Family Studies

This is a selective guide to library and other resources on the topic of family studies

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Reference Works

American Families in Crisis: A Reference Handbook. 2009.

Introductory chapters discuss such concepts as stress and crisis intervention, as well as particular family issues, including unemployment, deployed military families, elder abuse, and teen runaways. This work also contains biographies of key individuals; a chronology; facts and statistics; a list of print, AV, and web resources; and a directory of organizations. Mugar Ref. X HQ536 T796 2009.

The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion. 2009.

“Bringing together contemporary research on children and childhood from pediatrics, child psychology, childhood studies, education, sociology, history, law, anthropology, and other related areas, The Child contains more than 500 articles.” Mugar Ref. X HQ767.84 C55 2009.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Reference Handbook. 2nd ed. 2007.

Provides overview of child sexual abuse, recommendations for protecting victims and perpetrators, discussion of treatment, statistics, documents and a list of resources and organizations. Mugar Ref. X HV6570 K55 2007.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics. 5 vols. 2004.

Contains lengthy articles on the ethical aspects of such topics as abortion, abuse, children, family, and marriage and other domestic partnerships.Science and Engineering Library Ref. QH332 E52 1995 and Pappas Law Library Ref. QH332 E52 2005.

Encyclopedia of Child Abuse. 2001.

Entries cover the issues of child abuse from such fields as law, medicine, economics, psychology and sociology. Appendixes include statutes, reporting procedures, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Children. Mugar HV6626.5 C57 2001.

Encyclopedia of Childbearing: Critical Perspectives. 1993.

Interdisciplinary encyclopedia covering some 250 topics related to childbearing. Arranged alphabetically. There is no subject index. Mugar Ref. X RG525 E52 1993.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. 2nd ed. 4 vols. 2002.

Contains scholarly articles concerning the causes of crime, criminal behavior, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal justice systems, and the prevention, punishment, and treatment of crime. Topics include family abuse and crime and family relationships and crime. Mugar Ref. X HV6017 E52 2002.

The Encyclopedia of Human Ecology. 2 vols. 2003.

Multi-disciplinary encyclopedia with 250+ entries examining human environments and human interactions and their impact on our health, quality of life, and natural and human-made environments. Covers such varied topics as adolescents, young adults, elderly and family issues, gays and lesbians, ethnic groups, juvenile justice, violence in teen dating, death, drugs, smoking, suicide, housing, and the men’s movement. Mugar Ref. X GF4 E53 2003.

The Encyclopedia of Parenting Theory and Research. 1999.

More than 240 entries, arranged alphabetically under nine broad categories. Entries include such timely topics as bullying, stepparenting, and television violence. Mugar HQ755.8 E523 1999.

Encyclopedia of Relationships Across the Lifestyle. 1996.

Cross-disciplinary encyclopedia of more than 500 terms, concepts, themes, and policies on human relationships from birth to death. There are lists of professional journals and organizations and a bibliography. Mugar HM132 T83 1996.

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century. 3 vols. 2001.

Arranged alphabetically with lengthy articles on all aspects of life in the U.S. in the nineteenth century. Use the table of contents in volume 1, or the sytematic outline of contents and detailed subject index in volume 3 to locate your topic. Mugar Ref. X E169.1 E626 2001.

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender. 2 vols. 2001.

Comprehensive coverage of topics covering current scholarship on the psychology of women and gender, including divorce, marriage, motherhood, and work-family balance. Mugar Ref. X HQ1115 E52 2001.

Families in America: A Reference Handbook. 2002.

Contains an introductory essay on historical and contemporary American families and important issues; biographies of key individuals; a chronology; facts and statistics; a list of print, AV, and web resources; and a directory of organizations. Mugar Ref. X HQ536 T798 2002.

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques. 1990.

Contains abstracts of nearly 1,000 instruments of family measurement. Mugar HQ728 T68 1990.

Handbook of Family Violence. 1988.

This volume contains an overview of the field and chapters on theoretical models, forms of family violence, and special issues such as alcoholism and violence. Mugar HQ809.3 U5 H35 1988.

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family. 2nd ed. 4 vols. 2003.

From abortion to Zambia, the lengthy articles in this work cover such topics as cohabitation, elder abuse, incarcerated parents, and nonmarital childbearing, as well as marriage and family life issues in some fifty countries. Mugar Ref. X HQ9 E52 2003.

Marriage, Family, and Relationships: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia. 1994.

Topical articles with cross-cultural analysis of marriage and family, including both universal characteristics and less-common practices. Mugar GN480 B76 1994.


Adoption: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide. 1987.

Contains an annotated list of books, articles, audiovisual materials and resources for children on adoption published since 1974. Mugar Z7164 A23 M44 1987. Storage: Use Request Form.

An Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Scholarship on the History of the Family. 1986.

Bibliography of articles, dissertations and other materials on the history of the family. Mugar Z7164 M2 B46 1986. Storage: Use Request Form.

The Black Family in the United States: A Revised, Updated, Selectively Annotated Bibliography. 1986.

Annotated listing of books, articles, and dissertations on all aspects of the African-American family. Mugar Z1361 N39 D335 1986. Storage: Use Request Form.

Children and Adjustment to Divorce: An Annotated Bibliography. 1990.

Lists books, journal articles, and audiovisual materials published between 1981 and 1988. Includes materials for children and young adults. Mugar Z7164 C5 N66 1990. Storage: Use Request Form.

Children of Separation: An Annotated Bibliography for Professionals. 1994.

Includes annotations for nearly 1000 entries, arranged by broad subject categories, including central issues (e.g., loss, legal issues), types of families, interventions, and children’s books. Mugar Z7164 M2 S73 1994. Storage: Use Request Form.

Families and Aging: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography. 1991.

Annotated bibliography of 700+ books, articles, dissertations, and documents on family relationships and older Americans. Mugar Z7164 O4 C67 1991. Storage: Use Request Form.

Families in Transition: An Annotated Bibliography. 1988.

Annotated list of books, articles, children’s books and AV materials. Subjects include single parents, stepfamilies, foster care, parental kidnapping, latchkey children, surrogate parents, and homosexuality. Mugar Z5118 F2 S23 1988. Storage: Use Request Form.

The Feminization of Poverty in the United States: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography of the Issues, 1978 – 1989. 1990.

Items included in this work cover such topics as families headed by women, child support, child care, teenage mothers, and family policy. Mugar Z7164 C4 F45 1990. Storage: Use Request Form.

Incest: An Annotated Bibliography. 1985.

Provides a definition of incest and an annotated bibliography of 410 items (primarily journal articles and books) on incest, arranged by broad topics. Mugar Z7164 S42 D4 1985. Storage: Use Request Form.

Jewish Family Issues: A Resource Guide. 1987.

Essays on the Jewish family through history, one-parent Jewish families, and Jewish women, and an annotated bibliography of 524 items covering such topics as food and family, kibbutz children, and women and feminism. Mugar Z6374 F34 S34 1987. Storage: Use Request Form.

Statistics Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics.


Families and Living Arrangements.


Kids Count Data Book.


Statistical Handbook on the American Family. 1999.

Contains statistical data on marriage, divorce, children, sexual attitudes and behavior, living arrangements, working women, family violence, and elderly families. Mugar HQ536 S727 1999.

Statistical Record of Children. 1994.

Compendium of statistical data on children, providing statistics on such topics as AIDS, homelessness, runaways, abuse and neglect, family living expenses, and computer use. Mugar HQ767.8 S73.