Sector Challenges

This guide provides resources to help with the sector challenges: Life Science, Smart Cities and Social Business.  Additional resources will be added to this page. 

Industry Surveys

Get an overview of how an industry operates, the trends, and more. The most notable industry surveys are the S&P Industry Surveys through Standard & Poor's netAdvantage.

Go to: the Industry Survey Locator- A database of industry surveys that appear in databases and other reference materials. A good first place to check for industry surveys and overviews.

Selected Industry Reports:

Digital Technology:

  • Computer: Hardware – Standard & Poors Net Advantage, MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor)
  • Computer Manufacturing – IBISWorld Industry Reports
  • Computers: Consumer Services and the Internet – Standard & Poors Industry Surveys
  • PCs – Mintel, MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor)

Health and Life Sciences:

  • Biotechnology - Standard & Poors NetAdvantage, IBISWorld, MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor), Hoovers Industry Snapshots, Mergent
  • Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals - Standard & Poors NetAdvantage
  • Pharmaceuticals – MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor), Hoovers Industry Snapshots, Mergent

Many Online Databases are included in the Locator:

Mintel oxygen (200?)

IBISWorld (1999)
Note: Industry snapshots include statistics and key facts as well as information on key issues facing the industry.

Note: Hoover’s Industry Snapshots

The databases listed below are not available in the Industry Survey Locator, but will be very helpful for finding information on technology and healthcare industries:

Frost & Sullivan

Note: Frost & Sullivan is a well known information technology research and advisory company. Frost & Sullivan reports cover technology and market trends in various technology, energy and manufacturing related fields. Please note that most reports can only be viewed in html form.  If you would like access to a report in PDF format and you are unable to, please send an email to

Gartner Research

Note: Gartner, Inc. is a well known information technology research and advisory company. Gartner provides technology-related information and insights to help clients make informed decisions related to information technology. Reports contain research findings and advice on technology markets, topics, and industries.
Gartner Research is provided to the BU community through BU’s Information Services and Technology’s subscription. Log in to the website using your BU login name and Kerberos password.

For additional resources on healthcare, see the health sector management guide.

For additional resources on technology, see the technology industry guide.

For resources on sustainability, take a look at the resources on sustainability issues guide and the energy guide.

Industry Articles

Factiva (2001)

Suggested search terms: digital technology, computers, computer industry, health care, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals industry, sustainability, energy and environmental impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Articles and Reports

Note: Results of Conference Board surveys of company practices. Select Business Management Research (from menu on left). Relevant headings from the drop down list of topics include: Corporate Contributions, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, and others.

Consult the databases below for articles in business magazines and journals; suggested subject terms to use: Business Ethics, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Social Investing, etc.

Additional business databases with relevant articles are listed on the Business Databases by Subject page.


Beyond Grey Pinstripes
An organization, affiliated with the Aspen Institute, that conducts a biennial survey and ranking of business schools’ coursework, research and activities that prepare MBAs for social, ethical and environmental stewardship. Click on the “Rankings” tab.

Note: Tracks the social, environmental and governance of corporations throughout the world. Formerly known as Global Socrates.
GMIRatings (formerly the Corporate Library)
Recently merged with GovernanceMetrics International; provides research and ratings on corporate governance and compensation issues.

For additional corporate social responsibility resources, see the Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility guide.