Mintel Graphing Tutorial

Create a Mintel Login

1.From the Mintel homepage select “CREATE PROFILE”.

Mintel Login

2. Enter your BU email address and your name. Enter and verify new password. Select “CREATE PROFILE”.

Mintel Profile

3. You should now arrive at Mintel’s main search page. You are ready to begin your research.

Downloading Data into Excel

Sample Report Cookware

Cookware Sample Report



Table: Total U.S. Sales of Cookware 2008-18

1. Click on the indicated link to expand table.

Sample Table



2. Click on the Excel icon to download into a spreadsheet.

Excel Download



3.Sample Excel download

Excel Table



Creating Graphs

1. To create a new graph click on the graph icon on the bottom of the page.

Create Grapht Link



2. Select data. 

Graph Select Data



3. Select chart: for this example we’ve selected a bar chart.

Graph select chart



4. To download the chart, right click on the image and select “Save Image As”.

Bar Graph