Health Sector Management

Books – Health and Management

Population health management in health care organizations, 2014(Ebook via Ebrary)

A new era in U.S. health care, 2013 (Pardee RA 395. A3 D384)

Who can live?: Health economics and social choice (Pardee RA410.53.F82 2011)

Pervasive health knowledge management, 2013 (Ebook via Springer)

U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health, 2013 (Ebook via The National Academy Press)

Essentials of managed health care ; 6th ed., (Alumni Medical Library Stacks, (W 130 AA E7 2013)

Forces of change : new strategies for the evolving health care marketplace, 2012 (Ebook via Ebrary)

Crossing the quality chasm, 2001 (Ebook via The National Academy Press)

Health care operations and supply chain management operations, planning, and control; 2013 (Ebook via Ebrary)

Essentials of management and leadership in public health (Alumni Medical Library Stacks WA 525 B959e 2011)

Introduction to health economics 2nd Ed., 2011  (Ebook via Ebrary)

Healthcare research ethics and law regulation, review and responsibility (Pappas Law Library Annex K3611. H86 B54 2010)

Health law & medical ethics for healthcare professionals (Alumni Medical Library WB60 A427h 2013)

Health Economics, 2012 (Alumni Medical Library Reserve, W 74 S234h 2012)

D&B Healthcare Reference Book, 2013 (Pardee Reference, X HD 9994 U5 D86)

Make it happen effective execution in healthcare leadership (ebook via ebrary)

Health economics and financing (Law Annex, RA410 .G48 2010)

Leadership in healthcare : essential values and skills (Pardee, RA971 .D937 2010)

Managing healthcare ethically : an executive’s guide (Pardee, RA971 .M34 2010)

Still Broken (Pardee, RA395.A3 D385 2010)

Who’s buying health care (Pardee Reference, RA410.53 .W46 2010)

Fads, fallacies and foolishness in medical care (Pardee, R729.5 .H43 2009)

Health economics (Law Annex, RA410 .P48 2009)

Leadership in healthcare (ebook, via Medical Library website, 2009)

Leading healthcare cultures: how human capital drives financial performance (Pardee, RA971.35 .A83, 2009)

Health services marketing : a practitioner’s guide (eBook, via Medical Library website, 2008)

Incentives and choice in health care (Pardee, RA410 .I53, 2008)


Industry Research

Industry Surveys

Industry Survey Locator
The Pardee Library’s in-house database of industry surveys from all providers – including reports on:

Health Care,
Hospitals, and
Medical Equipment

IBISWorld (1999)
Note: Industry snapshots include statistics and key facts as well as information on key issues facing the industry.

Description: Features Standard & Poor's market investment news, including market snapshot, company quote, equity indexes page, the Outlook's market insight, S & P stock picks and pans, economic calendar, economic insight, industry in focus, and Stovall's sector watch. NetAdvantage is a source of proprietary analysis on industry analysis and trends, corporate activities, and investment evaluations.

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a well known information technology research and advisory company. Frost & Sullivan reports cover technology and market trends in various technology, energy and manufacturing related fields.

As well as specialized drug industry reports, including:
Drug Delivery
Drug Retail,
Generics, and
Healthcare Supplies

from MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor), and narrow-segment reports, including:

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine,
The Pharmaceuticals Consumer,
Self-Diagnosis, and
Sleep Aids

Mintel oxygen (200?)


Health Management e-Journals

Health Affairs

1981-date available through Highwire Press Journals

Health Care Auditing Strategies
2007-date available through Academic OneFile

Health Care Financing Review
1987-date available through ABI/INFORM

Healthcare Executive
1991-date available through ABI/INFORM

Healthcare Financial Management
1987-date available through ABI/INFORM

Health Care Management Review
1997-date available through Ovid

Health Care Strategic Management
1998-date available through Academic OneFile

Health Marketing Quarterly
1997-date available through InformaWorld, 1995-1998 available through ABI/INFORM

Health Management Technology
1994-present available through ABI/INFORM

Health Services Management Research
2008-date available through HSMR website, 2001-2006 available through ABI/INFORM

Health Services Research

2002-date available through Wiley

1997-present available through ABI/INFORM

Journal of Health & Human Services Administration
2000-present available through ABI/INFORM

