Juvenile Justice

This is a selective guide to library and other resources on the subject of juvenile justice

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Reference Works

Dictionary of American Penology. 1996.

Overview of American penology, including practices, historical precedents, ideologies, and trends. See “status offenders” (children who have committed acts that would not be crimes if committed by adults). Mugar HV9303 W54 1996.

The Dictionary of Criminal Justice. 2000.

An A through Z listing of definitions of terms in criminal justice and related fields. See “juvenile” for relevant entries and charts. Mugar Ref. X HV7411 R87 2000.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. 2nd ed. 4 vols. 2002.

Contains scholarly articles concerning the causes of crime, criminal behavior, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal justice systems, and the prevention, punishment, and treatment of crime. Includes essays on juvenile justice. Mugar Ref. X HV6017 E52 2002.

Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior. 4 vols. 2000.

Comprehensive encyclopedia covering criminology and social deviance under four broad categories: historical, conceptual, and theoretical issues; crime and juvenile delinquency; sexual deviance; and self destructive behavior and disvalued identity. Consult volume 2, “crime and juvenile delinquency.” Mugar HV6017 E53 2000.

Encyclopedia of Gangs. 2008.

“Entries related to gangs in the United States and worldwide provide a diffuse overview of the gang phenomenon. Each entry defines and explains the term, provides an historical overview, and explains its significance today.” Mugar Ref. X HV6439 U5 E53 2008.

The Encyclopedia of Human Ecology. 2 vols. 2003.

Multi-disciplinary encyclopedia with 250+ entries examining human environments and human interactions and their impact on our health, quality of life, and natural and human-made environments. Covers such varied topics as adolescents, young adults, elderly and family issues, gays and lesbians, ethnic groups, juvenile justice, violence in teen dating, death, drugs, smoking, suicide, housing, and the men’s movement. Mugar Ref. X GF4 E53 2003.

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice. 2003.

Arranged alphabetically, the 200+ entries cover delinquency theories and theorists, historical people and projects (e.g., Boys Town, the Cambridge-Somerville Project), delinquent behavior, treatment and interventions, juvenile law and legislative initiatives, and juvenile issues and public policy. Mugar HV9104 E58 2003.

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence. 2007.

Arranged alphabetically from “abused/battered children” to “zero tolerance laws,” the entries in this work provide “readers with historical information, an assessment of relevant theories, examination of issues regarding the media, information on the primary measures of juvenile violence, and background about a vast array of responses to juvenile violence.” The work also includes a chronology and a brief bibliography of print and web resources. Mugar Ref. X HV9104 E59 2007.

The Encyclopedia of Violence: Origins, Attitudes, Consequences. 1993.

A description of the varieties of violence in contemporary America and the relationship between everyday violence and quality of life. Consult the subject index under “adolescents” and “juvenile justice.” Mugar HM291 D4857 1993.

Gangs: A Reference Handbook. 2nd ed. 2009.

Topics addressed in this work include a history of gangs, the types of youth who join gangs and why, how law enforcement deals with gangs, and much more. Includes resources for further research. Mugar Ref. X HV6439 U7 K55 2009.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. 26 vols. 2001.

Includes articles on adolescents, juvenile justice, and youth gangs. Mugar Ref. X H41 I58 2001.

Juvenile Crime. 2003.

Presents background information on juvenile delinquents, their crimes, and the consequences to themselves, their victims, and society. Includes a chronology, biographical sketches, a glossary, key court cases and legislation, a list of organizations, and a bibliography. Mugar HV9104 F448 2003.

Juvenile Justice: A Reference Handbook. 2005.

Guide to research on corrections, treatment, and prevention programs for troubled youth in the United States. Includes an introductory essay, data on juvenile offenders, chronology, profiles of notable individuals, and sources for further research. Mugar HV9104 S448 2005.


American Prisons: An Annotated Bibliography. 1998.

A supplement to the Encyclopedia of American Prisons (Mugar Ref. X HV9471 E425 1996), this work contains annotations for selected references in the encyclopedia. Subjects are presented in the same alphabetical format as the encyclopedia. Indexed by author, case, and subject. Consult the index under “juvenile(s)” or “youth in prison.” Mugar HV9471 M29 1998.

Delinquency and Juvenile Justice: An International Bibliography. 2004.

Bibliography of international literature written between 1975 and 2001 on delinquency, youth criminology, and the operation of juvenile justice and correctional agenices. Mugar HV9069 H375 2004.

Juvenile Delinquency and Justice: A Selected Bibliography. 2010.

ProQuest bibliography of current research.

Race and Crime: An Annotated Bibliography. 2000.

Annotated bibliography of books, monographs, journal articles, dissertations, special issues, government documents, and websites on race and offending, race and victimization, and race and criminal justice system professionals. Consult the subject index under “juveniles.” Mugar HV6197 U5 R87 2000.


Bureau of Justice Statistics.



Crime in the United States.


Crime State Rankings: Crime in the 50 United States. 2005.

Provides crime statistics for states, including arrests, juvenile arrests, corrections, drugs and alcohol, finance, law enforcement, offenses, and urban versus rural crime. Mugar HV6787 C735.

Juvenile Death Penalty Today.


National Youth Gang Center (NYGC): Publications Links.


Statistical Handbook on Violence in America. 1996.

Compendium of statistical data on violence in America. Chapters cover fatal and other forms of interpersonal violence, vulnerable and high-risk groups and situations, and the impact of violence. Consult the table of contents under “youth and guns” and “youth violence.” Mugar HN90 V5 S833 1996.

Statistics on Crime and Punishment. 1996.

Compendium of statistics on crime, trends and criminal justice system responses to crime in the U.S., with charts and tables accompanied by commentary. Consult the index under “juvenile.” Mugar HV6787 S73 1996.

Statistics on Weapons and Violence. 1996.

Selection of charts, graphs and tables on availability, ownership and use of weapons in crime; and on violence and violent crime (including youth and workplace violence), as well as murder, rape, robbery, and assault. Mugar HN90 V5 S834 1996.