Assessment Initiative: Evaluate and Implement MINES

Project Leads: Sarah Struble and Konstantin Starikov


In accordance with the FY 2014-2017 Assessment Plan, the Assessment Committee will assess MINES for Libraries. MINES for Libraries is a protocol for conducting a transaction-based web survey with a random sampling methodology.  Libraries implement MINES to collect electronic usage data from  both on and off-campus users.  MINES was developed by Brinley Franklin and Terry Plum and is currently being administered by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). It has been implemented in more than 70 libraries in North America since 2000. The advantages of its methodology include:

  • A well documented mechanism and a sampling plan to intercept use of electronic resources while providing brief demographic information about the sampled users

  • A community of early adopters of MINES for Libraries.


The purpose of implementing MINES is to discover the reasons patrons are using electronic resources and collect data on key demographics of users at Boston University Libraries. This assessment could provide data for collection development.


The Assessment Committee must investigate how MINES might be implemented on the BU network. Because MINES must be implemented locally to enable the point-of-use survey, the Assessment Committee will need the technical support of the IT departments from both campuses in order to capture use data accurately and reliably. Additionally, the Assessment Committee must decide what types of electronic resources (ebooks, ejournals, etc.) will be included in the survey.


  • Serve as basis for continual assessment of networked electronic resources use (longitudinal assessment)

  • Provide collaborative benchmarking with peer institutions.


Summer 2013 -

  • Literature review

  • Contact IS&T, get on their project rota, determine method of local implementation to employ, get their timeline for how long it will take to put the point-of-use survey in place

Fall 2013-Spring 2014

  • Contingent on IS&T’s timeline, join an ARL initiative to implement MINES for the selected time period (3 or 12 month)


A better understanding about who is using library-provided eResources and for what purpose.