Afghanistan: News Sources

Foreign newspaper content may be available

  • through subscription databases ( usually not full newspaper, but  selective and/or print-only);
  • in a film05a microfilm archive;
  • free (but frequently edited and/or reformatted) on a newspaper’s website; or
  • for purchase on the site, on an article-by-article basis, discoverable through a freely searchable archive.

The online database newspaper content available to BU students, staff and faculty is listed below by provider and requires login. Please note that coverage and content changes frequently; the lists are accurate as of May 2014.

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Most foreign newspapers do not have digital institutional subscriptions. Print is expensive and can take up to 6 weeks to arrive, and newsprint is not easily archived.

Major Papers:
Hasht-e Sobh (“Daily 8am”)


  • LexisNexis:
    July 13, 2009 through current


  • Factiva:
    English Fulltext, Full Coverage



varying dates 1980+; selected content; text-only(Database prevents linking directly to single newspapers – search and limit within database.)
Using Factiva

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Source  Language Coverage
Bakhtar News Agency English FullText, Full Coverage
Daily Outlook Afghanistan English FullText, Full Coverage
The Frontier Post English FullText, Full Coverage English FullText, Full Coverage
Killid Weekly English FullText, Full Coverage
News Central Asia (nCa) English FullText, Full Coverage
UPI Emerging Threats English FullText, Full Coverage


Lexis-Nexis Academic

varying dates 1980+; selected content; text-only.

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ProQuest International Newsstand

varying dates 1980+; selected content; text-only.

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Publisher’s online content

usually reformatted and selected content from newsprint version. Indexes to archives may be available, but typically fulltext is pay-per-article.

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