in its analysis. ICPSR also offers access to publications based on data holdings.
IMF eLibrary data

Note: Approximately 32,000 time series covering more than 200 countries starting in 1948. Includes exchange rates, Fund accounts and the main global and country economic indicators.  Use the Query Builder to search for country data.

Industry Survey Locator

Note: This database was developed and is maintained by Pardee Librarians to provide one stop shopping to the individual US (and some global) industry surveys linked in our business databases. A small number of surveys are available only from the Pardee Library Reference Desk.

International Financial Statistics (IFS)

Note: International Financial Statistics (IFS) from the International Monetary Fund includes data on exchange rates, international interest rates, prices, production and international transactions (including balance of payments) as well as individual country government, finance and national account data for individual countries.

Note: Investext Plus provides research reports written by analysts at leading investment banks, brokerage houses and consulting firms. Includes both current and historical reports.
Only compatible with Internet Explorer. In order to access Investext with IE 11, please follow the steps below.
1. Log into Investext.
2. Click on Gear icon in upper right next to house and star icon and then click on Compatibility View Settings.
3. Under Add this website, click or tap Add and the URL of the site (i.e. thomsonone) should be added automatically. Then close the box and refresh the database.
Please remember to log out after each use.
If you receive this message: “Error Authenticating User” when logging into Investext, please contact the Pardee Library Services Desk.

Description: Provides page images of back issues of the core scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and basic sciences from the earliest issues to within a few years of current publication. Users may browse by journal title or discipline, or may search the full-text or citations/abstracts. New issues of existing titles and new titles are added approximately on a weekly basis.


Note: KLD  is a statistical summary of KLD’s in-depth research available in GLOBAL SOCRATES and KLD PASS. It has been published once per year since 1991 to give users the ability to analyze trends in the social and environmental performance of corporations over time. KLD PASS (the Portfolio Advisor’s Screening Service) allows users to quickly evaluate and screen portfolios for social and environmental issues.

KLD  includes over 90 positive and negative indicators in seven stakeholder or social issue areas including: Community, Corporate Governance, Diversity, Employee Relations, Environment, Human Rights, and Product. The data set also includes over 20 indicators in the following controversial business issues: Alcohol, Firearms, Gambling, Military, Nuclear Power, and Tobacco.

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Note: LEXISNEXIS ACADEMIC includes newspapers, trade journals, wire services and transcripts. It provides Internet access to some of the most popular files of the larger LexisNexis Academic but with easier, forms-based searching. There are five basic libraries: News: general, today’s, U.S., world, news wires, news transcripts, arts and sports news, non-English language, business, legal, university news. Business: business, industry market news, accounting, financial filings, trade show information directory. Legal Research: legal news, law reviews, state/federal cases, codes and regulations, international legal materials, patents. Medical: news, journals and Medline abstracts. Reference: biographical information, country profiles, polls and surveys, quotations, state profiles, world almanac.
Note: Press Display provides online access to over 400 titles of today’s newspaper’s from the around in full-color and full-page format. This collection will grow gradually. You can browse articles and other key content, such as pictures, advertisements, classifieds and notices as the image looks just like the print edition. Newspapers that would be of great interest to SMG students include: Wall Street Journal Europe, Wall Street Journal Asia, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and the USA Today. All newspapers have a 60-day backfile
MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor) Company Profiles

Note: MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor) Company Profiles provide profiles on companies worldwide and are available through the Business Source Complete database. Each company profile includes a business description, company history, key employees, major products and services and top competitors. Many of the profiles contain a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. To locate a company profile, browse the alphabetical list of company profiles or type the company name into the “Browse For” search box and click on the Browse button.

MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor) Industry Profiles

Note: MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor) Industry Profiles provide profiles on industries worldwide and are available through the Business Source Complete database. Each industry profile includes a market overview, market share, market size, leading companies in the industry and market forecasts. To locate an industry survey, type the industry name in the search box, select title from the drop-down menu and click on the Search button.

Market Share Reporter

Note: An annual compilation of reported market share data on companies, products, and services. Organized by SIC code.  2010 edition of the Market Share Reporter is available in the Reserve – Reference (High Use) shelves. Earlier editions of the the Market Share Reporter are in the Reference Collection.

Mergent online (1997]-)
Note: This database will compare company against company using ratios and financial metrics, access company SEC filings like 10-k’s as well as annual reports and allows you to export financials into Excel.

Note: Mergent WebReports provide access to digital Corporate manuals and digital Municipal & Government manuals.

