Human Rights in Africa: Topics: Censorship, Land Rights

Here are some selected books that can help you get started with research on these controversial topics. Note who the authors are, what else have they written? Peruse bibliographies and sources cited. Also, be sure to look for journal articles for more current information.


Our library has a lot of literature concerning censorship and banning of books in apartheid-era South Africa. It will take a little more work to seek out materials on places where censorship currently occurs, such as in Eritrea. In such cases, academic journals are very helpful as they are likely to contain  recent scholarship on such issues.

Some selected titles:

Popular music censorship in Africa. Michael Drewett; Martin Cloonan ; c2006
Available Online (also available at the Music Library ML3917.A4 P6 2006 )
Adewale-Maja Pearce. Who’s Afraid of Wole Soyinka? Essays on Censorship. Oxford: Heinemann, 1991.
(Law Annex JC599.N54 M35 1991).

The Internet in the Mideast and North Africa : free expression and censorship.
Goldstein, Eric. ; Human Rights Watch (Organization) ; c1999
Available at Law Library Annex (P96.C46 G65 1999 )

A good journal to search is Index on Censorship. (African Studies Library K9 N3)

The literature police : apartheid censorship and its cultural consequences. McDonald, Peter D. ; 2009.
Available Online (also available at Mugar Memorial Library Z658.S6 M34 2009)

The hidden history of South Africa’s book and reading cultures. Dick, Archie L. ; c2012
Available at Mugar Memorial Library Stacks (Z1003.5.S6 D53 2012)


Ideas Under Arrest: Censorship in South Africa. Kunene, Daniel P.; 2014.
Available Online 

Escape from Eritrea: Fleeing one of the world’s harshest regimes. Einashe, I
Index On Censorship, 2015 Spr, Vol.44(1), pp.46-49 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
Available Online

Tip: Look for news items, such as the following:

Censorship in South Africa:

Examples of resources on the Internet:

***Code of the Broadcast Complaints Commission of South Africa

***The South African Film and Publication Board (FPB) regulates cinema and video distribution.

NGO’s keeping an eye on censorship in South Africa:

 Land Rights

Conservation land is fenced off to local communities who view it as an untapped resource. Photo: B. Restrick, 2011

Conservation land is fenced off to local communities who view it as an untapped resource. Photo: B. Restrick, 2011