Financial Information

Company Financials and SEC Filings

Company Financials- Click on the Company Financials tab to obtain financial statement information and ratios.
SEC Filings - Click on the Filings tab.
Competitors’ Financial Information - Click on the Competitors tab. Create a competitor report.
Overview Reports - Click on the Reports tab, then select Predefined Reports.
Company Comparisons - Click on the Report Builder tab and then click on the Comparison Reports link and select either Compare Company Against Industry or Compare Company Against Custom Group.
See Find company ratios using MergentOnline.

The EDGAR database ( available on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website contains annual report (10-K) filings and other financial filings.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

To obtain a company’s current WACC use the Bloomberg terminal located in the Pardee Library.

The input shortcut code is: Ticker <F8 Equity> WACC <GO>

Type in your company’s ticker symbol press the yellow F8 Equity function key, type in WACC then press the green GO or return key.

Pepsi WACC

Analyst Reports

Investext Plus

Note: Investext Plus provides research reports written by analysts at leading investment banks, brokerage houses and consulting firms. Includes both current and historical reports.  Only compatible with Internet Explorer.  Please remember to log out after each use.


Type RSE (Research Function) and press the <GO> button. Click on Initiating Coverage to access the analyst reports. There are additional research categories on the RSE menu such as Analyst Upgrades, Analyst Downgrades and Research by Analyst.

Take a look at the Resources for Analyst Reports Tutorial.