Note: Comprehensive international index to the literature of psychology and interrelated behavioral and social sciences, including gerontology. Indexes over 2,000 periodicals. Provides abstracts and many full-text links for journal articles as well as information on books and book chapters.

PsycARTICLES (2001)
Description: Provides full text access to articles from journals published by APA, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association and Hogrefe Publishing Group. It includes all journal articles, book reviews, letters to the editor, and errata from each journal. Coverage spans 1894 to present; nearly all APA journals go back to Volume 1, Issue 1. PsycARTICLES is indexed with controlled vocabulary from APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms and covers general psychology and specialized basic, applied, clinical, and theoretical research in psychology in areas including animal behavior, cognition, memory, neuroscience, perception, physiological psychology, psycholinguistics, psychometrics, social and personality psychology.

Note: Provides the full text of articles from journals covering topics such as behavioral characteristics, psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods.

Note: Social sciences full text covers concepts, trends, opinions, theories, and methods from both applied and theoretical aspects of the social sciences. More than 350 key international, English-language periodicals. Indexing of periodicals provided from 1983-current, full text coverage starting 1995.

Social Sciences Citation Index

Description: An international, multidisciplinary index to the literature of the social, behavioral, and related sciences.

Web of Science

Note: Includes a number of indexes including Social Sciences Citation Index, Book Citation Index,  and Journal Citation Reports.

Note: Abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides citations from 1952 to the present to journal articles, book reviews, books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

Description: Indexes materials relating to the growth and development of children through the age of 21. Included are book reviews and abstracts from hundreds of journals, and a bibliography of thousands of technical reports, books, book chapters, theses and dissertations that cover the biomedical and social sciences worldwide. Based on Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography for 1927-2001 by the Society for Research in Child Development.

PubMed (1996]-)
Note: Provides access to citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. Includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

Description: A full-text database of books and chapters from the American Psychological Association's collection of electronic databases. Features full text of classic books of landmark historical impact in psychology dating from the 1600s, chapters in PDF from books published by APA and other distinguished publishers, and the exclusive electronic release of authored entries from the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of psychology. Also includes the official Thesaurus of psychological index terms as found in PsycINFO.

Oxford Handbooks Online, Psychology

Description: Complete searchable texts of the Oxford handbooks in psychology.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  DSM-5

Note: Classification of mental disorders designed to facilitate more reliable diagnoses of these disorders.


Print Indexes

The Concordance to the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud.

Six volume computer concordance to the Standard Edition of Freud’s works.
Mugar Reference X BF173 G83 1984

Psychological Index. 1903-1935

Index to psychological literature in all languages. Includes books and journals. Classified by subject and author.
Mugar Z7203 E95 (in storage)

Chicago Psychoanalytic Literature Index. 1920-1989

Presents in book form the card index of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. Beginning in 1975, the index became an annual computerized listing of psychoanalytic literature.
Mugar Z7204 P8C45M (in storage)

The Index of Psychoanalytic Writings. 1956-1971

Includes references to articles, books, and monographs on psychoanalysis published in many languages from 1900-1952.
Mugar Z7204 P8F56 (in storage)

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

APA Dictionary of Psychology. 2015

Provides definitions of  psychological concepts, processes, and therapies. Offers basic coverage of important individuals, organizations, and psychological test and assessment instruments. Appendices include institutional and organizational entries, psychological test and assessment instrument entries, and psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic approach entries.

