Music Necrologies and Obituaries

This guide consists of a website that can assist with finding necrologies and obituaries of musicians. Additional resources can be found on the Library’s Death Studies research guide. Please direct all inquiries to


Classical Composers’ Archive

Birth and death dates for thousands of composers organized by name, date, national origin, and timeline. This site also provides biographical information and pictures of many composers.

Necrology Index, Music Library, Washington University

Updated daily; coverage begins in the mid-1980s and incorporates the portion of the Music Library Association’s Obituary Index dating from that time.

Obituary Index, Music Library Association

Coverage spans 1966-1995. This is the on-line version of the index of obituary citations published annually in Notes, the quarterly journal of the Music Library Association. The citations reference major international journals, dictionaries and encyclopedias in the field of music. You may browse the entries of this index either by name or nationality.