Journal of Healthcare Management
1987-to date available through ProQuest ABI/Inform

Journal of Public Health Management & Practice
1995-date available through Ovid

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
1982-date available through Business Source Complete

Managed Care Business Week

2004-present available through LexisNexis Academic

Medical Care

1996 – date available through Ovid

Medical Care Research and Review

1999-date available through SAGE Premier 2013

Medical Economics

2004-date available through Wilson Business, 1994-2002 available through ProQuest ABI/INFORM

Milbank Quarterly

1997-date available through Wiley

Statistical Data & Other Web Resources

National Library of Medicine: Data, Tools, and Statistics page

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Research, Statistics, Data & Systems page

20012 Economic Census: Sector 62: Health Care and Social Assistance

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality: Data & Surveys

American Hospital Association Hospital Statistics (Pardee Stacks, RA981 A2 A6234)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Baldridge 2011-2012 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence

Kennedy Consulting Industry Intelligence: Healthcare Consulting

The Commonwealth Fund: Working Toward a High Performance Health System

Duke University Health Policy Gateway

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation


Article Searching: General


Note: ABI/INFORM GLOBAL indexes, abstracts, and provides full text of articles in business magazines, journals, and the Wall Street Journal. ABI/Inform covers more than 1,600 leading business and management publications and scholarly journals with full text for 700 of these titles. ABI/Inform Global also includes ABI/Inform Trade and Industry which covers more than 750 trade publications and ABI/Inform Dateline which provides coverage of more than 140 local, city, state, and regional business publications as well as business-oriented newswire services from the U.S. and Canada.

Note: Business Source Complete contains indexes, abstracts and full text of business publications, scholarly publications and peer-reviewed journals. Among the sources covered in this database are EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) country economic reports, company profiles and industry profiles from MarketLine (Formerly Datamonitor), and monographs.

Factiva (2001)
Note: full-text articles from over 10,000 publications and company and industry reports.

Note: Indexes and abstracts of popular science magazines and professional journals.

Note: Full-text database of newspapers, magazines, medical, health, and other trade journals.

TableBase (Part of RDS Business Suite)

Note: Tabular data on companies, products, industries, markets, and demographics, drawn from government reports, trade journals, and a variety of other sources.

Industry Sub-Sectors: Biotech & Pharma

Books – Biotech & Pharma

Biotechnology entrepreneurship : starting, managing, and leading biotech companies, 2014 (Ebook via Ebrary)

Bad Pharma: how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients (Alumni Medical Library QV736 G618b 2013)

Transforming big pharma assessing the strategic alternatives, 2013 (Ebook via Ebrary)

Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights, 2012 (Ebook via SrpingerLink)

Medicines as a Service : A New Commercial Model for Big Pharma in the Postblockbuster World, 2012 (Ebook via ebrary)

Access to medicines as a human right : implications for pharmaceutical industry responsibility (Pardee Stacks HD9665.5 .A24 2012)

Healthcare overview new perspectives, 2012 (ebook via SpringerLink)

Genentech: the beginnings of biotech (Pardee Stacks, HD9999.B444 H85 2011)

Systems Biology in Biotech & Pharma A Changing Paradigm, 2012 (Ebook via Springerlink)

The science and business of drug discovery : demystifying the jargon (Pardee Stacks RM301.25 .Z363 2011)

Genentech : the beginnings of biotech (Mugar Library Storage HD9999.B444 H85 2011

Cracking the Code Understand and Profit from the Biotech Revolution That Will Transform Our Lives and Generate Fortunes (Pardee Stacks HD9999.B442 M45 2012)

The economics of new health technologies : incentives, organization, and financing (Mugar, R855.3.E29 2009)

The global politics of pharmaceutical monopoly power: drug patents, access, innovation and the application of the WTO Doha Declaration (Law Annex, HD9665.5 .H64 2009)

Reasonable Rx : solving the drug price crisis (Pardee, HD9666.4 .F55 2008)

Pharmaceutical economics and policy (Pardee, HD9666.5 .S385 2007)

A Guide to Biotechnology Law and Business (Law Annex, KF3133.B56 B64 2007)

Plunkett’s Biotech & Genetics Industry Almanac (Pardee Reference, X TP 248.17 .P58 2007)

The Politics of Biotechnology in North America and Europe: Policy Networks, Institutions, and Internalization (Science/Eng TP248.185 .P65 2007)

