Women’s Studies

This research guide provides a selective list of resources for starting research in the area of women’s studies.

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Information Sources in Women’s Studies and Feminism . 2002.

“The purpose of this book is to offer background knowledge about resources in the area of women’s studies and feminism, highlight major sources of information, and offer techniques for finding information.” Includes issues of form (archival materials, serials, electronic resources, grassroots networks, and grey literature), issues of information access (feminist values, canonicity), and issues of access (HIV/AIDS, lesbian sources, indigenous women). Mugar Ref. X HQ1180 I53 2002.

Introduction to Library Research in Women’s Studies. 1985.

Guide to library research, including how to use the library and research tools (bibliographies, indexes, books, periodicals, dissertations). Mugar Z7961 S42 1985. Storage: Use Request Form.

Women’s History Sources: A Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States. 2 vols. 1979.

Describes 18,026 archival and manuscript collections of primary sources pertaining to the history of women in America since colonial times. Arranged alphabetically by city and state. Mugar HQ1410 W66 1979.

Women’s Studies: A Guide to Information Sources. 1990.

Guide to reference sources in women’s studies published between 1978 and 1988. Includes libraries, organizations, databases, and non-print materials. Mugar Z7961 C37 1990. Storage: Use Request Form.

Women’s Studies: A Recommended Bibliography.3rd ed. 2004.

Annotated guide to thousands of titles and web sites in 19 subject areas published between 1985 and 1999. Mugar Ref. X Z7963 F44 K75 2004.

Women’s Studies: A Recommended Core Bibliography. 1979.

Annotated guide to reference works, periodicals, biographies, and works in social science, law, arts and humanities, language, literature, medicine, health, and sports. Mugar Z7961 S75. Storage: Use Request Form.

Women’s Studies: A Recommended Core Bibliography, 1980-1985. 1987.

Supplements the work listed above. Mugar Z7963 F44 L63 1987. Storage: Use Request Form.

Reference Works

ABC-Clio Companion to Women in the Workplace. 1993.

Encyclopedic guide to individuals, issues, events, occupations, and court cases pertaining to women and work. Includes an overview, chronology of key events, and a bibliography. Pardee HD6095 S34 1993.

ABC-Clio Companion to Women’s Progress in America. 1994.

Compendium of alphabetically-arranged entries covering court cases, organizations, individuals, events, and publications associated with women’s public achievements. Mugar HQ1410 F76 1994.

American Women’s History: An A to Z of People, Organizations, Issues, and Events. 1994.

An encyclopedia of women, organizations, and events, emphasizing women in nontraditional roles rather than those who achieved fame in gender-stereotyped occupations. Mugar HQ1115 W4 1994.

Battleground: Women, Gender, and Sexuality. 2 vols. 2008.

From “abortion” to “work: paid versus unpaid,” this work contains essays on “the ways in which gender and sexuality intersect in societal understandings of women’s (and men’s) lives.” Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 B38 2008.

Dictionary of Feminist Theory. 1995.

Defines terms and individuals in feminism within a historical context. Contains brief entries with citations, and a bibliography. Mugar HQ1115 H86 1995.

A Dictionary of Sexist Quotations. 1984.

Quotations are arranged by topic, ranging from Adam and Eve to work. There are keyword, author, and source indexes. Mugar HQ1075 D52 1984.

Encyclopedia of Childbearing: Critical Perspectives. 1993.

Interdisciplinary encyclopedia covering some 250 topics related to childbearing. Arranged alphabetically, with a subject index. Mugar Ref. X RG525 E52 1993.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society. 2 vols. 2009.

From “ABANTU for Development” to “Yin-Yang,” this encyclopedia “covers the major theories, research, people, and issues in contemporary gender studies. This comprehensive, two-volume encyclopedia is distinguished by a cross-national/cross-cultural perspective that provides comparative analyses of the life experiences of men and women around the world.” Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 E54 2009

The Encyclopedia of Human Ecology. 2 vols. 2003.

Multi-disciplinary encyclopedia with 250+ entries examining human environments and human interactions and their impact on our health, quality of life, and natural and human-made environments. Covers such varied topics as adolescents, young adults, elderly and family issues, gays and lesbians, ethnic groups, juvenile justice, violence in teen dating, death, drugs, smoking, suicide, housing, and the men’s movement. Mugar Ref. GF4 E53 2003.

Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work. 2 vols. 2006.

Contains 341 entries on the sex industry from antiquity to the present. International in scope (but with a Western focus), the entries encompass cultural, geographic, medical and social topics related to prostitution. Additional features include a timeline, an extensive section containing primary documents, and a bibliography. Mugar Ref. X HQ115 E53 2006.

Encyclopedia of Rape. 2004.

