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Note: [Log-in required] Provides today’s newspapers (with archives 3 months back) available from the following African countries:Angola, Egypt, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Note: [Log-in required], International newspapers include approximately 70 newspapers and news-magazines from/about Africa.

Description: Searchable collection of historical African newspapers. Includes newspapers published between 1800 and 1923 in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Titles include: East African standard, Mombasa times and Uganda Argus (Kenya), Leselinyana la Lesutho (Lesotho), O Africano (Mozambique), Lagos standard (Nigeria), Cape Town gazette and African advertiser (South Africa), Ilanga lase Natal (South Africa), and Buluwayo chronicle (Zimbabwe).

African newspapers on the internet

This is a listing of African newspapers available online, from Algeria to Zimbabwe.
Please note: The content of these newspapers may be biased, depending on their publisher. We will check these links regularly, but from time to time links may change or break. Please report broken links to Beth Restrick

General News Resources on Africa

  • African News Search Engine – This search engine searches through 255 news sources from Africa south-of-the-Sahara. A list of the sources included. This search engine only searches news sources that are freely available on the internet and is most useful for news published in the last 10 years.
  • – (Formerly Africa News Online.) Organized in partnership with Africa’s leading news organizations, provides easy access to the latest information from and about Africa. Articles are sorted by region, topic, and language (French or English).
  • CNN World News AFRICA
  • Pambazuka News


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  • Botswana Gazette [English]
    Private midweek newspaper. Covers politics, business, economics, finance, education, culture, entertainment and social issues. (Gabarone).
  • Botswana Guardian [English]
    national daily. National and world news. Private newspaper. (Gaborone).
  • Daily News [English & Setswana]
    Archives from 1999.
  • Sunday Standard [English]
    Archives from 2006.
  • The Voice [English]
    Botswana news, columns, entertainment and features.

Burkina Faso

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  • Cameroon News [English]
  • Cameroon Online [French, English]
    Online newspaper covering business, sports and politics.
  • Cameroon Tribune [English]
    Daily. Information and world news about Cameroon, including breaking news and archival articles. Blog, travel information and photo library. (Yaounde).
  • Camfoot [French]
    Cameroon football news. Analysis, interviews and videos.
  • d’Accueil de Camnet [French]
  • Eden Newspaper [English]
    Newspaper about sustainable development in Cameroon. (Limbe).
  • Post Online [English]
    Daily national and world news. Archives to July 2004. (Buea).
  • The Sun [English]
    Weekly news for locals and the Cameroonian diaspora. (Limbe).

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Central African Republic


  • Afrol News [English]
    Independent news agency (African News Agency) carrying Africa wide news.
  • Alwihda Actualite [French]
    Voice of the opposition party (FNTR). Searchable. (France).
  • Alhiwar Al-Ifrighi [French, Arabic]
  • TchadActuel [French]
    News taken from international and local press. Searchable.
  • TchadForum [French] News portal for the Chadian diaspora. (Seattle).
  • Tchadien [French]

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  • La Gazette des Comores [French/English]
    General national and regional news. (Moroni).
  • Comores Infos [French]
    Portal to newspapers and news. Searchable. (La Réunion, France)
  • Al-Watwan [French & Arabic]
    Daily, general news. Archives in .pdf format, back to 2008. (Moroni).

Congo, Democratic Republic of (also known as Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo, Republic of (also known as Congo-Brazzaville)

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Côte d’Ivoire (also commonly known as Ivory Coast)

  • Fraternité Matin [French]
    National newspaper, daily general news. Searchable. (Abidjan).
  • Notre Voie [French]
    National newspaper. Daily. Voice of the FPI party. Searchable. Archives from 2000. (Abidjan).
  • Le Nouveau Réveil [French]
    Print daily (Mon-Fri) newspaper. Allied to the Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire.(Abidjan).
  • Le Patriote [French]
    Pro-RDR daily newspaper. (Abidjan).



