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Country Description & Profiles

Note: Includes country profiles from several sources: Business Monitor International, Countrywatch Inc., Datamonitor, EIU, Global Insight, Going Global, Icon Group, OECD, and PRS Group. Select “Country Reports” from “Publications” column on the right. Highlights include:

Background Notes on Countries of the World: Macau

Published by the U.S. government, includes facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations and travel/business information.

Macau Economic Competitiveness

Published by the Icon Group using vertical analysis or common-sized statements, provides estimates of the financial performance and labor productivity of countries compared to global benchmarks.  Financial analysis includes asset, liability and income structure, ratios, profitability ratios and key percentile rankings.  Labor productivity analysis includes asset-labor, liability-labor, and income-labor ratios.

Finance, Trade & Commerce

Global Edge: Macau

Created by the Center for International Business Education and Research at Michigan State University ( MSU-CIBER ), globalEDGE contains country specific news, statistics, history, economics, and government data.

Index of Economic Freedom: Macau

A Web resource evaluating the following areas: Argentina’s trade policy, fiscal burden of government, government intervention in the economy, monetary policy, capital flows and foreign investment, banking and finance, wages and prices, property rights, regulation, and black market.

Statistics & Government Resources

Monetary Authority of Macao

The official Web site of the Monetary Authority of Macao which administers Macao’s Banking system. Includes information on currency rates, monetary policy, statistics and much more.

Statistical and Census Department of Macao

Macao”s official statistical organisation. Provides a high quality, objective, and responsive national statistical service.

U.S. Embassy to Hong Kong and Macau