“185 entries in an A-to-Z essay format covering the historical scope and magnitude of the issue in the United States and globally. Written by a host of scholars from diverse fields, it provides informed perspectives on the key dimensions of the topic, from concepts, social movements, offenders, high-profile cases, legislation, influential activists, landmark texts, and victimology to representations in literature and art.” Mugar Ref. HV6558 E53 2004.

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender. 2 vols. 2001.

Comprehensive coverage of topics covering current scholarship on the psychology of women and gender. Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 E52 2001.

Encyclopedia of Women in American History. 3 vols. 2002.

“This illustrated set examines the unique influence and contributions of women in every era of American history, from the colonial period to the present. It not only covers the issues that have had an impact on women, but also traces the influence of women’s achievements on society as a whole.” Mugar Ref. X HQ1410 E53 2002.

A Feminist Dictionary: In Our Own Words. 1985.

Dictionary of feminist and non-sexist words and phrases. Mugar HQ1115 K73 1985.

For Appearance’ Sake: The Historical Encyclopedia of Good Looks, Beauty, and Grooming. 2001.

Contains 300+ entries on body image, changing ideas of attractiveness, beauty products, advertising, organizations, etc., with an emphasis on the U.S. and Western culture. Mugar Ref. X GT499 S49 2001.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women’s Issues Worldwide. 6 vols. 2003.

Examination of women’s status and living conditions in 130 countries. Arranged alphabetically by country, in 6 regional volumes: Asia and Oceania, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, North America and the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 G74 2003.

Handbook of American Women’s History. 2000.

Entries focus on the organizations, concepts, and individuals important to American women’s history. Mugar Ref. X HQ1410 H36 2000.

Historical Dictionary of Feminism. 2nd ed. 2004.

Overview of the history of feminism, emphasizing the U.S. and the U.K.; a dictionary of events, individuals, campaigns, court cases, concepts, and organizations; and a bibliography on feminism. Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 B65 2004.

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family. 2nd ed. 4 vols. 2003.

From abortion to Zambia, the lengthy articles in this work cover such topics as cohabitation, nonmarital childbearing, and widowhood, as well as marriage and family life issues in some fifty countries. Mugar Ref. X HQ9 E52 2003.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. 26 vols. 2001.

Contains authoritative articles on sociology and related fields, including feminism and women. Mugar Ref. X H41 I58 2001.

Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia.


Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia. 3 vols. 2006.

With nearly 600 entries and 300 photographs, this work includes regional and historical overviews of Latina history; biographical essays on Latina women; entries on events, organizations, current issues, and more. There are lists of biographical entries and of organizations. Mugar Ref. X E184 S75 L35 2006.

The Quotable Woman: The First 5,000 Years. 2001.

Contains quotations from biblical times to the present. Quotations are arranged chronologically according to the year of birth of the individual quoted. There are biographical and subject indexes. Law Ref. X PN6081.5 Q68 2001.

Reproductive Issues in America: A Reference Handbook. 2003.

Contains an introductory essay, a chronology, biographical sketches, facts and statistics, a directory of organizations and agencies, a glossary, and an annotated list of print and nonprint resources. Examines issues such as abortion, assisted reproductive technologies, fetal and embryo research, and pregnancy and addiction. Mugar Ref. X RG 133.5 M47 2003.

The Women’s Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism. 2 vols. 2006.

Begins with an overview of the history (1991+) of third-wave feminism, followed by more than 200 alphabetically-arranged, multidisciplinary and multicultural entries covering the key issues, individuals and theories of the movement. Volume 2 contains primary documents. Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 W644 2006.

Women’s Rights in the United States: A Documentary History. 1994.

Anthology of primary documents on women’s rights, including speeches, court decisions, and statutes. Mugar HQ1236.5 U6 W68 1994.

Women’s Studies Encyclopedia. 3 vols. Revised and expanded ed. 1999.

Arranged alphabetically from “Abolitionism” to “Zhenotdel” (the women’s section of the Soviet Communist Party), entries contain information about women from all disciplines of study. While many entries discuss women elsewhere in the world, the primary focus is on women in the U.S. Mugar HQ1115 W645 1999.



The Chicana Studies Index: Twenty Years of Gender Research 1971 – 1991. 1992.

Subject/author/title inde x to journal and book articles, books and dissertations on the Chicana experience. Mugar Z1361 M4 C457 1992. Storage: Use Request Form.

Cuban and Cuban-American Women: An Annotated Bibliography. 2000.

Volume containing more than 1500 annotated entries on Cuban and Cuban-American women in the 19th and 20th centuries. Includes descriptions of archival resources, monographs, and journal and newspaper articles. Mugar Z7964 C85 S76 2000. Storage: Use Request Form.