  • al-Ahram [Arabic]
    Daily, national and political news. Semi-governmental. Widest circulating daily newspaper in Egypt. (Cairo).
  • Al-Ahram Weekly [English]
    National news from the Arab world in English. Archives from December 1999. (Cairo).
  • El Akhbar [Arabic]
    National news. Daily. Semi-official, owned by Egyptian Shoura council. (Cairo).
  • Akhbar El Yom [Arabic]
    Weekly Saturday newspaper. Owned by the Egyptian Shoura Council. (Cairo).
  • Almasry Alyoum [Arabic, English]
    Daily. Independent, with a reputation for objective reporting. (Cairo).
  • Arab Net 5 [Arabic]
    Internet portal. Aims to “promote positive thinking in the Arab world”. (Cairo).
  • El Badeel [Arabic]
    Daily, independent. Leftist. Political and national news.
  • El Bashayer [Arabic]
  • Business Today Egypt[English]
    Local newspaper. (Cairo).
  • Cairo Live [English]
    News from international and Egyptian news outlets. (Cairo).
  • Daily News Egypt [English]
    Daily national. Independent. (Giza).
  • Egypt News [Arabic]
    News with links to Egyptian, world and business RSS feeds. (Bahrain).
  • Egypt Today [English]
    Magazine format. Current affairs. Monthly. (Cairo).
  • ERTU [Arabic]
    Daily. Official national broadcaster of radio and TV. General news.(Cairo).
  • El Fagr [Arabic]
    Serachable. Archives from April 2005. (Cairo).
  • Al-Gomhuriah [Arabic]
    National news. Daily. Past week in archives. (Cairo).
  • Hedayah [Arabic]
    Saudi online news. Searchable. Archive from 2004. (Riyadh).
  • Masrawy [Arabic]
    Daily. Portal with Egyptian news, forum. (Cairo).
  • Al Masry Al Youm [Arabic/English]
    Daily, independent. (Scottsdale, Az).
  • Al Mesryoon [Arabic]
    Daily, independent. (Cairo)
  • Al-Messa [Arabic]
    National news. Daily. (Cairo).
  • Middle East News Agency [Arabic/ English/ French]
    News and events carried by a well established news agency. (New York).
  • Nahdet Masr [Arabic]
    Coptic online website for ArabicArchives, from October 22, 2003. (Cairo).
  • Al Nilin [Arabic]
    News portal. (Cairo, Riyadh, Khartoum).
  • El Osboa [Arabic]
    Daily, national and world news. (Cairo).
  • Shabab Misr [Arabic]
    Voice of the Egyptian Youth Party. Archives from 2009. (Cairo).
  • Al Shourouk [Arabic]
    News site with news feed from the printed edition. (Giza).
  • El Wasat [Arabic]
    Arabic portal. Pro-Islam. Searchable. (Server in New York).
  • Watani [Arabic/English] Weekly. Independent, Coptic. (Cairo).
  • Al Wafd [Arabic]
    Daily, national news. Supports the opposition party (Wafd). (Cairo).
  • Yallakora [Arabic] Promotes and reports on football in Egypt and the Arab region. Searchable. (Cairo).
  • Al-Youm Al-Sabe’a [Arabic]
    Searchable. General news. (Cairo).

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Equatorial Guinea


  • Capitaleritrea News [English] Privately owned, independent. Online news on Eritrea , Africa and the Middle East from around the world. Archives from March 2009. (Munich).
  • Eritrea Daily [English]
    Daily, general news portal for the Horn of Africa nations. Independent, pro-democracy. Some national information on Eritrea. Archives from 2002. ( Perth Amboy, NJ)
  • Shabait [English]
    Official news site provided by the Eritrean Ministry of Information, and taken from the newspaper Eritrea Profile. Searchable. (Asmara).
  • Shaebia [English]
    News and information on Eritrea. Voice of the Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ). Searchable. Archives from 2002. ( Lanham, MD).

