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Journal of Music Therapy

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Australian journal of music therapy : the journal of the Australian Music Therapy Association Inc.

Voices a world forum for music therapy.


American Music Therapy Association

AMTA is the primary music therapy association in the United States. The website provides information about internships, standards of practice, the code of ethics as well as other topics related to music therapy.

Australian Music Therapy Association

Established in 1975 as the only Australian organization dedicated to the music therapy profession.

British Association for Music Therapy

Founded in 1958 and now affiliated with the Association of Professional Music Therapists. Publishes the British Journal of Music Therapy. It supports the development of the profession and serves as a central point of contact for music therapists, providing information regarding music therapy practice, training, and events. The website has a number of links to other international music therapy organizations.

Canadian Association for Music Therapy

Promotes music therapy in Canada and is responsible for accrediting music therapists. The website has a number of useful links.

European Music Therapy Confederation

Founded in 1990 as a forum for exchange between music therapists in Europe. Has links to a number of music therapy associations in Europe.

National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations

An alliance of six creative arts therapy associations in the United States. Has several useful links.

World Federation of Music Therapy

An international organization that brings together music therapy associations and music therapists from many different countries. Sponsors a World Congress every three years.

Certification Board for Music Therapists

CBMT is the only organization that certifies music therapists to practice nationally in the United States. The website provides information about the certification exam as well as other information about certification and licensure.

Handbooks and Encyclopedias

Clinical training guide for the student music therapist

The handbook of music therapy

Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy

International Dictionary of Music Therapy

Music Therapy Handbook

Music therapy research

The Oxford handbook of medical ethnomusicology

Supervision of music therapy : a theoretical and practical handbook

Tests and Measures

Mental measurements yearbook with Tests in print

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