Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program

The Frederick S. Pardee Management Library currently provides students access to the Bloomberg Essentials Program at Boston University. The Bloomberg Essentials Online Training program is designed to provide users with an introduction to the Bloomberg Professional Service. BESS training uses a series of Training Pages to introduce users to basic Bloomberg functionality with the Core Program and a supplementary Market Sector Program to help users become familiar with finding data and market information using Bloomberg.


  • Only available to current Boston University students, staff and faculty.
  • Program enrollment: To sign up for the program you must register with Pardee Library at
  • Prerequisite/requirements: Participation or enrollment in EMBA, Humphrey Fellowship or doctoral program, MBA students, Mathematical Finance students, faculty, and qualified Finance major undergraduates.
  • Program Contact: Kathleen Berger (, 617-353-4312, Monday – Friday 9-5. If you need immediate assistance contact Mary Monaco ( or Basilio Serna ( at the Pardee Services Desk, 617-353-4304.
  • Time: Students can work on the program at their own pace. Program participants must sign up to book the Bloomberg terminal and can do so up to one week in advance by e-mailing or at the Pardee Services Desk. Program participants can book one 1 hour session per day.
  • Library Hours: Be sure to check library hours before you drop in. If you come in before or after the Reference Services hours, remember to consult the sign up sheet located next to the Bloomberg terminal.

Bloomberg Individual User Login Name

  • You must create your own Bloomberg User Login and Password. To do so from the Bloomberg terminal, click on Create a new login on the front page. You will need to either receive a text message or an automated call during this process to validate your user name and password, so please have a cell phone with you.

Core Program – Training Material

  • This program consists of both a Core Program and a Market Sector Program which must be completed in order to receive the Acknowledgement of Completion. There are four Bloomberg Core Pages (Getting Started, Excel Add-in, News and Research Functionality and Launchpad) and four Bloomberg Market Sector Pages (Equity Essentials, Fixed Income Essentials, FX Essentials and Commodity Essentials). In order to earn an Acknowledgement of Completion, users must take the Core Exam along with any one of the Market Sector Exams and earn a grade of 75% or better on each of the exams.
  • The core program is a prerequisite for the market sector program
  • Training pages are viewed from the Bloomberg terminal located in the Pardee Library through the function BESS <GO> or by typing Bloomberg Essentials Online Training in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Bloomberg Core Program Research Pages

  • Getting Started with the Bloomberg
  • The Bloomberg Excel Add-in:
    What is the Add-in?
    Explore Tools
    Import Data Wizards
    Constructing Formulas
  • Bloomberg News and Research Functionality
  • Bloomberg Launchpad

Bloomberg Market Sector Program Research Pages

  • Equity Essentials
  • Fixed Income Essentials:
    Money Market
  • FX Essentials
  • Commodity Essentials


  • After completing the four Bloomberg Core Pages (Getting Started, Excel Add-in, News and Research Functionality and Launchpad), users will need to take an exam. Users will also need to take an exam after completing one of the Bloomberg Market Sector Pages (Equity Essentials, Fixed Income Essentials, FX Essentials or Commodity Essentials). You will need to pass each exam with a 75% passing grade in order to receive the Acknowledgement of Completion. You may complete each of the Market Sector programs and take an exam for each program to receive an Acknowledgment of Completion for each Market Sector.
  • In order to access the exams, click on the exam that corresponds with the Market Sector. Completing the training pages automatically enables you to take the corresponding exam.
  • Your exam grade will immediately appear upon completion of the exam. You may retake each exam one time.

Acknowledgement of Completion

  • To request the Acknowledgment of Completion, click on the link shown on the screen to bring up the BESS Training Acknowledgment window.
  • Enter the email addresses that you would like the acknowledgment email to be sent to by clicking on Add.
  • On the toolbar, click the Submit button.
  • You will receive an email message acknowledging your completion of the exams.