Encyclopedia of Psychology. 2000

Eight volume encyclopedia published by Oxford University Press in conjunction with the American Psychological Association. Alphabetical arrangement by topic. Each entry has a bibliography. There is an index, a synoptic outline of contents, and a directory of contributors.
Mugar Reference X BF31 E524 2000  online

Eponyms in Psychology: a Dictionary and Biographical Sourcebook. 1987

Dictionary designed to provide information about individuals whose names have become part of common psychological terms, such as Freudian slip, Montessori method, etc.
Mugar BF31 Z87 1987

The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences. 1999

The encyclopedia consists of over 400 articles about cognitive sciences and related disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, evolutionary biology, and computer science. Most articles have a list of references and further readings. Has a subject index, name index, and list of contributors.
Mugar BF311 M556 1999   Available online

Directories and Other Professional Resources

Decoding the Ethics Code: a Practical Guide for Psychologists. 2013

This is a guide to the APA’s 2002 Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. An appendix gives the text of the Code.
Mugar Reference X BF76.4 F57 2013

Professional Conduct and Discipline in Psychology. 1996

Gives history of ethical codes and licensure, comparison of codes of professional conduct, and information about laws and liability affecting the practice of psychology.
Mugar BF76.4 P76 1996  Available online

Graduate Study in Psychology. 2015

Lists graduate psychology programs by state and then by school. Indicates whether accredited by APA.
Mugar Reference X BF77 G73 2015

Internships in Psychology. 2013

Addresses the internship process, including applications, goals, and interviews.
Mugar Reference X BF77 I67 2013

The Princeton Review: Cracking the GRE Psychology Subject Test, 2010

Review and practice tests for the Graduate Record Exam in psychology as well as information about the admissions process.
Mugar Reference  X BF78 C73 2010

Kaplan GRE Exam Subject Test:  Psychology, 2006

Review and practice tests for the Graduate Record Exam in psychology.
Mugar Reference X BF78 K37 2006

Getting in: a step-by-step plan for gaining admission to graduate school in psychology, 2007.

American Psychological Association guide that provides information about necessary qualifications and the application process.
Mugar Reference X BF80.7 U6 G47 2007

Becoming Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, 2009.

Mugar Reference X BF80.8 B43 2009

Guides to Research, Writing, and Publishing

Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Psychology. 2005/2006

Provides information on the review process, acceptance rate, fees, and format guidelines for over 315 journals.
Mugar BF30 C25 2005/2006

Dissertations and Theses From Start to Finish: Psychology and Related Fields. 2006

Provides information on preparation of dissertations and theses including choosing topics, reviewing the literature, designing methodology, analyzing data, and presenting the results.
Mugar Reference X BF76.5 C645 2006

Psychology Research Handbook. 2006

Addresses the topics of research planning, design, instrument selection, data collection and analysis, and research writing. Chapters include recommended readings and references.
Mugar Reference X BF76.5 P795 2006

Undergraduate writing in psychology : learning to tell the scientific story.  2012

Mugar Reference XBF76.7 L36 2012

Writing in psychology,   2014
Includes information about writing term papers, research proposals, and empirical reports.


Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. 2010

This manual describes requirements for the preparation and submission of manuscripts for publication. Includes information on content and organization of manuscripts, writing style, APA editorial style, manuscript preparation, and manuscript acceptance and production.
Mugar Reference X BF76.7 P83 2010

Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals. 2000

Has chapters on writing empirical articles and literature reviews. Titles and abstracts, introductions, and citations and references are also addressed. There is an index.
Mugar Reference X BF76.8 G85 2000

Publishing Your Psychology Research. 2001

Provides details on the selection of journals and the submission of articles. Also discusses the review process.
Mugar Reference X BF76.8 M345 2001

Library Use: a Handbook of Psychology. 2003

Discusses the selection of topics, location of books, types of indexes, computer searches, psychological tests and measures, and interlibrary loan.
Mugar BF76.8 R43 2003

Reviewing Scientific Works in Psychology. 2006

Includes articles on reviewing books, articles, and grant proposals.
Mugar Reference X BF76.8 2006

The Psychologist’s Companion: A Guide to Scientific Writing for Students and Researchers. 2010

Provides information on the writing of papers, grants, and contract proposals. Also gives information on submitting a paper to a journal and finding a book publisher.
Mugar Reference X BF76.8 S73 2010

Tests and Measures

Description: Offers evaluations of the latest assessments in education, psychology, business, law, healthcare, counseling, and management. In addition to test reviews, descriptions of the purpose, target population, administration, scores, price, author, and publisher for all listed tests are provided. Reviews are written by highly qualified professionals with expertise in a range of disciplines.