Feminism and Women’s Issues: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide. 1990.

Identifies sources on feminism, women and work, women and sports, women’s health, education, and other issues. Mugar Z7961 W37 1990. Storage: Use Request Form.

The Feminization of Poverty in the United Sates: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography of the Issues, 1978-1989. 1990.

Focuses on issues of poverty, child support, employment, pay equity, women of color, older women, housing, and welfare. Mugar Z7164 C4 F45 1990. Storage: Use Request Form.

Immigrant Women in the United States: A Selectively Annotated Multidisciplinary Bibliography. 1989.

Includes 2000+ entries for scholarly articles, dissertations, and books. Organized by topic. Mugar Z7164 I3 G33 1989. Storage: Use Request Form.

Latinas of the Americas: A Source Book. 1989.

Consists of bibliographic essays on women in Latin America. Mugar Z7964 L3 S76 1989. Storage: Use Request Form.

Literatura Chicana. 1985.

List of more than 700 works (including video and sound recordings) organized by genre. Mugar Z1229 M48 T78 1985. Storage: Use Request Form. A second edition, Literatura Chicana: A Bibliography of Creative and Critical Mexican American Writings through 1996, containing twice as many entries, is available on the Web.

Muslim Women Throughout the World: A Bibliography. 1997.

Bibliography of scholarly studies in English, as well as some fiction, travel accounts, popular publications and devotional studies on Muslim women around the world. Arranged alphabetically by author, with subject and geographical indexes. Mugar Z7963 I74 K56 1997. Storage: Use Request Form.

United States Government Documents on Women 1800-1990: A Comprehensive Bibliography. 2 vols. 1993.

Arranged chronologically by broad subject categories, this lists Congressional hearings, reports and documents, and publications of other government agencies. Mugar Z7964 U49 H85 1993. Storage: Use Request Form.

Violence Against Women: A Selected Bibliography. (2012).


Women: A Bibliography of Bibliographies. 1986.

Contains 900+ entries for bibliographies dating between 1970 and 1985. Arranged geographically and topically. Mugar Z7961 B32 1986. Storage: Use Request Form.

Women and Judaism: A Select, Annotated Bibliography. 1988.

Includes citations to monographs, book chapters, essays, journal articles, and dissertations on Jewish women from ancient to modern times. Mugar Z7963 J4 R88 1988. Storage: Use Request Form.

Women in Combat: A Selected Bibliography. 2012.


Women in Global Migration, 1945-2000: A Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Bibliography. 2001.

Unannotated bibliography on immigrant women, covering such topics as demography, economics, education, health and medicine, law and government policy, personal narratives, psychology, religion, sociology, and statistics, as well as bibliographies and general works on immigrant women. Includes books, book chapters and essays, government documents, journal articles, and dissertations published or presented between 1945 and the end of 1999. Indexed by nationality, religion, ethnic group, and receiving country or region. Mugar Z7164 I3 H62 2001 Storage: Use Request Form. Updated version available on the Web.

Women of Color in the United States: A Guide to the Literature. 1989.

Contains citations for books, book chapters, journal articles, and dissertations on African, Asian, Hispanic, and native American women. Mugar Z7964 U49 R4 1989. Storage: Use Request Form.

Women’s Movement: References and Resources. 1996.

Annotated bibliography of 1301 citations to literature on the women’s movement in the U.S., arranged by topic. Mugar Z7963 S9 R93 1996. Storage: Use Request Form.


Catalogs of the Sophia Smith Collection, Women’s History Archive, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. 7 vols. 1975.

Published card catalog of the nation’s oldest archive of women’s history materials. Emphasis is on American women’s history. Separate author, subject, manuscript, and photograph catalogs. Mugar Z7965 S65 1975. Storage: Use Request Form.

The History of Women in America: Catalogs of the Books, Manuscripts and Pictures of the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library. 10 vols. 1984.

Printed card catalog of books, periodicals, manuscripts, and pictures located at Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America. Mugar Z7965 A78 1984. Storage: Use Request Form.


Chronology of Women Worldwide: People, Places and Events That Shaped Women’s History. 1997.

Chronologically-arranged history of women in the world, emphasizing explanations and significance of events. Also contains myths and legends about women, excerpts of important documents concerning women, and a list of women-related events for each day of the year. Mugar Ref. X HQ1121 C617 1997.

Chronology of Women’s History. 1994.

Inclusive list of landmarks in women’s history between 20,000 BC and 1993, arranged in ten categories, by time period. Mugar HQ1121 O47 1994.

Timetables of Women’s History. 1994.

Presents achievements of women from ancient times to the present. Includes biographical entries. Mugar Ref. X HQ1121 G74 1994.

