Online Facts & Data

This is a collection of useful free websites that deal with subjects like rankings, lists and other business relevant information. Please see our Library subscription databases for premium content.

Academics: Boston University Annual Reports, Business FAQs, Business School Rankings, Case Studies, “Influential” Journal Ranking, and Search Engines & Mega sites

Business Dictionaries & Encyclopedias: Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Banking & Finance, Economics, Encyclopedias, Foreign Language Business Terms, General Business, Human Resources, Industry, Information Technology, Insurance, Investing, Labor & Industrial Relations, Law, Management

Business Statistics: Bankruptcy, Federal Reserve Statistics, Industrial Research & Development, Internet Statistics

Investment: Company Insight Center (maintained by Bloomberg Businessweek), Corporate Social Responsibility, Stock Exchanges

Legal: Federal Law Research Guide, Massachusetts Law Research Guide

Massachusetts Business: Massachusetts Business, Small Business

Rankings: Best Performing Cities, Brands, Customer Satisfaction, Industry, People, Lists, Restaurants, Web, World’s Best Places to Stay