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This guide presents academic sources available at BU. You may want to begin by finding background information first, such as this ‘Educational Research‘ Wikipedia entry, but note when and how to use background material.


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BULSUse these databases to discover articles, books, and other literature on your topic. Note that if you come across a citation without full text, do not assume the library has no access. Learn how to Get Full Text.
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The best way to discover articles is to search databases (try Search) – you will be searching millions of records at once. Following journal literature is an effective means of scholarship.
buls journalsAmerican Educational Research Journal
Australian Educational Researcher
British Educational Research Journal
Educational Research
Educational Research Quarterly
Educational Researcher
Foundation News and Commentary
International Journal of Educational Research
Issues in Educational Research
Journal of Education
Qualitative Report
Review of Educational Research
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

U.S. Government Data Sources



Non U.S. Government Produced Data Sources

  • American Statistics Index Mugar Reference Z7554.U5 A46 (2009-2011+) Also online via Lexis Nexis Statistical
  • Eurostat Statistical Office of the European Communities. Gathers and analyses figures from the different European statistics offices to provide comparable data to the European Institutions so they can implement and analyze Community policies.
  • Eurydice An information network about education in Europe, including a database about European school systems.
  • Index to International Statistics Mugar Reference Z7552 .I53 (2010-2011+) Also online via Lexis Nexis Statisitical
  • Population Reference Bureau Worldwide data and analyses about population and health
  • Social Science Data Analysis Network Demographic Media about U.S. Census data (e.g., DataCounts).
  • Source OECD OECD’s Online Library of Statistical Databases, Books and Periodicals. See Books on Education.

Research Centers

Funding Websites

If you are a member of the university community, you may want to begin at BU’s Research Funding Opportunities.


Discovering our print books and eBooks can be done through Search. Current members of the BU community can borrow books that we don’t own through our interlibrary borrowing services.

Select Print Books

Action Research Guidebook : A Four-Stage Process for Educators and School Teams

Education LB1028.24 .S33 2011

Educational Research : Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches

Education Reference  LB1028 .J59 2012

Ethics in Qualitative Research : Controversies and Contexts

Mugar H62 .H2336 2012

Handbook of Research on Learning and Instruction

Mugar LB1060 .H34575 2011

Integrating Teaching, Learning, and Action Research: Enhancing Instruction in the K-12 Classroom

Education LB1028.24 .S87 2010

Methods Matter : Improving Causal Inference in Educational and Social Science Research

Mugar LB1028 .M86 2011

The Qualitative Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty

Education Reference LB2369 .P48 2009

A Realist Approach for Qualitative Research

Mugar H62 .M324 2012

Researching Education : Data, Methods, and Theory in Educational Enquiry

Mugar LB1028 .S343 2011

The Sage Handbook for Research in Education : Pursuing Ideas as the Keystone of Exemplary Inquiry

Mugar LB1028 .S14 2011

The Sage Handbook of Interview Research : The Complexity of the Craft

Mugar H61.28 .H36 2012

A Tale of Two Cultures : Qualitative and Quantitative Research in the Social Sciences

Mugar JA86 .G56 2012

Virtual Knowledge : Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences

Mugar AZ195 .V57 2013