Archaeology: Regional Resources

1. Americas


ArchNet: Arctic and SubArctic. Links to a small number of websites.

ArchNet: Mesoamerica. Links by country.

Archnet: North American Countries. Links arranged by regions: Arctic and Subarctic, Mexico, Mid-Atlantic and Appalachia, Midwest and Plains, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West. There also are links to museums and Native American Studies.

Archnet: South America. Short list of links arranged alphabetically.

Bibliografia Mesoamericana. Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc., and the Museum Library of the University of Pennsylvania. ” The Bibliografía Mesoamericana…provides a comprehensive and continually updated bibliographic dataset of the published literature pertaining to the anthropology of Mesoamerica. Content includes archaeology, ethnography, ethnohistory, art history, linguistics, physical anthropology, and other related disciplines. Expands on Bibliografia de arqueologia y etnografia: Mesoamerica y Norte de Mexico, 1514-1960, by Ignacio Bernal.

Built in America: The Historic American Buildings Survey/ Historic American Engineering Records.

Mayan Epigraphic Database Project (MED) Glyph Images. Raf Alvarado, University of Virginia.

National Park Service (US) Archeology Program.


Ancient Caribbean: A Research Guide, by John Weeks. Annotated bibliography arranged by topics: introduction to the ancient Caribbean; cultural evolution and society; Greater Antilles; Bahamas; Turks and Caicos Islands; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Haiti; Jamaica; Lesser Antilles; Antigua; Barbados; Dominica; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Martinique; Montserrat; Netherlands Antilles; St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla; St. Lucia; St. Vincent; Trinidad and Tobago; and Virgin Islands. Each of the regional sections includes regional and site summaries. Personal name, place name, and subject indexes.

Storage Z 1209 2 W47 A53 1994

Ancient Ruins of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide, by David Noble, 2nd ed rev. Descriptions of sites in the United States. Maps, illustrations.
Mugar Library E78.S7 .N63 2000

Archaeological Guide to Northern Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, by Joyce Kelly. Alphabetical list of sites and museums, glossary, and selected readings. Photographs, drawings, and site plans.
Mugar F 1435 K47 1996

Archaeology in America: An Encyclopedia, ed. Francis McManamon. 4 vols.
Mugar E 159.5 A68 2009

Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central Ameria: An Encyclopedia, by Susan Evans. Over 500 entries with extensive bibliographies cover major cultural areas, important and lesser-known sites, and daily life of the ancient peoples. Regional maps, site maps, photographs, and subject index are included.
Mugar Reference X F 1218 6 A73 2001

Archaeology of the Mississippian Culture: A Research Guide, by Peter Peregrine. Annotated bibliography arranged by topics: introduction to Mississippian culture; cultural history and socio-political organization; settlement, subsistence, and economic organization; and regional, site, and focused research reports. Author, place, and subject indexes.
Storage Z 1208 M5 P47 1996

Arctic Archaeology: A Bibliography and History, by Albert Dekin. Alaska, Canadian tundra, Greenland, coastal Quebec, Labrador, and Newfoundland.

Mugar E 99 E7 D36 1978

Art of Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica: An Annotated Bibliography, by Janet Berlo. Books and periodical articles arranged alphabetically by author. Subject index.
Storage Z 1209 2 M4 B47 1985

Atlas of Ancient America, by Michael Coe. Illustrated essays in six parts: new world, first Americans, North America, Mesoamerica, South America, and pre-Columbian survivals. Bibliography, gazetteer, and chronological table.
Mugar E 61 C66 1986

Facts and Artifacts of Ancient Middle America: A Glossary of Terms and Words Used in the Archaeology and Art History of Pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America, by Curt Muser. Illustrations, chronologies, site plans.