Ethiopia [Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia]

  • Addis Voice [English/French]
    A pro-democracy newspaper for the Ethiopian diaspora. Searchable. Archive. (London).
  • Capital Ethiopia [English]
    Daily. Local and national economic news. Designed to encourage free enterpise in Ethiopia. Searchable archives from 2004. (Addis Ababa).
  • EthioMedia [English]
    Portal to current news, newspapers, radio stations, government parties and more. (Seattle, Washington, Everett, WA).
  • Ethiopian News Agency [Amharic/English]
    Official government news agency. Includes the Ethio-Eritrean conflict. Archives from 2008. (Addis Ababa).
  • Ethiopian Reporter [Amharic/English]
    Weekly newspaper. *amharic script font needs to present on your pc* (Addis Ababa).
  • Ethiopian Review [English]
    Current news, events and rallies for the Ethiopian Diaspora. Espouses dissident views. (Washington, D.C.).
  • Ethiopian Weekly Press Digest [English]
    Login required. (Addis Ababa).
  • Gambella Star [English]
    News, video portal. Searchable. Privately owned. (Gambella).
  • Ethiopian News Portal [Amharic/English] Portal to news, radio stations and blogs. (Maryland, USA).
  • Walta Information Centre [Amharic/English] Privately owned, government affiliated, news and information service. (Addis Ababa).
  • Zethiopia Newspaper [English/Amharic]
    Portal to selected Ethiopian news articles. For the Ethiopian American community. (Washington, D.C.).

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  • Gabon News [English]
    Gabon news from the World News Network. Searchable. Archives fom 2003. (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates).


  • Daily Observer [English] Daily local and national news. Archives from 2007. (Banjul).
  • Foroyaa Online [English]
    Investigative news. political and economic analysis. Archives from July 2007. (Serrekunda).
  • The Point Newspaper [English]
    Daily. Independent news. Pro-democracy. Searchable. Archives from March 2008. (Banjul).
    Archives from 2005 – Feb 2008.
  • Senegambia News [English/French] News on Senegal and Gambia for the diaspora. Searchable. Archives from 2007. (Coon Rapids, Minnesota).


  • Accra Mail [English]
    Daily. Privately owned. General news. Searchable. (Accra).
  • Ghana Business News [English]
  • Daily Guide [English]
    Privately owned. (Accra).
  • Focus Ghana [English]
    Weekly. General national and world news. Privately owned.
  • The Ghanaian Chronicle [English]
    Privately owned daily that offers news, editorials, features, opinions and letters. (Accra).
  • Ghana Palaver [English]
    Weekly. Archives from 2007. ( Wejia-Accra).
  • Ghanaian Times [English]
    State-owned daily. (Accra).
  • Ghana Review International [English]
    General news with some focus on politics. (London).
  • Graphic Ghana [English]
    Portal to the Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Graphic Sports, Graphic Showbiz and Graphic Nsempa. Searchable. (Accra).
  • Modern Ghana [English]
    Daily updates on general news. Comprehensive content. Searchable. (Kaneshie-Accra)
  • The Public Agenda [English]
    Weekly. Privately owned. (Accra).
  • Vibe Ghana [English]
    Current news, links to movies and news and music videos. Independent. Updated daily. (Fairfield, ME).

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  • Guinée News [French]
    Aggregation of Guinean online news. Searchable. (Conakry).
  • Guineé Conakry [French]
    Comprehensive information and news on Guinee Conakry. Searchable. (Conakry).
  • Le Lynx [French]
    National newspaper. (Conakry).


  • Guine-Bissau [Portuguese]
    National newspaper. (Bissau).
  • Notí­cias Lusófonas [Portuguese] Aggregation of news from Portuguese speaking countries. (Quarteira, Algarve).


