Arts Administration I: Researching Topics in Books, Journals, and Newspapers

The purpose of this Guide is to facilitate faculty and student research in Boston University’s Arts Administration program.  Its companion Guide, Arts Administration II: Data and Information Sources, covers sources on fundraising and philanthropy, marketing and advertising, demographics, and for profit and non-profit companies.  To navigate the page, use Guide Index above or scroll down.


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Arts Administration Degree and Certificate Programs, Boston University Metropolitan College.






Find Books

  • BULS (Boston University Libraries Search)    Limit results to “Available in library” for print books or “Refine My Results: Books” for print and online.  “Sign In” (top right of results screen) with your BU login; This allows you to borrow checked out books or books the library does not own by clicking a request button.
  • BU WorldCat Local  Search here to find books Boston University Libraries does not own.   Books the library does not own and books checked out of the library may be requested here.  Requested books usually arrive in 3 or 4 business days and may be picked up and returned at Mugar Memorial Library Circulation Desk.
  • Ebrary  Collection of over 100,000 online books; new titles frequently added.  Keyword searching.
  • Books in print Use Subject Search Terms/Keywords.
  • JStor  Book reviews.
  • Google Scholar  Click on Settings then click on “Library links” and type “Boston University” in the box.  When you do your searching, results that are full text in our library resources, such as JStor,  will include direct links to them.  You also can export results (citations) to Refworks from Google Scholar Settings.
  • Suggest a Purchase  Request books we do not own.
  • Arts Management Network: Books Directory of publications in the field of arts management.
  • AAAE (Association of Arts Administration Educators) Publications Arts management titles submitted by AAAE members.
  • RCAC (The Research Center for Arts and Culture) Bibliography  “extensive bibliography on individual artists and their personal and economic status within society, cognitive and physical development, training and educations and relation to other issues pertinent to the arts field and society-at-large.”

Find Journal Articles

There are three basic ways to find articles published in journals, magazines, and periodicals:

  1. Discovery tool of the library such as BULS (Boston University Libraries Search).
  2. Databases that are subject specific or JSTOR.
  3. Core journal sites that let you search the entire run of a journal from its first volume to the present.
      • BULS (Boston University Libraries Search)  “Refine My Results: Articles.”  Full-text articles accessible on several platforms such as JStor.  For comprehensive searches, use the individual databases listed below.  Both BULS and the databases index many of the core journals selected below.  Also, note that most online journals provide a search box for searching both current and archival issues.
      • Databases:

        Core Journals and Trade Magazines in Arts Management, Business, and Entertainment

      • Online Core Journals in Arts Management (selected):

        • American Journal of Arts Management from 2013.  Free but you must register.  Peer-reviewed. Covers U.S. non-profit performing arts industry. Search this journal directly–it is not indexed in the databases.
        • Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts from 2012. Free but you must register.  “… research-based articles and case studies of interest to scholars, artists, and students in the areas of entrepreneurship theory as applied to the arts; arts entrepreneurship education; arts management; arts and creative industries; public policy and the arts; the arts in community and economic development; nonprofit leadership; social entrepreneurship in or using the arts; evaluation and assessment; public practice in the arts.”
        • Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management from 2003.  Open access. Peer-reviewed.  “publishes articles that address arts and cultural management and cultural policy issues with an emphasis on research relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Specific topics covered by the journal include cultural policy, arts funding and law, leadership, management marketing and organisational studies with specific relevance to the arts and cultural sector in the region.”  Search this journal directly.
        • Chronicle of Philanthropy.  News about nonprofit leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and other people involved in the philanthropic enterprise.
        • Cultural Trends from 1998 with an 18-month delay (request full-text articles ffor those years from ILL (Interlibrary Loan). “A quarterly statistical journal on the arts and wider cultural sector.”
        • ENCATC: Journal of Cultural Management and Policy from 2011 to present (2013).  International authors.  “The objective of the ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is to stimulate the debate on the topics of cultural management and cultural policy among scholars, educators, policy makers and cultural managers. The Journal is based on a multidisciplinary perspective and aims at connecting theory and practice in the realm of the cultural sector.”
        • International journal of arts management (Online)  from 2000 Vol. 5(no. 1) to present.  Covers management processes: marketing, human resources, finance, accounting; development of best practices and promotes their use through publication of case studies and analyses; current issues; studies, management, and empirical research; theories and models.
        • International Journal of Cultural Policy from 1992 to present.  “interdisciplinary and international exploration of the meaning, function and impact of cultural policies. Cultural policy is understood as the promotion or prohibition of cultural practices and values by governments, corporations, other institutions and individuals.”
        • Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society from 1992 to present, formerly Journal of Arts Management & Law, from 1982-1992 and Performing Arts Review from 1969-1981. “…authoritative resource for the field of performing, visual, and media arts in particular and cultural affairs more generally. Articles, commentary, and book reviews address current and ongoing issues in arts policy, management, law, and governance from a range of philosophical and national perspectives.”
        • Journal of Cultural Economics Online from 1997.  Article titles only indexed from 1977 to 1996 but you may request full-text articles from ILL (Interlibrary Loan).  “…applies economic analysis to all of the creative and performing arts and the heritage and cultural industries, whether publicly or privately funded. Furthermore, the journal explores the economic organization of the cultural sector and the behavior of producers, consumers, and governments within the cultural sector.”
        • Media Culture &  Society from 1999 to present.  “…a major peer-reviewed, international forum for research and discussion on the media, including the newer information and communication technologies, within their political, economic, cultural and historical contexts.”
        • MEIEA Journal from 2000 to present (except 2001). Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association. “Covers scholarly research and writing about the music and entertainment industries.”
        • Museum Management and Curatorship Online from 1995 to 2006.
        • Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts from 1995 to present.  For earlier years, request full-text articles from ILL (Interlibrary Loan).
      • Online Core journals in Business (selected):