Mugar F 1219 M97 1978

Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya: An Illustrated Dictionary of Mesoamerican Religion, by Mary Miller.
Mugar F1219.3.R38 M64 1993

Guide to Prehistoric Ruins of the Southwest, by Norman Oppelt. Maps, diagrams, illustrations, descriptions of United States sites.
Mugar E 78 S7 O66 1981

Guide to Cultural Landscape Reports: Contents, Process, and Techniques, by Robert Page, 2 vols.
Mugar E 159 P27 1998

Historical Dictionary of Ancient Mesoamerica, by Joel Palka. Entries on cultures, places, and significant figures. Chronology. Bibliography.
Mugar Reference X F 1434 H57 2000

Historical Dictionary of North American Archaeology, by Edward Jelks. Brief annotations including location, excavator(s), significant finds, dating, references. Separate site list by geographical area. Bibliography.
Mugar X E 77 9 H57 1988

International Dictionary of Historic Places. Vol. 1: Americas, ed. Trudy Ring. Lengthy essays on selected sites with illustrations and bibliographies.
Mugar CC 135 I585 1995

Maya Civilization: A Research Guide, by John. Weeks. Annotated bibliography of sources arranged by topics: introduction, cultural history and society, material culture, intellectual life, and regional and site reports. Author, place name, and subject indexes.
Mugar F 1435 W43 1993

Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures: The Civilizatons of Mexico and Central America, ed. David Carrasco, 3 vols. 617 entries, written by historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, art historians, epigraphers, gender theorists, historians of religion, sociologists, and filmmakers, are arranged in alphabetical order. Each entry includes a bibliography. Some entries have illustrations. There is a “Synoptic Outline of Contents” and an index.
Mugar Reference X F 1218 6 O95 2000

Southwestern Archaeology: A Bibliography, by Frank Anderson. Books and articles through 1977. Regional/cultural and topical indexes.
Storage Z 1208 S68 A53 1982

Southwestern Pottery: Annotated Bibliography and List of Types and Wares, by Norman Oppelt.
Storage Z 1208 S68 O66 1988

2. Asia and Pacific


ABIA INDEX, 1996–. International Institute for Asian Studies. Annual. Covers archaeology (pre- and proto-history), historical archaeology, ancient art history, modern art history, material culture, epigraphy and palaeography, numismatics and sigillography. Indexes monographs, articles in monographs, articles in periodicals, and unpublished PhD theses. Geographical areas include South Asia and Southeast Asia, and regions culturally related to these areas (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Tibet as related to South Asia; South China and the Pacific as related to Southeast Asia, for instance).

Archaeology on the Net: Australia and Pacific Short list of various links.

ArchNet: Asia Short list of various links.

International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History Research Library, Boston University. “The Centers library of reference materials on East Asian archaeology and cultural history includes over 5,000 books, 12,000 photos and slides, and hundreds of maps. Forming the core of this collection is the extensive personal research library of the eminent archaeologist and scholar of ancient China, Prof. Kwang-chih Chang.”


Archaeology of the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka: A Selected Bibliography, by Robert Ridinger. Arranged by contemporary political units under India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. An appendix contains South Asian Archaeological Law and Legislation.
Mugar Reference X Z 3208.A8 R53 2001

Cambridge History of Ancient China: From the Origins of Civilization to 221 B.C., by Michael Loewe.
Mugar Reference X DS 741.5 C35 1999

Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs: An Alphabetical Compendium of Antique Legends and Beliefs, as Reflected in the Manners and Customs of the Chinese, by C.A.S. Williams, reprint of 3rd ed rev, 1941.
Mugar Reference X GR 335 W53 1988

International Dictionary of Historic Places. Vol. 5: Asia and Oceania, ed. Trudy Ring. Lengthy essays on selected sites with illustrations and bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X CC 135 I585 1995

Journey into China’s Antiquity: National Museum of Chinese History, ed. Yu Weichao, 4 vols. “Based on the exhibition of Chinese history on permanent display.”  Vol. 1: Palaeolithic Age, Low Neolithic Age, Upper Neolithic Age, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn Period; Vol. 2: Warring States Period, Qin Dynasty, The Western and Eastern Han Dynasties, Three Kingdoms through Western and Eastern Jin to Northern and Southern Dynasties; Vol. 3: Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, Northern and Southern Song Dynasties; Vol. 4: Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty.
Mugar Reference X DS 735 J68 1997

3. Egypt and Africa*


AEB: Annual Egyptological Bibliography, 1992-2001. International Association of Egyptologists.

*African Art and Archaeology Research Guide, Boston University Libraries.

Directory of North American Egyptologists. Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. Individuals, institutions, and dissertations.


