Primary Sources and Archival Collections: Gabon – Guinea-Bissau


Compiègne, Louis-Alphonse-Henri-Victor du Pont, marquis de. L’Afrique èquatoriale.
Paris : Plon, 1875.
DT351 .E75 (v. 1-2)

Guiral, Lon.  Le Congo français du Gabon Brazzaville.
Paris : E. Plon, Nourrit, 1889.
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Raponda-Walker, André. Au pays des Ishogo : simple récit de voyage.
Libreville : Fondation Raponda Walker, c1994. DT546.127 .R37 1994


Moore, Francis. Travels into the inland parts of Africa: containing a description of the several nations for the space of six hundred miles up the River Gambia; their trade, habits, customs, language, manners, religion and government; the power, disposition and characters of some negro princes; with a particular account of Job Ben Solomon. To which is added, Capt. Stibbs’s voyage up the Gambia in the year 1723, to make discoveries; with an accurate map of that river taken on the spot: and many other copper plates. London : E. Cave, 1738.
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Wright, Donald / Oral traditions from the Gambia.
Athens, Ohio : Ohio University Center for International Studies, Africa Program, 1979-80.
DT1 .F684 no. 37 & DT1 .F684 no. 38


An Asante embassy on the Gold Coast : the mission of Akyempon Yaw to Elmina, 1869-1872.
Edited by Ren Baesjou. Leiden : Afrka Studiecentrum, 1979.
DT507 .A82M

Crooks, John Joseph. Records relating to the Gold Coast settlements from 1750 to 1874.
London : Cass, 1973.
DT511 .C7 1973M

Daendels, Herman Willem. Journal and correspondence of H. W. Daendels, Governor-General of the Netherlands settlements on the coast of Guinea. Legon : Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, 1964.
DT510.6.D3 F64

Dantzig, A. van.  Selected documents : special paper : Elmina and its neighbors, 1836-1876.
DT512.9.E4 D4M

Horton, James Africanus Beale. Letters on the political condition of the Gold Coast, since the exchange of territory between the English and Dutch governments, on January 1, 1868 together with a short account of the Ashantee War, 1862-4, and the Awoonah War, 1866. London : F. Cass, 1970.
DT511 F70

Marees, Pieter de. Description and historical account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea (1602). Translated from the Dutch and edited by Albert van Dantzig and Adam Jones. Oxford : Published for the British Academy, 1987.
DT510.4 .M37 1987

Metcalfe, George E.  Great Britain and Ghana; documents of Ghana history, 1807-1957. London : T. Nelson on behalf of the University of Ghana, 1964.
DT511 F643


Bosman, Willem. A new and accurate description of the coast of Guinea, divided into the Gold, the Slave, and the Ivory Coasts. London : J. Knapton, 1705.
DT477 .D05R

Delbée. Journal du voyage du Sr Delbe, aux isles, dans la coste de Guyne. Paris : G. Clouzier, 1671.
Location: Mugar Microfiche

Graf, John Ulrich. Journal of a missionary tour to the Labaya Country (Guinea/Conakry) in 1850.
Leipzig : University of Leipzig, Institut fur Afriaknistik, 1998. University of Leipzig Papers on Africa, History and Culture , No. 01 1998.
DT543.27 G74 2000

Gröben, Otto Friedrich von der. Guineische Reise-Beschreibung : nebst einem Anhange der Expedition in Morea. Marjenwerder : Gedruckt durch Simon Reinigern, 1694.
DT472 .G76 1694a

Hawkins in Guinea 1567-1568. Leipzig : University of Leipzig, Institut fur Afrikanistik, 2000. University of Leipzig Papers on Africa, History and Culture Series no. 5 2000.
DT543.27 .H39 2000

Labat, Jean Baptiste. Voyage du chevalier Des Marchais en Guinée, isles voisines, et   Cayenne, fait en 1725, 1726 & 1727. Amsterdam : Aux dpens de la Compagnie, 1731.
Location: Mugar Microfiche

Villault, Sieur, Sieur de Bellefond (Nicolas). Relation des costes d’Afrique, appelles Guine, avec la description du pays, moeurs & façons de vivre des habitans, des productions de la terre, & des marchandises qu’on en apporte, avec les remarques historiques sur ces costes. Paris : Denys Thierry, 1669.
Location: Mugar Microfiche

A relation of the coasts of Africk called Guinee [microform] : with a description of the countreys, manners, and customs of the inhabitants, of the productions of the earth, and the merchandise and commodities it affords : with some historical observations upon the coasts : being collected in a voyage made by the Sieur Villault … in the years 1666 and 1667 . English translation of previous entry. London : John Starkey, 1670.
AC4 .F61 (Mugar Microfilm)


Coelho, Francisco de Lemos, fl. 1669-1684. Descrição da costa da Guiné desde / de Francisco de Lemos Coelho . Lisboa : Academia Portuguesa da História, 1990.
DT472 .C64 1990

Honório Pereira Barreto: biografia, documentos, “Memória sobre o estado actual da Senegâmbia Portuguesa.” Edited by Jaime Walter. Bissau : 1947.
DT613.A3 F47