Beta Tutorial



TICKER<Equity> DES <Go> displays a company’s description page, including beta (see, eg: BLK <Equity> DES <Go>, the DES page for BlackRock, Inc., below).



ValueLine Investment Survey

These investment surveys are available from the Value Line Research Center Online database on the Pardee Library’s Business Databases: A-Z list.

Enter company name or ticker in search box, e.g. BLK.

valueline search page

Select PDF Reports.

Company page


Beta is located on the top left corner.

valueline beta page

Yahoo! Finance

To find a stock’s beta using Yahoo! Finance, input the stock’s ticker symbol and click on the “Key Statistics” link from the left hand tool bar.  Beta will appear on the right hand side under ‘Trading Information’.

Yahoo! Finance Beta



TICKER <Equity> BETA <Go> retrieves the company’s beta page (see, eg: BLK <Equity> BETA <GO>, below).

Bloomberg Historical Beta



For more information about beta and asset pricing see:

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