Atlas of Egyptian Art, by Emile Prisse d’Avennes. Nineteenth-century traveler and draughtsman. Color plates of his drawings of monuments and objects.
Mugar Reference X N 5351 P813 1991

Coptic Encyclopedia, ed. Aziz Atiya, 8 vols. Covers geographical region of present-day Egypt, Nubia (Sudan), and Ethiopia. Two of the four main subject areas are archaeology and art and architecture. Extensive bibliographies, illustrations including site and building plans, cross-references, and index.
Mugar Reference X BX 130 5 C66 1991

Discovering Egyptian Hieroglyphics: A Practical Guide, by Karl Zauzich.
Mugar Reserve PJ 1097 Z38 1992b

Egyptian Pyramids: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference, by J.P. Lepre.
Mugar Reference X DT 63 L47 1990

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, by Margaret Bunson. Short entries and some drawings.
Mugar Reference X DT 58 B96 1990

Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, ed. Kathryn Bard. Entries on sites, figures, people, artefacts, techniques, and ancient culture. Thirteen historical overviews from paleolithic cultures to the Roman period. Glossary and chronology.
Mugar Reference X DT 58 E53 1999

Historical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, by Morris Bierbrier. Information on significant persons, places, and events.
Mugar Reference DT 83 B56 1999

International Dictionary of Historic Places: Vol. 4: Middle East and Africa, ed. Trudy Ring. Lengthy essays on selected sites with illustrations and bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X CC 135 I585 1995

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, ed. Donald Redford, 3 vols. Over 600 articles on Egyptology, land and resources, archaeological sites, history, state, foreign relations, economy, society, religion, and arts and sciences. Bibliographies after each article. Illustrations, photographs, and maps.
Mugar Reference X DT 58 O94 2001

Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, by Ian Shaw. Arranged chronologically from prehistory (c.700,000-4000 B.C.) to the Roman period (30 B.C.-A.D. 395). Cover political events, social and economic developments, religious and ideological change, and trends in material culture.
Mugar Reference X DT 83 O94 2000

Princeton Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, by Ian Shaw. British Museum. Entries include sites, biographies, objects, and cultural aspects. Most entries have a list of references in chronological order. Many illustrations, site plans, and maps. Chronology. List of Egyptologists mentioned in text. Alphabetical list of owners of tombs in Western Thebes. Index.
Mugar Reference X DT 58 S55 2008b

Reading Egyptian Art: Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture, by Richard Wilkinson.
Mugar Reference X N 5350 W55 1992

4. Europe

ARGE: Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe Links indexed by country, subject, and period.

Dictionary of Irish Archaeology, by Laurence Flanagan.
Mugar Reference X CC 70 C58 1993

Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture, ed. James Mallory. “…alphabetically arranged and provides coverage of the major Indo-European language stocks and their origins, the conceptual range of the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language, selected archaeological cultures with some relationship to the origin and dispersal of Indo-European groups, and some of the majaor issues of Indo-European cultural studies.”
Mugar Reference X CB 201 E53 1997

Field Archaeology: An Introduction, Peter Drewett, 2nd ed.  Geared toward students, volunteers, and instructors, this edition adds new material on technology, archaeological theory, and archaeological resource management and law.  It is generally applicable but leans heavily on British techniques and site examples.
Mugar Library CC 76D74 2011

Handbook for British and Irish Archaeology: Sources and Resources, compiled by Cherry Lavell. Information on organizations and societies, bibliography of books, general finding aids, abstracting and indexing services, sources of grants, archaeological touring guides, and Internet resources.
Mugar Reference X CC 125 G2 L38 1997

International Dictionary of Historic Places. Vol. 2: Northern Europe, ed. Trudy Ring. Lengthy essays on selected sites with illustrations and bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X CC 135 I585 1995

Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia, by Pam Crabtree. Covers all of medieval Europe from Scandinavia to Italy and from Ireland to Russia from the fall of the western Roman empire in the 5th century to the end of the High Middle Ages in 1500.
Mugar Reference X D 125 M42 2000

Roman Remains of Northern and Eastern France : a Guidebook. James Bromwich.
Mugar Library DC601.4 .B76 2003

Roman Remains of Southern France : a Guidebook. James Bromwich.
Mugar Library DC607.4 .B76 1993

5. Mediterranean

Aerial Atlas of Ancient Crete, by J. Wilson Myers.
Mugar Reserve DF 261 C8 A35 1992

Among the Gods: An Archaeological Exploration of Ancient Greek Religion, by John Ferguson. Cult sites, etc. Mugar Reference X BL 782 F47 1989

Ancient City of Athens (images) A publication of The Stoa: A Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities , 2004

Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World:  Resources

University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences.

