Ad$pender Tutorial

How to run a simple search for advertising spending by product and brand.

WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR SEARCH, PLEASE LOG-OUT. There are a limited number of users who can use this database at one time. 

TO START custom search, click on “Create” (in small letters on upper left of Ad$pender home page.)

adspender start

1. This will open to the Media/Market screen which you can simply ignore if you would like to see spending in all media. To get to the next page, you can click on #2 Time Period, in left hand side bar. Or click on “next” on bottom right.


adspender 1


2. Select Time Period for your report, and go on to next page, #3 Product Set.

adspender 2

3. On this page you want to select “All Products”.
adspender 3a
3b. Type name of product (as specific as possible), and click on “Search.”

adspender 3b

3c.  Select product for which you want to run your search, and proceed to #6 Report summary.

adspender 3c

4. On the Report Summary page you must name and run your report.

adsummary 6

5. This will take you to the Report Viewer, where you can select PDF to view your report.
Note: sometimes this takes a few minutes.


adspender 7b

Sample report below.

adspender 7d

(upper right on screen)

adspender logout