Bloomberg Tutorials

About Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a premier financial services industry data integrator providing news and analytics for over 129 countries and 250 exchanges. Offerings include 24-hour historical and 15-minute delayed securities pricing, news, data, and analysis on companies, markets and economies.Bloomberg market coverage includes: Governments, Preferred, Corporate’s, Mortgages, Money Markets, Municipals, Equities, Commodities, Indices, Currency & Derivatives.

Bloomberg is accessible via a stand alone terminal in Pardee library. During times of peak usage, users can sign up for one half hour sessions per day. Bloomberg Certificate participants can sign up for one hour session a day. Ask for the Bloomberg sign up sheet at Pardee’s Reference desk.

Bloomberg Tutorials

The tutorials listed below provide a starting point for finding information within each market. For complete details of all Bloomberg functions please go to Bloomberg University at BU <GO>.

Equity: General

How to find Information on equities in general such as mergers and acquisitions, insider trading, business news, initial public offerings, etc.

Equity: Security Specific

How to find Information on one particular security such as security stock price, management team, fundamentals, earnings estimates, company news, beta, returns, options, warrants, etc.

Frequently Asked Bloomberg Data Questions

How to find spot commodity prices, mutual fund distributions, etc.

Downloading Data from Bloomberg (PDF)

Handout includes how to: 1) download data using the Bloomberg Excel Add-In (Bloomberg API), and 2) download data using the Bloomberg Importing Data Wizard.

Technical FAQ’s

How to access, print and get help with Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Help Sheet

Menu keys, sample shortcut codes and searches.

Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program

The Bloomberg Essentials Online Training program is designed to provide users with an introduction to the Bloomberg Professional Service. Four Core videos will provide users with the basic Bloomberg functionality and supplemental Market Sector videos will provide users with an introduction to the major market fundamentals.