Big pharma : exposing the global healthcare agenda (Pardee, HD9665.5 .L38 2006)

Biotech: The Countercultural Origins of an Industry (Pardee, HD9999.B442 V48 2006)

Global pharmaceuticals: ethics, markets, practices (Pardee, HD9665.5 .G56 2006)

Science business : the promise, the reality, and the future of biotech (Pardee, HD9999 .B4422006)



Alumni Medical Library list of biomedical engineering and biotech e-Journals

Alumni Medical Library list of pharmacology e-Journals


AAPS Pharmaceutical

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

Drug Information Association

Generic Pharmaceutical Association

International Pharmaceutical Federation

National Human Genome Research Institute

Office of Biotechnology Activities

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Industry Sub-Sectors: Informatics

Books – Informatics

Informatics and Management Science, 2013 (ebook via SpringerLink)

Health informatics : Improving patient care, 2012 (ebook via Ebrary)

International Perspectives in Health Informatics, 2011 (ebook via Ebrary)

Medical professionalism in the new information age (Mugar, R858.M46 2010)

Health communication in the new media landscape (Mugar, R118 .H434 2009)

Information retrieval : a health and biomedical perspective, 2009 (eBook via Ebrary)

Electronic health records: an audit and internal control guide (Pardee, R864 .B87 2008)

Health information: management of a strategic resource (Medical, W26.5 H4337 2007)

Project management for healthcare informatics, 2007 (eBook, via SpringerLink)

Medical Informatics Knowledge Management and Data Mining in Biomedicine, 2005 (Ebook via SprinerLink)



Alumni Medical Library list of medical informatics e-Journals

Alumni Medical Library list of genomics and protemics e-Journals

Associations and Websites

American Medical Infomatics Association

Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

Industry Sub-Sectors: Consulting


Health information technology in the international context, 2012 (Ebook via ebrary)

The management idea factory : innovation and commodification in management consulting (Pardee HD69.C6 H48 2014)

The executive’s guide to consultants : how to find, hire and get great results from outside experts ; 1st ed.(Pardee HD69.C6 F54 2013)

The power of practice management : best practices for building a better advisory business (Pardee, HD69.C6 M38 2013)

I’m sorry I broke your company : when management consultants are the problem, not the solution ; 1st ed. (Pardee, HD31 .P432 2013)

Flawless consulting :a guide to getting your expertise used (Pardee, HD69.C6 B57 2011)

Nonprofit consulting essentials : what nonprofits and consultants need to know (Pardee, HD62.6 .C24 2010)

The consultant’s quick start guide : an action plan for your first year in business (Pardee, HD69.C62009)

The feminine in managment consulting : power, emotion and values in consulting interactions (Pardee, HD69.C6 2009)

Management consultancy : boundaries and knowledge in action (Pardee, HD69.C6 2009)

Electronic health records: an audit and internal control guide (Pardee, R864 .B87 2008)

Project management for healthcare informatics (eBook, via SpringerLink, 2007)

e-Journal Articles

Beichl L. Know “What Matters” in Global Workplace Well-Being. (cover story). Benefits Magazine [serial online]. January 2015;52(1):16-21. Available from: Business Source Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed March 3, 2015

Managing mental health. Corporate Adviser (Online Edition) [serial on the Internet]. (2015, Feb 3), [cited March 3, 2015]; 6. Available from: Business Source Complete

Wagner, Karen. “5 Ways to Create a Culture of First-Class Service.” Healthcare Financial Management 66.4 (2012): 36. ProQuest. Web. 13 Aug. 2013

Merlino, James I., and Ananth Raman. 2013. “HEALTH CARE’S SERVICE FANATICS.” Harvard Business Review 91, no. 5: 108-116. Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed August 13, 2013).

Sherman, H. D., and Joe Zhu. “Analyzing Performance in Service Organizations.” MIT Sloan Management Review 54.4 (2013): 37-42. ProQuest. Web. 14 Aug. 2013

“CONSULTING FOR VALUE: HOW OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE CAN IMPROVE PERFORMANCE.” Hfm (Healthcare Financial Management) 67, no. 4 (April 2013): 118-125. Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed August 14, 2013).

For more information on relevant databases see the Article Searching section of the guide.

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