        • Academy of Management Review from 1976 to present.  “Articles selected through anonymous review, reviews, syntheses, applications and critiques focused on organizational and management theory aimed at members of the Academy of Management.”
        • American Economic Review from 1911 to present (for recent years choose American Economic Association platform.  “…a general-interest economics journal.”
        • Entrepreneurship Research Journal from 2011 to present. “…”a new forum for scholarly discussion on entrepreneurs and their activities, contexts, processes, strategies, and outcomes”
        • Harvard Business Review from 1922 to present.  “…articles cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to different industries, management functions, and geographic locations. They focus on such areas as leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and managing people.”  “Case studies are written by professors at HBS and at renowned business programs worldwide and focus on actual problems and decisions companies face.
      • Online periodicals in Trade and Entertainment (selected):

        • Billboard from 1988 to present. “The international newsweekly of music, video and home entertainment; profiles, commentary, album ratings, feature articles, marketing and reviews.”  The years 1894-2013,  with the exception of 1961 and 1962, are available on microfilm:  Mugar Memorial Library Microforms: Microfilm   ML1 .E94
        • Billboard Archives on Google Books from January 3, 1942 to December 17, 2011.  Search or Browse.
        • Music Week from 1997.  International.  “A respected voice and valued source of news, data, analysis and opinion throughout the industry.”
        • Musical America from 1988 to 1992.
        • Art Business News from 1999 to present.  “Trade magazine covering emerging trends driving the fine-art market.”
        • Back Stage from 1984 to 2005  and National Edition 1997 to the present.   “Weekly magazine serving the East Coast performer in theater, film and TV industries covering industry news, service features and theater/dance reviews.”
        • Playbill.  Free website begun in 1994 covering breaking news about the theatre industry, with emphasis on New York shows but also covering regional, touring and and the international stage.  Browse all news from 1995.   Playbill Vault is a comprehensive online database of Broadway history.
        • Opera News from 1990.  News & reviews of opera companies worldwide.  Available in microfilm from 1936-1990 at Mugar Memorial Library Microforms: Microfilm   ML1 .F09.

Find Newspapers and Newspaper Articles

BULS (Boston University Libraries Search) now searches 20 newspaper databases for full text articles. Search keywords, e.g., three penny opera. On the results page, follow these steps to retrieve only newspaper articles: Refine My Results: Resource Types: News Items or Resource Types: More options: News items.

ProQuest News and Newspapers  This database lets you search nine newspaper databases collectively or individually:  Boston Globe (1980 to present), Ethnic NewsWatch, International Newsstand, Boston Globe (1872-1982), Chicago Defender (1910-1973, Chicago Tribune (1849-1990), Los Angeles Times (1881-1990), New York Times (1851-2010), and Washington Post (1877-1997).

Newspapers and News Media.  Current newspapers are available from many different databases.  This Boston University Libraries Research Guide is indispensable in helping you get to the newspaper(s) you want to search.

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Find Bibliographic/Citation Management Programs

Most databases, as well as BULS (Boston University Libraries Search) and Google Scholar, let you “Send” or “Export” your selected search results to a bibliographic manager such as Refworks which converts the results into citations according to the citation style required by your professor.  For a list of popular programs, see Create Bibliographies.


TimeLines of Arts Management

Arts Management as a Profession: A (Very) Brief History and Arts Management as Academic Discipline.  Kim Detterbeck, Art Librarian, Purchase College, SUNY.


Arts Management as a Profession
1767 to 1910
Click image to enlarge.


Arts Management as a Profession
1923 to 1965
Click image to enlarge.


Arts Management as an Academic Discipline
1965 to 2012
Click image to enlarge.


Related Fields

Museums and Museum Studies Research Guide.  Mugar Library, Boston University.

Hospitality and Tourism Research Guide.

  • Routledge Handbook of Cultural Tourism

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Journalism Research Guide

Evaluate Your Sources

Evaluate your journal sources

- choose scholarly/peer reviewed/refereed journals

Evaluate your book sources

- look for Book Reviews (book reviews are journal articles) in JStor Advanced Search (Narrow by: Item type=Reviews) and other databases, and/or – type the full title of a book, e.g., The art of the turnaround creating and maintaining healthy arts organizations, in the Boston University Libraries Search Box. The first result is the book itself. The following results will be reviews of the book. Not every book will have been reviewed.

Evaluate your website sources

-  Evaluating Information Found on the Internet (Johns Hopkins)


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