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Budgetary Documents

Budget of the United States Government. Fiscal years 1996-present (Includes the Economic Report of the President)

Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR) The Census Bureau produces this database of federal expenditures by locality. Searchable by state, county, township, city and other regional subdivision. Gives defense expenditures, grant awards, direct payments to individuals, procurements, guaranteed loans, insurance, etc.

Constitutional Law

US Supreme Court Decisions,1893-.   FindLaw’s searchable database of  Supreme Court decisions since 1893 (US Supreme Court Decisions: US Reports 150-, 1893-). This site can be browsed by year and US Reports volume number or searched by citation, case title or full text.

United States Constitution. Searchable full text of the Constitution also includes extensive annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court to June 29, 1992. Prepared by the Congressional Research Service for the US Senate.

International Law

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School offers the full text of a wide variety of legal, historical, and diplomatic documents.

Note: [BU Community Only]

Note: [BU Community Only]


Treaties In Force, “a list of treaties and other international agreements of the United States in force as of January 1, 1999.” The PDF version of this print resource has been made available by the United States Department of State. Also available at this site from the Bureau of Verification and Compliance are the full texts of arms treaties in force.

United Nations Security Council Resolutions. Full text resolutions from 1974-to present. Also includes Security Council presidential statements; letters between the president of the Security Council and the Secretary General; and Secretary General’s reports to the Security Council.

Legislative Law

Congressional Bills. Proposed legislation from 1994-present.

Congressional Record, 1995-present. Proceedings of both houses of congress, including floor debates, and a daily digest of actions taken.

Public and Private Laws. The most recent laws passed by the United States Congress. Searchable database covers the 104th to 107th congresses.

United States Code (USC). The Codification of United States Law as of January 16, 1996. Can be searched by   keyword under any of the fifty titles into which the USC is divided, or by citation, or by popular name.

Political Information

Campaign Finance disclosure. The Center for Responsive politics runs Open Secrets, an excellent database based on the financial disclosure information required by law of all members of congress. Open Secrets is searchable by member, offering detailed statistics and useful summary graphics.

Project Vote Smart, from the Center for National Independence in Politics, is “focused on providing citizens with information about the political system, issues, candidates and elected officials.”It includes “Congress Track,” which can be used to trace legislation, and a directory of “Candidates & Elected Officials,” that consists of biographies, addresses, issue positions, voting records, and information on campaign finances.

Presidential Documents

Economic Report of the President, 1996-present. Submitted within ten days of the President’s budget. Offers an analysis of economic trends, goals and a program.

President’s Inaugural Addresses, 1789-present. Full text Inaugural Addresses from  Washington to Obama, made available by the Project Bartleby Archive.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 1993-present. Presidential documents released every Monday includes many full text materials, including messages to congress, veto statements, and signing statements.

Regulatory Law

Copyright Search is the U.S. Copyright Office’s searchable database of holders of copyright over books, music, serials, documents etc. registered from 1978 to date. Can be searched by Title, Author, Claimant or Registration Number.

US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) codifies general and permanent rules previously published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the federal government. Searchable within any of its fifty titles, by citation or by keyword.

Edgar SEC Filings, 1993-Present Full text of filings required of publicly traded companies by the SEC. Included are10-K Annual Financial Reports, 10-Q Quarterly Reports, 14D-1 Tender Offer Statements, etc.

Federal Register, 1994-present. The current updates of regulatory rulings published daily (except Saturday, Sunday,and legal holidays).

Product Recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This database covering product recall notifications back to the early 1980’s, can be searched by “product type,” or by company.

State Law

MassLaw is a news service from Lawyer’s Weekly that reports Massachusetts legal decisions.

State Laws The Social Law Library, a private legal research institute, offers links to Web-based legal resources maintained by the various state governments. These include state constitutions, codes, statutes, court decisions, and the homepages of state governments and agencies.

Other Government Documents

GPO Access is the federal government’s official site for access to US Government documents on the Internet.

Federal Tax forms and publications are available from the Internal Revenue Service site. Massachusetts Tax Forms are available from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Government Directories

Congress.Org includes directory information for Congress, the White House, Cabinet departments, and state governors. It has a feature called “Find your reps,” which can identify congressional representatives by ZIP Code, as well as by name and state.

United States Government Manual, 1995-2012. The official handbook of the federal government, provides information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial and executive branches. It is available at the National Archives and Records Administration site.