Market Data and Demographics

Market Reports

Mintel oxygen (200?)
Note: Mintel reports provide market information on markets for consumer products, travel, lifestyles, and leisure. Industries covered include airlines, automotive, beauty and personal products, clothing and fashion, food and food service, health, medical and wellness, internet and retailing. Reports cover products and markets in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and in some Asia-Pacific countries. Each report combines data & analysis of the competitive landscape, market-share analysis and consumer profiles. Some Mintel reports include data from Simmons Research, the National Consumer Survey (NCS), and the Teen Survey.

Reports contain the following information:
Market Size and Forecast
Segment Performance
Retail Channels
Brand Share
Advertising & Promotion
Tip: You’ll need to create an account to use Mintel for academic use only, and accept a user agreement. Must use BU e-mail address to sign in. You can download batches of reports, sections and individual graphs.
Mintel Graphing Tutorial

Market Share

TableBase (Part of RDS Business Suite)

Note: Data in tabular and chart form. Market share, advertising expenditures and other marketing related statistics from trade magazines and reports.

Market Share Reporter

SIC 50 – Wholesale Trade – Durable Goods
SIC 51 – Wholesale Trade – Nondurable Goods
SIC 52 – Building Materials and Garden Supplies
SIC 53 – General Merchandise Stores
SIC 54 – Food Stores
SIC 55 – Automotive Dealers and Service Stations
SIC 56 – Apparel and Accessory Stores
SIC 57 – Furniture and Homefurnishings Stores
SIC 58 – Eating and Drinking Places
SIC 59 – Miscellaneous Retail



Note: The Product Data Reports presents cross tabulations of product/service data by demographic characteristics and media audiences.

See Business Tutorials: MRI + Mediamark Internet Reporter.

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Market Profile Reports: data for geographic markets, both on general demographics (age, income, etc.) and on lifestyles (proportion of households with people interested in gardening, etc.).
Lifestyle Analysis Reports: demographic data on those identified with a particular lifestyle group.
Demographic Reports: explore by demographic variable (e.g., 35-44 year-olds with $50,000-$74,999 income.), gaining market-by-market insight into where to find key audiences.
PRIZM Reports: provide insight into the household make-up of each DMA in the U.S. and the lifestyle traits of groupings of segments with common characteristics.
Print version, Lifestyle Market Analyst, can be found at the Pardee Library Services Desk. Does not include PRIZM reports.

Marketing Book Collection

Pardee Library Reference
These books offer detailed breakdowns on various consumer segments within the United States. They can be found in the Reference collection on the 3rd floor of Pardee Library.
Here are some sample target market books by category:
Demographics/ Psychographics
Demographics/Market Segments(Generation)
Demographics/Market Segments (Income, Region, Groups)
Demographics/Market Segments (Gender)
Consumer Expenditure Survey
from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the original source for some of the statistics in these texts. See: Consumer Expenditures in 2011 (latest)

Population Statistics

User-friendly, under Facts & Statistics select dropdown menu. Selections like: Education, Housing, Lifestyle, People are very useful for target markets.

US Census Bureau
Statistics on demographic, economic, social and other aspects of the economy and society.Many reports appear in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format. Includes:
Social and demographic characteristics. A wide range of data on subjects such as population, education, households and families characteristics, computer ownership and use, etc.
Various Census reports, issued irregularly.Reports summarize data from demographic surveys of the US population.

Population Projections: U.S. Census Bureau

American Fact Finder
Demographic and economic statistics by county, city, town.


Statistical Abstract of the United States 2013

The simplest and most authoritative source for Population and Economic statistics. The latest copy is at the Pardee Services Desk on the Reserve-Reference (High Use) shelves.

Contains regional statistics, industry and general demographic data, and links.