Atlas of Classical Archaeology, by Moses Finley. Geographical arrangement of sites with plans, plates, references.
Mugar Reference X G 1046 E15 A8

Atlas of Rome: The Form of the City on a 1:1000 scale Photomap and Line Map, by Italo Norelli.
Mugar Reserve G 1989 24 R7 A8 1992

Atlas of the Greek and Roman World in Antiquity, by Nicholas Hammond. Gazetteer.
Mugar Oversize G 1033 A84 1981

Atlas of the Greek World, by Peter Levi. Encyclopedia coverage from Bronze Age through Roman conquest. Illustrations, site plans.
Mugar Reference DF 77 L43

Atlas of the Roman World, by Tim Cornell. Encyclopedia coverage from pre-Roman through Late Empire.
Mugar Reference X DG 77 C597

Bildlexikon zur Topographie des Antiken Attika, by John Travlos. Essays, photographs, maps, site plans, architectural drawings, extensive bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X DF 261 A8 T74 1988

Bildlexikon zur Topographie des Athen, by John Travlos. Essays, photographs, maps, site plans, architectural drawings, extensive bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X N 5650 T7

Bildlexikon zur Topographie des Istanbuls: Byzantion, Konstantinupoois, Istanbul bis zum Beginn d. 17 Jh, by Wolfgang Muller-Wiener. Essays, photographs, maps, site plans, architectural drawings, extensive bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X NA 1370 M83

Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization, ed. Graham Shipley. Encyclopedia with 1700 brief entries. Illustrations.
Mugar Reference X DE 5

Chloris: An Aegean Bronze Age Bibliography Searchable bibliography of the Bronze Age archaeology of mainland Greece and Crete. Books, journal articles, conference proceedings, and dissertations.

Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece and Rome, ed. Michael Grant, 3 vols. Comprehensive work with authored essays covering all aspects of Greek and Roman culture thematically arranged. Each section includes an extensive bibliography. Some illustrations and maps throughout text. Separate map section. Detailed index. Mugar Reference X DE 59 C55 1988

Digital Roman Forum.  University of California Los Angeles. a digital model of the Roman Forum as it appeared in late antiquity.   Browse by primary source (ancient authors), by function, and by monument type.  Resources include excerpts from Lawrence Richardson, A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992.  Mugar Library DG68 R5 1992

Dictionnaire des Antiquites Grecques et Romaines d’apres les Textes et les Monuments, by Charles Daremberg and Edmond Saglio, 1877-1919, reprint 1963, 9 vols.
Mugar Reference X DE 5 E77

Enciclopedia dell’arte Antica. Classica e Orientale, ed. Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli, 14 vols. Well-illustrated, signed articles with references; includes North Africa, Asia, and Europe from prehistory to A.D. 500.
Mugar Reference X N 31 F58

Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology, ed. Nancy Thomson de Grummond. Covers sites in ancient Greece and Rome, Bronze Age Aegean, Etruria, France, and Asia Minor, and biographies of amateur and professional archaeologists, travelers, collectors, scholars, and artists. Also entries on important works of art and topics such as numismatics and computers in classical archaeology. A separate bibliography of 100 sources is arranged by topic.
Mugar Reference X DE 5 E5 1996

FastiOnline: a database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000. Fasti Online is a project of the International Association of Classical Archaeology (AIAC) and the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy of the University of Texas at Austin (CSAI)FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research)  (journal of Roman Empire area excavations from 2000 and forward)

Foreign Archaeological Schools in Greece: 160 Years, by Elena Korka. Includes a list of publications of each school or institute.
Mugar Library CC97.G8

Greek and Roman Art, Architecture, and Archaeology: An Annotated Bibliography, by William Coulson, 2nd ed. rev. Books only. No indexes.
Mugar Reference X Z 5932.3 .C68 1987

Guida alle Antiche Strade Romane, by Giovanni Caselli. Illustrated guidebook of Roman streets from the Via Appia to the Via Flavia. Separate maps. Illustrated.
Mugar Reference DG 28 C36 1994