The Women’s Chronology. 1994.

From 3 million BC to 1993, this work records landmarks in women’s history. The 13,000 entries are grouped by category in an easy-to-read format. There is a detailed subject index. Mugar HQ1122 T73 1994.

Women’s Firsts. 1997.

Arranged thematically (e.g., activism, military), this work describes first-time accomplishments, honors, awards, and other landmark “firsts” of women worldwide, from ancient times to the present, with an emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. Also includes a calendar of “firsts” from 1562 AD and an index by year from 2300 BC. Mugar Ref. X CT3203 W66 1997.

Biographical Sources

African American Women: A Biographical Dictionary. 1993.

Contains biographical sketches of approximately 300 women from the Colonial period to the present. Includes appendix listing women by career. Mugar E185.96 A45 1993.

An Annotated Index of Medieval Women. 1992.

1500 entries on women from more than 30 countries. Spans the years 800 to 1600 with an emphasis on 13th and 14th century England and France. Contains brief biographies and numerous indexes. Mugar CT3220 A56 1992.

Biographies of American Women: An Annotated Bibliography. 1990.

Contains entries for 1391 biographies of 700 American women, published since the early 1800s. Includes appendix arranged by profession or category. Mugar Z7963 B6 S88 1990. Storage: Use Request Form.

Black Women in America. 2nd ed . 3 vols. 2005.

Includes biographical essays on individual black women, both historical and contemporary, and entries on general topics such as Abolition and the Harlem Renaissance. Mugar Ref. X E185.86 B542 2005.

European Immigrant Women in the United States: A Biographical Dictionary. 1994.

Contains biographies of 234 European immigrant women who contributed to shaping the U.S. in such areas as the arts, politics, social work, religion, and medicine. Mugar E184 E95 L58 1994.

Larousse Dictionary of Women. 1996.

International in scope, this includes biographical sketches on approximately 3000 women from ancient times to the present. Arranged alphabetically. Mugar HQ1115 L57 1996.

Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary. 2nd ed. 2001.

Biographical entries for historical and contemporary native American women, with indexes by tribal affiliation, state/province of birth, decade of birth, and primary area of specialization (e.g., activism, medicine-traditional). Mugar Ref. X E98 W8 B38 2001.

Notable American Women, 1607 – 1950: A Biographical Dictionary. 3 vols. 1971.

Biographical sketches of 1359 American women who lived between 1607 and 1950. Mugar Ref. X CT3260 N57.

Notable American Women: The Modern Period: A Biographical Dictionary. 1980.

Biographical essays on 442 American women who were born between 1857 and 1943 and who died between 1951 and 1975. Mugar Ref. X CT3260 N573.

Notable Black American Women. 1992.

Contains biographical essays on 500 black American women of historical and contemporary significance. Mugar E185.96 N68 1992.

Notable Hispanic American Women. 1993.

Contains approximately 300 entries on historical and contemporary Hispanic American women in a wide range of professions. Mugar E184 S75 N68 1993.

Who’s Who of American Women. 2010/2011.

Brief biographical data on 30,000+ contemporary American women. Mugar Ref. X E176 F58. Latest edition in reference; earlier in Storage: Use Request Form.

Women in Particular: An Index to American Women. 1984.

Contains brief biographical information on more than 20,000 American women. Includes sources for further information. There are field/career, religious affiliation, ethnic/racial, and geographical indexes. Mugar HQ1412 H47 1984.


Women’s Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers.



Atlas of American Society. 1995.

Uses maps, tables and text to present statistical data on American society in several categories, including the status of women, senior citizens, crime and violence, lifestyle risks, education, health and health care, and ethnicity. Mugar HN60 A5 1995.

Penguin Atlas of Women in the World. 2009.

Contains maps, statistical data, and text pertaining to the status of women in the world. Topics include education, marriage, motherhood, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, lesbians, work, poverty, and sex. Explores similarities and differences. Mugar Ref. X HQ1154 S34 2009.

Women’s Atlas of the United States. 1995.

Visual representation of the status of women in the U.S. Includes demography, employment, education, family, health, crime, and politics. Mugar Ref. X G1201 E1 G5 1995.


The Little Data Book on Gender (World Bank).


Statistical Handbook of Women in America. 1996.

Contains tables and charts on demographics, employment and economic status, social characteristics, and health of women in the U.S. Mugar HQ1420 T34 1996.

Statistical Record of Women Worldwide. 1995

Compilation of statistical data on the lives and status of women worldwide. From a variety of sources. Mugar HQ1150 S73 1995.

United Nations Statistics Division: Statistics and Indicators on Women and Men.


The World’s Women Reports (United Nations).