  • Afrol News [English/Spanish]
    Independent news agency. Archives from March 2009. (Lesotho, Norway).
  • [English/French]
    Daily African news reports taken from African and worldwide sources. Searchable. Archive from 1997. (Mauritius, Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos and Washington, D.C ).
  • Coastweek [English]
    Weekly shipping. Coastweek Online, Kenya Coast news, Mombasa Information, Kenya Safari, Kilindini Shipping, Mombasa Shipping, Kenya Shipping. (Mombasa).
  • Daily Nation [English]
    Kenya’s leading independent daily newspaper.(Nairobi).
  • The East African [English] Business-oriented regional weekly. The website is updated daily.(Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania).
  • IRIN News [English/French/Arabic]
    “Humanitarian news and analysis on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Somalia by UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN)”. Searchable. (Nairobi).
  • The Standard [English]
    “For fairness and justice”. Online edition of Kenya’s oldest newspaper.Searchable. Archives from Jan 2009. (Nairobi).

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  • In Profile Daily [English]
    Daily newspaper. (Monrovia, Montserrado).
  • Inquirer. [English]
    Major daily paper. (Monrovia).
  • Liberian Dialogue [English]
    News blog. Non-partisan, issue-oriented online magazine. (Funchal).
  • The Liberian Journal [English]
    Archives from 2008. (Minnesota).
  • The Perspective [English]
    US-based news magazine from the Liberian Democratic Future (LDF). (Lithonia,GA).


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  • L’Essor [French]
    Archives from 2000-present.
  • Jamana [French]
    Portal to the local newspapers Les Echos, Grin Grin and Jekabaara. (Bamako).
  • Le Republicain [French]


  • IRIN News [English]
    International Paper with news from Africa. (Drums, PA).
  • Le Calame [Arabic]


  • Le Matinal [French – some English]
    (Gurgaon, Haryana, IN).

Mayotte (overseas department of France)

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Réunion (overseas department of France)


Saint Helena

(overseas territory of the United Kingdom; including the territories of Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha, São Tomé and Princí­pe)



Sierra Leone

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South Africa

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  • [English]
    Current news from a multi-media content service provider. ( Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos, Washington, D.C.).
  • Bukedde [Luganda]
    Weekly newspaper. Vernacular sister to the ‘New Vision’. (Kampala)
  • The Daily Monitor [English]
    Daily news, features, exchange rates, weather and commentaries on Uganda. Archive from 2000 to present. (Kampala).
  • The East African [English]
    Regional weekly publication with a focus on economic Covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda news. (Nairobi).
  • East African Business Week [English]
    Covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda business and economic news.(Kampala).
  • New Vision [English]
    Daily newspaper. Enjoys 65% market share. Strives to report “information of record”. Searchable. (Kampala).
  • Pan African News Agency [English/French]
    Select ‘Uganda’ from the Regions/Countries drop down list. Searchable. (Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos, Washington).
  • Radio Katwe [English]
    Online independent news service. (Kampala).

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  • The Post [English]
    Privately owned newspaper. Searchable. (Lusaka)
  • The Times of Zambia [English]
    Government owned newspaper. Article search. Archives from February 2009. (Ndola).
  • The Zambia Daily Mail [English]
    Government owned newspaper that promotes national affairs. Searchable archives from October 2001 to present. (Lusaka).
  • The Lusaka Times [English]
    Privately owned. Updated thrice daily. Reports current news and views. Searchable. Limited archives from 2007. (Lusaka).


  • The Chronicle [English]
    Weekly. Pro-government. Archives from April 2009. Searchable. (Bulawayo).
  • The Financial Gazette [English]
    Weekly. Financial news. Limited article search. Archives from 2003. (Harare).
  • The Herald [English]
    Daily. Pro-government. Archives from 2005. (Harare).
  • The Manica post [English]
    Weekly. General news. State controlled provinical. Limited Archives. Searchable. (Mutare).
  • The Standard [English]
    Weekly. For the Zimbabwe diaspora. (Harare).
  • The Sunday Mail [English]
    Weekly. (Harare).
  • The Zimbabwean [English]
    Limited article search from 1999 to present.(Southhampton, U.K.).
  • The Zimbabwean Guardian [English]
    Limited article search. (London).
  • Zimbabwe Independent [English]
    Weekly. Searchable, archives from 2003. (Harare).