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This guide presents academic sources available at BU. You may want to begin by finding basic information first, such as the ‘Laws’ section of the US Dept. of Education’s site, but note when and how to use background material.

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The best way to discover articles is to search databases (try Search) – you will be searching millions of records at once. Following journal literature is an effective means of scholarship.
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Discovering our print books and eBooks can be done through Search. Current members of the BU community can borrow books that we don’t own through our interlibrary borrowing services.

Select Print Books

American Public School Law

Education Reference KF4119 .A758 2012

Democratic Dilemma of American Education : Out of Many, One?

Mugar LC89 .S495 2012

Detroit School Busing Case : Milliken V. Bradley and the Controversy over Desegregation

Law Annex KF228 .M55 B38  2011

Education Governance for the Twenty-First Century : Overcoming the Structural Barriers to School Reform

Mugar LC89 .E257 2013

An Education in Politics : The Origins and Evolution of No Child Left Behind

Mugar LC89 .R47 2012

Education Law: First Amendment, Due Process and Discrimination Litigation

Law Annex KF4118 .S36 2004 + current supplements

Encyclopedia of Education Law

Education Reference KF4117 .E53 2008

Five Miles Away, A World Apart : One City, Two Schools, and the Story of Educational Opportunity in Modern America

Law Annex KF4155 .R93 2010

Mismatch : How Affirmative Action Hurts Students it’s Intended to Help , and Why Universities Won’t Admit It

Mugar LC213.52 .S26 2012

More than a Lawyer : Robert Chanin, The National Education Association,  and the Fight for Public Education, Employee Rights, and Social Justice

Law Annex KF373 .C3884 E39 2010

Practical Education Law for the Twenty-First Century

Law Annex KF4119 .D63 2010

School Law in Massachusetts

Law Reserve KFM2790 .S36 2003 + current supplements

Student First Amendment Speech and Expression Rights : Armbands to Bong Hits

Law Annex KF229.M67 F67 2010

Thinking Like a Lawyer : An Educator’s Guide to Legal Analysis and Research

Law Annex KF283 .R43 2011

Yearbook of Education Law

Education Reference KF4102.5 .Y4 (2000-2012+)

Cross Purposes: Pierce V. Society of Sisters and the Struggle Over Compulsory Public Education

Law Annex KF228.S57 A27 2009

Homeschool: An American History

Mugar LC40 .G34 2008

The Law of Special Education and Non-Public Schools : Major Challenges in Meeting the Needs of Youth

Law Annex KF4220 .L39 2009

Children and the Law : The Competing Rights, Privileges, and Interest of Children, Parents and the State : A Reader

Law Annex KF479 .B64 2010

Children’s Rights Under the Law

Law Annex KF479 .D375 2011

Inside the Castle : Law and the Family in 20th Century America

Law Annex KF505 .G765 2011

Legal Rights of Children

Law Annex KF479 .L444 2010

What is Parenthood? Contemporary Debates About the Family

Mugar KF540 .W43 2013

The Bible, The School, and the Constitution : The Clash that Shaped the Modern Church-State Doctrine

Law Annex KF4162 .G74 2012

Church, State and Original Intent

Law Annex KF4865 .D728 2010

Church-State Debate : Religion, Education, and the Establishment Clause in Post War America

Law Annex BR516 .L66 2012

Constitution of Religious Freedom : God, Politics, and the First Amendment

Law Annex KF4783 .G654 2012

Religion-State Relations in the United States and Germany : The Quest for Neutrality

Law Annex BL2015 .S72 H38 2012

Religion, Education and the State : An Unprincipled Doctrine in Search of Moorings

Law Annex KF4162 .S77 2011

Constitutional Rights of Children : In Re Gault and Juvenile Justice

Law Annex KF228 .G377 T36 2011

The Cycle of Juvenile Justice

Mugar HV9065 .B47 2010

Do the Crime, Do the Time : Juvenile Criminals and Adult Justice in the American Court System

Law Annex KF9794 .C48 2012

Justice for Kids : Keeping Kids out of the Juvenile Justice System

Law Annex KF9779 .J87 2011

Juvenile Justice : Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice

Law Annex HV9104 .J864 2011

Juvenile Justice Administration in a Nutshell

Law Reserve KF9780 .F45 2009

Kids, Cops, and Confessions : Inside the Interrogation Room

Law Annex HV9104 .F443 2013

Understanding Juvenile Law

Law Reserve KF9780 .G368 2009