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment. 2004

Four-volume set with 121 chapters written by experts in the field. Addresses intellectual and neuropsychological, behavioral, industrial and organizational, and personality assessment.
Mugar Reference X BF176 C654 2004

Measures for Clinical Practice. 2007

Describes the essentials of measurement and lists brief questionnaires organized by subject. For each questionnaire gives author, description, norms, scoring, reliability, validity, and availability. Also lists questions to be found in the questionnaire.
Mugar Reference X BF176 C66 2007

Test Critiques.

Eleven volume set that gives descriptions and critiques of tests. Each entry includes references.
Mugar Reference X BF176 T419

Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures.

This nine volume set gives information on measures and scales that have been published in scholarly journals. It cites the journal where the measure can be found and also gives information about related research. It has author and subject indexes. The index in the eighth volume is a cumulative index for volumes 1-8.
Mugar Reference X BF431 G624

Handbook of Psychiatric Measures.2000

Provides information about copyrighted and non-copyrighted measures. Describes the properties and utility of the measures and gives references and suggested readings. Indicates whether the measures can be copied without obtaining permission or purchasing the measure. The measures are available on CD-ROM in the Mugar Library Research Center).
Mugar Reference X RC473 P78 A46 2000 (at Research Center Desk)

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests Available in Compilation Volumes

Database created by University of Texas librarian lists approximately 12,000 tests available in 127 compilation volumes. Check our library catalog to see whether we own the relevant volume.

History of Psychology

A Guide to the Manuscript Collections in the History of Psychology and Related Areas. 1982

Includes more than 500 entries on manuscript collections related to important individuals in the field of psychology. Also includes information on the most important manuscript repositories in the United States and abroad.
Mugar Reference X BF81 S58

The Women of Psychology. 1982

Gives background about the role of women in psychology as well as biographical information on major contributors to the field of psychology.
Mugar Reference X BF95 S73

Psychology in America: A Historical Survey. 1987

Extensive survey of the development of psychology from its beginnings in the 19th century to the present. Discusses major figures as well as theories and concepts in psychology.
Mugar BF108 U5H54 1987

Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology. 1991

Six volume set which includes biographical essays and references on major figures in the history of psychology.
Mugar Reference X BF109 A1P67 1991

Women in Psychology: A Bio-Bibliographic Sourcebook. 1990

Gives biographical information on important women in the field of psychology. Also lists publications by and about the individuals.
Mugar BF109 A1W65 1990

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. 1984

Alphabetical listing of important figures in psychology. Includes birth and death dates, highest degree, positions and honors, and brief biographical sketch.
Mugar Reference X BF109 A1Z85 1984

Eminent Contributors to Psychology. 1976

Two volume set listing major contributors to the field of psychology. Volume one gives bibliographies of primary references and the second volume gives bibliographies of secondary references.
Mugar Reference X Z7201 W37


Annual Review of Psychology
Compilation of articles on various aspects of psychology that have been published during the year. Each article includes a bibliography.

A Century of Serial Publications in Psychology, 1850-1950: an International Bibliography. 1984

Gives general publication and editorial information on serial titles in all languages which were substantially devoted to the publication of scientific psychology.
Mugar Z7203 O8 1984 (in storage)

Internet Resources

American Psychological Association.

Gives information about the association and its publications. Provides table of contents information for APA journals (1997+).

Classics in the History of Psychology.

This site provides access to the full text of selected sources of historical importance to psychology. The range of material includes ancient writers such as Plato and Aristotle and more modern writers such as Freud, Jung, and William James. Organization is by author and topic.

Psych Web.

Provides links to numerous psychology sites, including psychology journals on the web, psychology departments, associations, and job listings. It also gives information on career issues.

Social Psychology Network.

This site includes more than 4,000 links to psychology-related sources. Subject areas include social psychology as well as numerous other areas of psychology. It provides information on psychology organizations, graduate psychology programs, web-based reference tools, research funding, jobs, and internships.