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Ejournal Icon Indexes to Journal Literature

Chemical literature, data, structures, and patents.  Before using SciFinder create your account here.

Medical, health, and pharmaceutical literature from 1966-present, including biochemistry and biophysics articles.

Web of Science
Broad coverage of a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines, equipped with a citation search feature that allows you to see who’s cited whom.


chart Chemical Data

Basic Data

Combined Chemical Dictionary
Descriptive and numerical data on chemical, physical and biological properties of compounds.

Advanced Materials Information Center
Properties, applications and recent research for elements in the periodic table.

Organic Compounds Database
Physical data on a large number of organic compounds.

A collection of property data on the first 112 elements. It’s also the site of the ChemPuter, helpful for solving chemical equations.

Information on hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.

A database of chemical structures, spectra, and chemical data.

Protein Data Bank
Three-dimensional macromolecule structures.

Physical Constants

The Laws List
A collection of laws, rules, and constants in physical chemistry.

NIST Chemistry WebBook
Thermochemical tables, IR and mass spectra, enthalpy, heat capacity, entropy, and vapor pressure for organic and inorganic compounds.

NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
CODATA internationally recommended values for fundamental physical constants.


Article News Icon Chemistry News and Commentary

While most chemistry research is communicated in scholarly literature (e.g. academic journals and conference proceedings), these works are often difficult for non-chemists to understand.  If you’re looking for articles written for a wider audience, search the Reader’s Guide:

Reader’s Guide Full-Text Mega
Index to popular periodicals such as Discover, Science News, and Daedalus

Alternately, you can jump directly to these periodicals, which are not indexed by the Reader’s Guide, and search the archives within them:

American Scientist

Canadian Chemical News

Chemical and Engineering News


New Scientist (searchable archives 1998-present via LexisNexis Academic)