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This guide presents academic sources available at BU. You may want to begin by finding background information first, such as this Higher Education Wikipedia entry, but note when and how to use background material.

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BULSUse these databases to discover articles, books, and other literature on your topic. Note that if you come across a citation without full text, do not assume the library has no access. Learn how to Get Full Text.
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The best way to discover articles is to search databases (try Search) – you will be searching millions of records at once. Following journal literature is an effective means of scholarship. buls journals
ASHE Higher Education Report
Black Issues in Higher Education
Canadian Journal of Higher Education
Chronicle of Higher Education
Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Higher Education
Higher Education in Review
Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education
Innovative Higher Education
International Journal on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Internet and Higher Education
Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
Journal of Higher Education
Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
New Directions for Higher Education
Research in Higher Education
Studies in Higher Education
Women in Higher Education

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1,296 ACT Practice Questions

Education Reference LB2353.48 A245

ACT Premier Program

Education Reference LB2353.48 A292

Cracking the GRE

Education Reference LB2367.4 .C73  2012

Educational Testing Service: Topical

Test Directory for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Official SAT Study Guide : For the New SAT

Education Reference LB2353.57 .A156 2005

College & University Associations


Discovering our print books and eBooks can be done through Search. Current members of the BU community can borrow books that we don’t own through our interlibrary borrowing services.

Selected List of Titles

Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education, Programs, Candidates

Education Reference L901 .A48

Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges: Descriptions of the Colleges

Mugar Reference L901 .B25

Between Citizens and the State : The Politics of American Higher Education in the 20th Century

Mugar LC173 .L67 2012

College Blue Book

Mugar Reference LB2310 .F23

Divided Conversations : Identities, Leadership, and Change in Public Higher Education

Mugar LB2341 .E76 2013

Education in the Age of Biocapitalism : Optimizing Educational Life for a Flat World

Mugar LC1085.2 .P56 2013

Enhancing Campus Capacity for Leadership : An Examination of Grassroots Leaders in Higher Education

Mugar LB2341 .K452 2011

The Essential College Professor: A Practical Guide to an Academic Career

Mugar LB1778.2 .B85 2010

Establishing Academic Freedom : Politics, Principles, and the Development of Core Values

Mugar LC72.2 .C35 2012

The Fall of the Faculty : The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters

Mugar LB2341 .G496 2011

The HEP … Higher Education Directory

Education Reference L901 .H4

Learning Our Lesson: Review of Quality Teaching in Higher Education

This e-book may be accessed via the SourceOECD database under Books on Education

National Faculty Directory

Mugar Reference LB2331 .F70

Reconstructing the Campus : Higher Education and the American Civil War

Mugar E541 .C65 2012

Under New Management : Universities, Administrative Labor, and the Professional Turn

Mugar LB2331.72 .M36 2011