Hellenistic Settlements in Europe, the Islands, and Asia Minor, by Getzel Cohen. Organized by geographic areas followed by colonies listed alphabetically. Entries include narratives about the sites and annotations providing detailed references and citations.
Mugar Reference X DF 85 C44 1995

International Dictionary of Historic Places. Vol. 3: Southern Europe, ed. Trudy Ring. Lengthy essays on selected sites with illustrations and bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X CC 135 I585 1995

Metis (multimedia Greek archaeological sites)

Mycenaean Civilization: A Research Guide, by Brian Feuer. Bibliography arranged by topics: introductory material, cultural history and society, material culture, intellectual life, regional and site reports. Glossary. Author, Place-name, and subject indexes.
Mugar Reference X DF 220 5 F48 1996

NESTOR: Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory and Related Areas, 1957-2003 Searchable database of citations edited at the University of Cincinnati. Link to the International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians.

New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, by Lawrence Richardson. Alphabetical arrangement of entries, the longer ones with bibliographies and ancient literary references. Illustrations and site plans. Chronological list of dated monuments.
Mugar Reference X DG 68 R5 1992

19th Century Photography of Ancient Greece Getty Research Institute. ” The [ Gary Edwards Collection] consists of over one thousand photographs, stereographs, cartes-de visite, glass diapositives, and photographically-illustrated books. Among the earliest images are a number of calotypes and salted-paper prints created before 1859, pre-1860 stereo cards, and nearly two hundred and fifty are albumen prints dating to before 1870. The collection is notable for the rarity of many of the large-format photographs and for the comprehensive representation of photographers who were active in Greece in the nineteenth century.”

Note: Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth, 3rd ed rev. Over 6,000 entries.

Perseus Project Gregory Crane, Editor-in-Chief, Classics Department, Tufts University. “…an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond”. Begun as a collection of textual and visual materials on the Archaic and Classical Greek world, it now contains Latin texts and tools and Renaissance materials. Features includeArt and Archaeology Catalogs for architecture, sites, coins, vases, and sculpture, and an Encyclopedia.

Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Athens, by John Travlos. Plates, articles, building and site diagrams, references. Scholarly and classic.
Mugar Reference X NA 280 F71

Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome, by Ernest Nash, 2 vols. Photographic documentation supplemented by factual information and extensive references to descriptive and interpretative articles. Index, list of inscriptions.
Mugar Reference X NA 310 F68

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean Jeremy Ritter, Classics Department, Dartmouth College. “Through a series of lessons and illustrations, [this site] traces the cultural evolution of humanity in the Aegean basin from the era of hunting and gathering (Palaeolithic-Mesolithic) through the early village farming stage (Neolithic) and the formative period of Aegean civilization into the age of the great palatial cultures of Minoan Crete and and Mycenaean Greece”.

Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, ed. Richard Stillwell. Summaries of excavation results with references to full reports. Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Glossary, maps, map indexes, illustrations. Also available at Mugar Reference X DE 59 P7.

TOCS-IN: Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists “TOCS-IN provides the tables of contents of a selection of Classics, Near Eastern Studies, and Religion journals… Where possible, links are given with articles of which the full text or an abstract is available online (about 6%).” Maintained at the University of Toronto, the database contains 160 journals, and over 23,000 articles.

Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, by Samuel Platner. Long descriptions, chronological index, and references to ancient literary evidence.
Mugar Reference X DG 16 F29

6. Near and Middle East

ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet
Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago.   Abzu is a guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world.” See also:


Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean World University of Chicago Library. 33 full-text books, among them: Dawkins, R. M. The Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia at Sparta. London: MacMillan and Co., Limited, 1929.

Ancient Ararat: A Handbook of Urartian Studies, by Paul Zimansky. Annotated bibliography under the following general topics: culture, history, and society; language and writing; material culture; archaeological surveys and site reports; and the rediscovery and legacy of Urartu. Author and subject indexes.
Mugar DS 156 U7 Z36 1998

Ancient Near East, c. 3000-330 B.C., by Amelie Kurht, 2 vols. “Intended as an introduction to ancient Near Eastern history, the main sources for reconstructing societies and political systems, and some historical problems and scholarly debate”. Includes Egypt. General bibliography, maps, tables, figures, photographs, and index.
Mugar Reference X DS 62 23 K87 1995