The Corporate Manual Search provides historical access to the following manuals: Bank & Finance, Industrial, International, OTC Industrial, Public Utility, Transportation and OTC Unlisted. The Corporate Manuals include detailed company histories and financials.
The Bank & Finance Manuals provide coverage of banks, savings & loans, insurance companies and real estate investment trusts.
The Industrial Manuals cover top industrial corporations and the International Manuals cover non-U.S. based public companies.
The Public Utility Manuals provide business and financial information on publicly held U.S. utilities and the Transportation Manuals cover major publicly held airline, railroad, trucking, freight, shipping and oil pipeline companies.
The Municipal & Government Manuals provide lists of issuers of municipal securities for all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Mintel oxygen (200?)
Note: Mintel reports provide information on markets for consumer products, travel, lifestyles, and leisure. Our subscription predominately covers products and markets in the United States. Each report combines data & analysis of the competitive landscape and consumer profiles. Tip: You’ll need to create an account to use Mintel with your BU e-mail address.
Mintel Graphing Tutorial

Note: This database contains detailed consumer product data collected from a national sample of U.S. consumers. Data includes: demographics, product usage and media exposure. Product categories include: Apparel/Accessories, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Miscellaneous, Beverages, Candy/Sweets/Snacks, Electronics, Financial, Health & Beauty Aids, Home, Household Products, Food Products, Household Non-Food Products, Pets, Insurance, Leisure/Sports, Personal Care, Personal items, Shopping, Tobacco, Travel. Target reports include: Media, Upperdeck, Business to Business, Summary Reports for 10 Market areas and individual local market reports for Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC.
See Business Tutorials: MRI + Mediamark Internet Reporter.

Note: The online Palgrave dictionary contains full text of 2008 print edition and full text of the 1987 Archive edition, incorporates quarterly additions and updates and contains hyperlinked cross-references within articles, features carefully selected and maintained links to related sites, sources of further information and bibliographical citations enables users to bookmark searches and articles, along with their own notes, in My Dictionary, or add links to articles on social bookmarking sites.
Note: This database is a full image archive of the entire historical run of the New York Times from 1851-2004. Every word appearing in the New York Times for this period is indexed, including those found in display and classified ads, comics and cartoons as well as editorials.
OECD iLibrary (2000)
Note: OECD iLibrary is the online library of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. (It replaces SourceOECD). The OECD iLibrary contains all publications and datasets released by OECD, International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and International Transport Forum (ITF) since 1998. It contains 1,000 Journal issues; 2,500 Working Papers; 2,500 Multilingual summaries; 5,500 E-book titles; 14,000 Tables and graphs; 21,000 Chapters and articles; 34,000 Statlinks to MS Excel tables in full-text items; 390 cross-searchable databases and 4 billion data points.
Oxford reference (c2012-)
Note: OXFORD REFERENCE ONLINE contains about 100 dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press. It is a fully-indexed, cross-searchable database of these works.
Note: Oxford Scholarship Online is a valuable tool for both research and teaching. It currently includes the full text of 4,689 of the best Oxford scholarly books and up to 500 new books are added each year. The BU Libraries now have access to all 18 subject areas: Biology, Business and Management, Classical Studies, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health and Epidemiology, Religion and Social Work.
ProQuest Asian business & reference
Note: Provides detailed information on companies, economies, markets, and overall business conditions throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.
Note: Newspapers digitized from microfilm; full-text articles from the Barron’s, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.
Note: UMI’s ProQuest Digital Dissertations is a digital library of dissertations and theses submitted to UMI for publication. As an enrolled Boston University user, you can obtain full-text digital copies of most dissertations for all cooperating authors from 1997 forward through this database. (If a completed BU dissertation is not in this collection, it is probably because the author has not chosen to submit it.)
ProQuest entrepreneurship
Note: For assistance in starting and developing a successful business, this database includes video clips of successful entrepreneurs, market research reports, start-up plans, templates and forms, scholarly journals, business cases, working papers, conference proceedings, and dissertations.
Proquest Statistical Insight

Note: Proquest Statistical Insight provides: Tables selected from hundreds of US government and business reports, from 1999 to the present. U.S. Federal statistical publications. Coverage from 1973. Full text from 2004. International statistical publications from the UN, EU, OECD, etc. Coverage from 1983. Full text from 2007. U.S. State government, business, and research institute statistical publications. Coverage from 1980. Full text from 2007. Statistical datasets from government and private sector sources.


PsycARTICLES (2001)
Note: Full text articles on current issues in psychology. Indexed from 42 scholarly journals published by the American Pshychological Association and allied organizations. Useful for articles on consumer behaviors and marketing.
PubMed (1996]-)
Note: PubMed comprises more than 19 million citations for biomedical articles from MEDLINE and life science journals. MEDLINE is the National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database covering the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences.
Regional Business News

Note: Regional Business News incorporates 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Included in this database are Arizona Business, Business North Carolina, Crain’s New York Business (and other Crain Communications editions), Des Moines Business Record, Enterprise Salt Lake City, Fort Worth Business Press, Orange County Business Journal, Westchester County Business Journal, etc.

