EMBA26: Capstone Project Sources on Chile and Peru


Country Resources by Region:

The Inter-American Development Bank – regional economic data, research, and statistics.

Free Trade Area of the Americas – “an effort to unite the economies of the Americas into a single free trade area which began at the Summit of the Americas, held in December 1994.

For a comprehensive list of country and region resources, consult our Country and Region: International Business guide.

Country Profiles and Surveys:

Note: Data on Chile and Peru is available through several sections. From main screen, select country under Choose region/country, next to map. Each country page in the database provides forecast updates and featured analysis on economic and political events as well as content pertaining to market opportunities, government regulations and the financial services sector.


Doing Business. Measuring Business Regulations.World Bank International Finance Corporation


Produced by the World Bank, this database provides information on business regulations and their enforcement in many countries. Countries are ranked according to ease of doing business. The Doing Business Indicators are comparable across 175 economies. These indicators include starting a business, dealing with licenses, employing workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, enforcing contracts, and others.  Scroll down to “Subnational Reports” for reports on doing business in specific areas.  See “Explore Economy Data” for economic conditions in countries.

World Development Indicators (WDI)

Note: Use World Development Indicators (WDI) for sophisticated data retrieval and presentation, charting and mapping, and exporting of data. WDI is arranged in six sections: world view, people, environment, economy, states and markets, and global links. Contains more than 900 indicators, 210 countries, 18 groups, and over 40 years (1960 to 2007) of data, where data are available. The tables cover 210 economies and 18 country groups with basic indicators for a further 62 economies.

OECD iLibrary (2000)
Note: OECD Economic Surveys for Brazil and 40 other countries. From main screen, Country Reports and Tables are available for 75 countries. See Go To pull down menu, at top of the screen.

CIA World Factbook

Provides important unclassified CIA data for more than 250 countries, Chile and Peru. Covers a wide range of topics including economics, politics, geography and foreign relations. Updated every two weeks.



Banco Central de Chile (Central Bank)

English version of the Web site for the Central Bank of Chile. Includes information on functions and organization, policies, norms and regulations, economic statistics, studies and publications, and press information. Links to the Spanish version.

Embassy of Chile in Washington D.C.

Based in Washington DC. Comprehensive information and links about the country.

National Institute of Statistics in Chile

Important social and economic statistics about Chile and it’s population. In Spanish only.

Inter-American Development Bank

See tabs for Statistics and Publications.

World Development Indicators (WDI)



Central Reserve Bank of Peru

The official Web site of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru includes information on currency rates, monetary policy, statistics and much more.

Statistics Peru

Important social, economic and cultural statistics, as well as links to other useful sites.

Embassy of Peru in Washington D.C.

Information about business and investment.

Inter-American Development Bank

See tabs for Statistics and Publications.

World Development Indicators (WDI)


Company Directories & Descriptions:

Note: Subsidiaries, listed by country, of U.S. companies in Brazil.

Note: Subsidiaries, in the U.S., of Brazilian parent companies.

Mergent online (1997]-)
Note: This database will compare company against company using ratios and financial metrics, access company SEC filings like 10-k’s as well as annual reports and allows you to export financials into Excel.
Company Dossier via LexisNexis

Information on public and private international companies; click on “Create a Company List” tab to create list of international or U.S. companies by industry, geographic area and revenue.

Note: International public and private companies and their subsidiaries worldwide. Create lists by country and industry.


News & Articles:

Search in the following databases for country, industry and company news:

Factiva (2001)

For additional article databases see Find Business Articles and Data

Industry Reports:

Business Monitor International (BMI) Industry Reports
Reports include international market intelligence, trend analysis, and forecasts.



Local Media:

Newspapers: titles from Library PressDisplay have a 60-day back file


Diario Oficial
Chile’s official newspaper

El Diario Financiero
Financial Newspaper

Business Newspaper

Latercera from PressDisplay
Daily newspaper published in Santiago

Santiago Times


Peruvian Times

Peru’s business newspaper specializing in economics, business and finance.

Correo Peru
Featuring local and world news on politics, business, economy, travel, health, jobs, and more.

Stock Exchanges:


Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago (Santiago Stock Exchange)


Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL)

For additional country resources, see the Country & Region: International Business guide and individual country guides: Chile and Peru.