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Encyclopedia of Social work
This new edition contains 400 articles which represent a thoroughly updated and expanded look at the entire field of social work. It covers all aspects of social work from practice/interventions, social environments, social conditions and challenges to social policy and history.

Encyclopedia of Psychology. 2000.

Eight volume encyclopedia published by Oxford University Press in conjunction with the American Psychological Association. Alphabetical arrangement by topic. Each entry has a bibliography. There is an index, a synoptic outline of contents, and a directory of contributors
X BF 31 E524 2000

The Social Work Dictionary. 2003.

Includes words, concepts, organizations, biographies, and historical events relevant to the profession.
X HV 12 B37 2003

Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Social Work. 2000.

One volume encyclopedia of terms and concepts in social work. Has index of names and subjects as well as a list of references.
HV12 B53 2000

Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America. 2005.

History of social welfare in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Includes research guides, chronologies, and a lengthy bibliography.
X HV12 E497 2005

Biographical Dictionary of Social Welfare in America. 1986.

Includes substantial entries on important figures in social welfare from colonial period to recent times. Each entry also includes a reference list.
HV 27 B57 1987

Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare. 2008.

Four volumes with each volume addressing a particular aspect of social work and social welfare.
HV40 C635 2008


County and City Data Book. 2007

Also available online
Provides census information for each county and for the larger cities in the United States.
X HA 202 A36

Statistical Abstract of the United States. 2015.

Standard one-volume compilation of statistics relating to the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.
X HA 202 E78 2015 (Located at the Research Center Desk)


Professional Education/Standards

Professional Writing for the Human Services. 1993.

Addresses writing techniques and provides information about peer review, journal submissions, book proposals, and production procedures.
HV 41 P759 1993

American Association of State Social Work Boards study guide: a guide for candidates preparing for the AASSWB social work examination: Vols 2, 3, 4. 2004.

Gives information on the examination program and test-taking strategies. Also provides the examination content outline and a practice test.
X HV 40.52 S78 2004 v.2,3,4

An Author’s Guide to Social Work Journals. 2009.

Journals are arranged by subject category. Information provided about each journal includes editorial focus, circulation, frequency of publication, how to submit manuscripts, format of manuscripts, and review process.
XHV 85 A93 2009

Journals in Social Work and Related Disciplines.  2013

Compiled by Patrick Leung and Monit  Cheung. Includes Impact Factors, Five-Year Impact Factors, and H-indexes.

Effective Grant Writing and Program Evaluation for Human Service Professionals. 2009.

XHV41.2  Y838 2009

Resumes for Social Service Careers. 2007.

XHV10.5 V49 2007

Tests And Measures

Measures For Clinical Practice. 2007.

Instruments selected because they measure most of the common problems seen in clinical practice. Vol. 1 includes measures for couples, families, and children and Vol. 2 contains measures for adults with problems outside the context of the family.
X BF 176 C66 2007

Test Critiques. 1984-.

Lists psychological, educational, and business tests. Critiques include description of tests, practical applications and uses, technical aspects, and evaluative comments.
X BF 176 T419 V.1-11

Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures.

This nine volume set gives information on measures and scales that have been published in scholarly journals. It cites the journal where the measure can be found and also gives information about related research. It has author and subject indexes. The index in the eighth volume is a cumulative index for volumes 1-8.
X BF431 G624

Handbook of Psychiatric Measures. 2000

Provides information about copyrighted and non-copyrighted measures. Describes the properties and utility of the measures and gives references and suggested readings. Indicates whether the measures can be copied without obtaining permission or purchasing the measure.
X RC473 P78 A46 2000 (Located at the Research Center Desk)

Note: Mental Measurements Yearbook contains the most recent descriptive information and critical reviews of new and revised tests from the 9th-15th yearbooks. Tests in Print includes descriptive listings and references to commercial tests that are in print and available for purchase. Also links to test reviews in the Mental Measurements Yearbooks.

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests Available in Compilation Volumes

Database created by University of Texas librarian lists approximately 12,000 tests available in 127 compilation volumes. Check our library catalog to see whether we own the relevant volume.

Internet Resources

National Association Of Social Workers

Provides information about NASW, the Code of Ethics, state NASW chapters, professional social work credentials, and publications. Gives views on many issues relevant to social work practice, including legislation.

Social Work Action Network

Provides links to national organizations, global organizations, U.S. government organizations, conferences and meetings, newsgroups, listserves, schools of social work, and topics by subject.

Council on Social Work Education

Includes information about the organization and its programs and publications. Provides links to other social work associations and sites of interest.

Association of Social Work Boards

Provides information on licensing and examinations. Has links to sites that show licensing requirements for each state