Population Studies

This is a selective guide to library and other resources on the topic of population studies


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Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Bioethics. 3rd ed. 5 vols. 2004.

Discusses the moral and ethical issues concerning such topics as population ethics, population policies, and abortion. Science and Engineering Library Ref. QH332 E52 2004.

Encyclopedia of Sociology. 2nd ed. 5 vols. 2000.

Contains 397 entries for concepts in sociology, including population and demography. Essays are lengthy and include bibliographies. Mugar HM425 E5 2000.

Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census. 2000.

From “accuracy and coverage evaluation” to “women in the decennial census,” the 120 essays in this volume cover all aspects of the decennial census, including census history, contents, politics, procedures, and uses. Mugar HA37 U55 E53 2000.

International Encyclopedia of Population. 2 vols. 1982.

Contains articles on ecology, ethics, migration, marriage, fertility, contraception, mortality, data collection, population policies, as well as articles on particular regions and countries. Mugar HB849.2 I55 1982.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. 26 vols. 2001.

Includes articles on demography and population. Mugar Ref. X H41 I58 2001. Available (abstracts only) on the BU Web through ScienceDirect (BU-px).

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 2nd ed. 9 vols. 2008.

Consult this work for background information on demographic transition, demography, population control, population growth, and population studies. Use the thematic overview in volume 1 to locate articles and biographical essays classified under “demography.” Mugar Ref. X H40 A2 I5 2008.


The Baby Boom: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. 1985.

Contains 700+ citations to articles, books, and dissertations on Americans born between 1946 and 1965. Topics covered include demographic, economic, marketing, managerial, sociological, and popular aspects of the baby boom generation. Mugar Z7164 S66 B925 1985. Storage: Use Request Form.

Bibliography of American Demographic History: The Literature from 1984 to 1994. 1995.

Classified subject bibliography on American demographic history, covering such topics as family and demographic history, marriage and fertility, health and death, migration, ethnic groups, and women. Mugar Z7164 U5 G428 1995. Storage: Use Request Form.