Archaeology of Upper Mesopotamia: An Analytical Bibliography for the Pre-Classical Periods, by Stefano Anastasio. Covers publications from the initial investigations in the mid-19th century to today in the area of present-day Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. Bibliography is alphabetical by author. Anaytical indices for excavations; subjects; catalogues, proceedings, guides; explorations and discoveries; and lexicons and bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X Z 3014 A72 A53 1995

Art and Archaeology of Afghanistan: Its Fall and Survival. A Multi-disciplinary Approach, ed. Juliette van Krieken-Pieters. Contributions from archaeologists, linguists, and lawyers.
Mugar DS 353

Atlas des sites du Proche Orient (14000-5700 B.P.), by Francis Hours, 2 vols. Entries include bibliography. Vol. 1: text; Vol. 2: maps.
Mugar Reserve DS 56 A8 1994

Atlas of Mesopotamia: The Stone Age to the Fall of Babylon, by Martinus Beek. Encyclopedia articles.
Mugar Reference X G 2251 E6 B42 1962

Bibliography of Syrian Archaeological Sites to 1980, by Howard Bybee. Arranged by site from ABD to Zincirli. Chronology, prehistory, and survey. Alphabetical list of sources. Author and heading indexes.
Mugar Reference X Z 3484 A8 B93 1995

Çatalhöyük: Excavations of a Neolithic Anatolian Höyük Anja Wolle, Cambridge, England. Comprehensive Web site includes archive reports for previous years, microartefact distribution plots produced for Building 1 in 1997, Çatalhöyük papers presented at the Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference (TAG) in 1996, Excavation Diaries, Excavation Database, and North Area Excavations 1995-1999: Interim statement.

Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, by Jack Sasson. 4 vols. Thematically arranged with broad topics such as ancient Near East in Western thought, environment, social institutions, etc. Illustrations, tables, timeline, and maps.
Mugar Reference X DS 57 C55 1995

Dictionnaire de la Civilisation Phenicienne et Punique, ed. Edward Lipinski.
Mugar Reference X DS 81 D53 1992

Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern Architecture, by Gwendolyn Leick. Entries include references.
Mugar Reference X NA 212 L45 1988

Dictionary of the Ancient Near East, ed. Piotr Bienkowski. Covers Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Levant, and the Arabian peninsula from the earliest times to the fall of Babylon in 539 B.C.
Mugar Reference X DS 56 D5 2000

eTACT.  ”aims to be the definitive repository on the Web for translations of Akkadian materials.”  Browse eTACT by Category: historical, legal, literary, and religious contents.  Part of the ETANA website.

ETANA (Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives) Core texts. “We have selected primarily editions that are outside of copyright, or with the permission of copyright holders. While the new electronic editions we have produced are under copyright, the ETANA project chooses to make these freely available for noncommercial teaching and research purposes.”

Gertrude Bell Project, Newscastle upon Tyne. Photographs, diaries, letters.

Gods, Demons, and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia: An Illustrated Dictionary, by Jeremy Black.

Mugar Reference X BL 1615 B53 1992

International Dictionary of Historic Places: Vol. 4: Middle East and Africa, ed. Trudy Ring. Lengthy essays on selected sites with illustrations and bibliographies.
Mugar Reference X CC 135 I585 1995

Lost Treasures from Iraq, University of Chicago. Images and bibliographies documenting the contents of museums and libraries.

New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land, ed. Ephraim Stern, 4 vols. Extensive summaries of excavated sites with photographs, plans, maps, bibliographies, glossary and chronologies.
Mugar Reference X DS 111 A2 N488 1993

Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East, ed. Eric Meyers, 5 vols. Prepared under the auspices of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Alphabetically arranged signed essays on topics such as culture, language, theory and practices, including 450 entries on individual sites or digs. Includes biographies of excavators.
Mugar Reference X DS 56 O9 1997

Petrie, W. M. Flinders. With Chapters by Cecil Smith, Ernest Gardner, and Barclay V. Head. Naukratis. London: Trübner and Company, 1886.  Mugar Library Folio DT57 .E85, v.3

Who’s Who in the Ancient Near East, by Gwendolyn Leick. Biographical dictionary of people important in the history of the Near East, primarily kings and local rulers. Glossary, outline of main historical periods, bibliography, separate indexes for personal names, toponyms and rulers, and dynasties, peoples, and tribes. Subject index.
Mugar Reference X DS 61 5 L45 1999