ReferenceUSA (1999?]-)
Note: ReferenceUSA is a company directory database, and currently has over 12 million businesses listed. The database is updated monthly, the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Note: Brings together three leading business databases–Business & Industry, Business & Management Practices, and TableBase–in one comprehensive resource. Provides full-text coverage of leading worldwide business sources, and thousands of tables with strategic data obtained from privately-published statistical annuals, trade associations, nonprofit research groups, government agencies, and investment research.

Note: ScienceDirect provides full-text electronic access to approximately 1,000 journals in more than 16 areas of the sciences and social sciences. Available as a joint purchase through NERL (Northeast Research Libraries Consortium), coverage is determined by the print subscriptions held by the Boston University Libraries and participating members of NERL. Boston University Library users have access to the full text of “subscribed journals” which are noted by a small, shaded green box to the left of the title. Abstracts are also available for non “subscribed journals.”

Note: SOCIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS is a bibliographic database providing access to the world’s literature in theoretical and applied sociology and related fields. It contains abstracts of journal articles from Sociological Abstracts since 1974, Social Planning/Policy and Development Abstracts (SOPODA) since 1979 and relevant dissertations since 1986.
Note: Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS) provides media advertising rates, contact information circulation information etc. for consumer and business magazine, newspaper, television, direct marketing, radio, online and out-of-home domestic and international markets .
Only compatible with Internet Explorer 9 or below. In order to access the Local Market Audience Analyst located on the left hand side with Internet Explorer 11, please follow the steps below:
1. Check to see what version of Internet Explorer you have by clicking on the tools icon (looks like a gear) located in the upper right hand corner and then clicking on About Internet Explorer.
2. Log in to the SRDS database.
3. Click on the tools icon again and then click on Compatibility View settings.
4. Finally under add this website, enter the URL (in this case to the list, and then click Add.
Note: Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage is a comprehensive, professional source of proprietary analysis on industry analysis & trends, corporate activities, and investment evaluations. For non-business students, the service includes a Financial Education section with tools for understanding personal finance. Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage provides web based access to S&P Industry Surveys, S&P Company Profiles, Stock Reports and Sub-Industry Reviews. Each S&P Industry Survey includes current trends, how the industry operates, downloadable company data and links to industry trade associations. NetAdvantage also contains an online archive of industry surveys from 1999 onward.S&P Company Profiles include company quotes, news, statistics, financials and dividends & stock splits. Stock Reports include S&P Recommendations and Quality Ratings, key stock statistics, price performance, company financials and analyst recommendations. Sub-Industry Reviews include a brief analysis and outlook for an industry sector.
TableBase (Part of RDS Business Suite)

Note: Data in tabular and chart form. Market share, advertising expenditures and other marketing related statistics from trade magazines and reports.


Thomson Reuters

Note: Thomson Reuters includes three databases:

Mutual Fund Holdings – Registered mutual funds filing with the SEC plus 3,000 global funds.
Institutional (13f) Holdings – Institutional money manager holdings.
Insiders Data – Transaction and holdings information filed with the SEC.
Click on Thomson Reuters and then on the left side of the screen, click on the individual database under Thomson Reuters.

Please see the WRDS Tutorial for log-in instructions as well as a list of commonly asked questions.


Note: Provides market and financial data on companies, industries, mutual funds and other securities. Includes online access to the Value Line Investment Surveys for approximately 1,700 companies in over 90 industries. The Value Line Investment Surveys include historical and current financial results, price and earnings projections and financial commentaries.
Vault Online Career Library

Note: Full text Vault Career Guides on a variety of industries, select companies, and career topics.  This database is a subscription of the Feld Career Center for students and alumni of the BU School of Management. Available to SMG majors, minors and alums only.


Note: The Wall Street Journal, as the U. S. leading daily financial newspaper, is an indispensible first step in searching for all types of business and financial news, feature articles and opinion and commentary, career guidance and more. It is available through the database ABI/Global since 1984 to today.


Note: Thomson Reuters Web of Science is a search platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. It provides integrated access to high quality literature through a unified platform that links a wide variety of content and search terms together, creating one common vocabulary and one seamless search.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

Note: Please see the WRDS Tutorial for log-in instructions as well as a list of commonly asked questions.

World Bank eLibrary

Note: The World Bank eLibrary conducts and publishes research from around the world on a broad range of topics including development policy, finance, health, education, climate change, aid effectiveness, and poverty.  The eLibrary provides books, working papers, journal articles, data publications, regional and thematic series published since the 1990s.  All content is available immediately upon release with no embargoes and may be saved, used, and shared in perpetuity. Permission is not required to share or re-use World Bank material as long as the World Bank is attributed.
This is a one year trial subscription.  


World Development Indicators (WDI)

Note: Use World Development Indicators (WDI) for sophisticated data retrieval and presentation, charting and mapping, and exporting of data. WDI is arranged in six sections: world view, people, environment, economy, states and markets, and global links. Contains more than 900 indicators, 210 countries, 18 groups, and over 40 years (1960 to 2007) of data, where data are available. The tables cover 210 economies and 18 country groups with basic indicators for a further 62 economies.