Find company ratios using MergentOnline

Follow the steps below to find company ratios for public companies using the Mergent database.

You can also create reports comparing your company to its industry.

1. Access Mergent through the Pardee Databases by Title page.

2. Search for your company by either its name or its ticker symbol. Mergent will bring up the most likely choices. Then click on the name of your company.


3. Choose the Company Financials tab.


4. Then choose “Ratios” in the menu bar.
Ratios Step 4

5. By default, Mergent shows the company’s ratios for the last five years. You can view more years by using the pull-down menu that reads “5 Years/Quarters.” You can also download these ratios to to Excel using the link in the upper-right corner.

Ratios Step 5

6. To compare your company against its industry, choose the Report Builder tab. Then click Comparison Reports.


7. Choose the peer group to which you want to compare your company. You can group by primary NAICS or SIC, worldwide or USA only. You can also choose to include all companies in your report, or only the top 10, 25, or 50.


8. Choose the ratios you want to include by using the arrow keys. To include multiple years, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and highlight the years you want to include under “Which year(s)?”. Check off the “Include average in headings” box to get aggregate figures for the whole industry. Then select your report format. In this case we’ve chosen a PDF file.

Ratios Step 8

9. A sample report is shown below. Note the peer average figures shown in the top row.

Ratios Step 9